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7 Best Class Only Gold Farms Making

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here today, going WoW here. Class-based gold farms. Very underrated way of making gold, and one of the methods I use each week is to give excellent returns in the future. So today, we’ll review the seven best class-specific gold farms. Let us begin.

Decahedral Dwarven Dice

Starting with the Decahedral Dwarven Dice. This farm is a Rogue-specific farm and is located within the zone of Icecrown. This is where you’ll want to go over Toward the Onslaught Harbour. All Onslaught mobs can drop this item at a roughly 0.3 to 0.7 percent drop chance. You’ll want to loop around the area to make sure you have pickpocketed all of the mobs once an entire loop has been made for all of the previous mobs.

Should have had their pockets filled once again. We always have mobs to pickpocket to increase our chances of getting this item. Due to the low drop chance, these Dice sell for a substantial gold value. The specific Requirement of Obtaining this item.


Next up, we have the Tome of Polymorph Monkey. Here is where you’ll want to make your way toward the zone of the Jade Forest. At the Southern tip of the zone, you will find the Hozen, which has a chance to drop this item.

Of course, this is a mage-specific farm, another reason this item gains value. Housing has a drop chance of 0.6 percent. We are farming this area instead of something like the dead mines. Is that the mob density is higher because the mobs are linked to one of the starting quests for Mr. Pandaria. Their respawn rate is incredibly fast, meaning you always have mobs to slay in this area, increasing your chances of getting said item, which can go for a relatively decent amount of gold.

Loaded Gnomish Dice

Once again, a Rogue-specific farm is following this and within the zone of all doom. This is for the item, the loaded gnomish Dice. The Schnotz Infantrymen can pickpocket this. However, it is wise to know that if you sap the leader of the packs before pickpocketing. You can have them all standstill and, as such, make your life a lot easier when doing this gold farm.

This is when I will slay all of the mobs after pickpocketing each pack to speed up the respawn of the pockets. As these mobs respawn, timers are faster than their pocket timers, and slaying them to reset their pockets is much more efficient. Instead of waiting for their pockets to reset, the Loaded Gnomish Dice can be sold on most servers for a decent amount of gold. It is the same keynote item to farm.

Tome of Polymorph Porcupine

Coming in next on our list is the tome of polymorph porcupine. Now I love this mage-specific farm because the tone is easily farmable and selling at an excellent gold value.

You will need to make your way toward the zone of the jade forest again. Once there, head towards the coordinates 48.6 to 28.6. This is where you’ll find smoky porcupines. Suppose farmed in a loop-shaped fashion. You will always have mobs to slay. This farm is something I love to do when I have some free time. Fancy doing something other than material farming. It is a lovely farm to do if you feel lazier than most other farms.

Worn Troll Dice

Next up is a Rogue-specific farm of the Warn Troll Dice. This item is best farmed north of the Argent tournament, on the tiny island of Hrothgar’s landing. This is where you’ll want to loop around the area pickpocketing the Kovaldia.

Once one loop has been made, the first mob you started with should have reset its pockets. You will always have mobs to pickpocket for this item if done right. This item’s drop chance is around 1.3 percent. Also sells quite well in regards to other specific farms, which is why it is higher on this list.

Polar Bear

Following this and within the Dragon Blight zone is the Mage-specific farm for the Tome of Polymorph Polar Bear. This can be farmed from the mob’s Arctic Grizzlies at a drop chance of 0.5 percent. Make your way over toward the coordinates 38.2 to 53.2. Loop your way around the area of the horde faction base. These mobs are pretty spaced out, and sometimes your flying mount is required to get to them faster. This time Polymorph T is the best-selling of the three due to the information.

I have already stated. This is one farm I do regularly due to the returns I can make on this item being vastly more significant than the other Tomes of Polymorph. However, it is wise to note that various tomes are better. The more efficient overall, the more variety you have, the more gold you’ll make.

Tome of the Lost Legion

Lastly, and to finish off our list, is the seal tome of the Lost Legion farm. This is where you’ll want to take your warlock over towards the isle of thunder from the Mists of Vendaria expansion. Here is where you’ll be farming the rare elites for a chance to obtain this item. At a drop chance of 2, this is something I enjoy farming for, as one loop of the island takes Roughly seven minutes to do. Then I can log each day for a chance of this item.

However, it is wise to point out that this item is unique. So once you have one on your person, you should send it off to your banker and continue farming again for this item if you want to do this regularly.

Excellent practice

Then this is an excellent practice to get into as the unique item will not drop again. If you already have this said item. So be prepared for this. The sealed tome of lost legion sells for a reasonable amount of gold and is typically one of the best-selling class-specific items hence why it has made it to the top of this list. Besides that, guys, that is my pick for the seven best class-specific gold farms. Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – I am your faithful companion. Please check our World of Warcraft Guides main mage for more valuable articles.