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10 Best Multi Gold Farms

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Hey guys, Librarian Husky here. Multi farms are the method in which you combine two gathering professions together to increase your gold per hour. So today, we’ll be looking at the ten best multi farms for gold farming. Let us begin.

Foxflower and Felslate

Number one, we have the fox Foxflower and Felslate farm located Within the zone of a High Mountain. You’ll want to fly around the edge of the mountains of the zone. Items of note are, of course, Foxflower and Felslate. Also, your Careline Seeds and Leystone Ore. Make sure to have at least ranked two or three in Felslate Foxflower and Leystone. So you will gain the most amount of materials for your time invested following. On to this at.

Sinvyr One and Windowbloom

Number two and located within the zone of rather than the draft. We have the Sinvyr One and Windowbloom farm. These items can be obtained best from the southern area as the nodes are denser, meaning that we’ll be able to gather more materials for our time invested. This farm is great because these current content materials sell relatively fast as they are used to create a lot of higher-end crafts, which players purchase more frequently for crafted Boes and Potions.

Saronite and Adders Tongue

Next, up in the zone of Sholazar Basin, we have the Saronite and Adders Tongue farm. This will require you to be flying around the Rivers on the map. I have already added this Route Within the Werther add-on just for ease of use for everyone. This farm is good because Saranai Ore holds a good rate of sale along with having a steady gold value. Adders Tongue is best milled into the wrath of the Lich King links from the profession inscription as. These sell for more gold, but you are also able to sell them flat on the auction house if you so wish.

Cinderbloom and Obsidian Ore

Number four, we have the Cinderbloom and Obsidian Ore farm. Located within the Cataclysm zone of Mount Hyjal. Cinderbloom is used in the creation of two keynote items. That being the Vial Of The Sans mount and the potion of Treasure Finding from which it derives its value. Obsidian Ore sells for a good rate and is one of the Keener items for leveling Blacksmithing and engineering for this expansion. This means that the rate of sale is slower than Cinderbloom, but the yield can be higher given the time.

Whiptail and Pyrite Ore

Number five and one of my go-to gold farms. We have the Whiptail and Pyrite Ore multi-farm. I value this gold farm. So much as I use it to gather my keynote items for when crafting the Vial Of The Sands mount. Obviously, everyone knows I love it. This mount these are the Whiptail and Pyrite Ore. Also you Obtain Volatiles fire water earth and life. Along with Cinderbloom and Elementium ore which is such an array of great selling materials. This is why I love this gold farm a reason and for a variety of great selling materials. This is why I love this gold farm.

Thorium Ore and Sungrass

As for number six and in the Vanilla zone of Silithus, we have the Thorium Ore and Sungrass farm. Sungrass is best farmed then milled at the Auction house. However, you can sell this flat in the Auction house if you so wish. Thorium Orb sells best in regards to the rate of sale. But the Keener item from the Thorium nodes is the Arcane Gem Crystal, which is used for a lot of high-end Transmog crafts.

Typically sells for a high gold value on average. Good gold farm. One I like to do is the heart blossom and Elementium oil farm. Located Within The zone of Deep Home, heart blossom, and elementary more can be sold in the auction house for a steady gold rate.

Heartblossom and Elementium Ore

Though you are able to gain other items from this gold farm, such as:

  • Cinderbloom
  • Volatiles fire
  • Earth-Water and Life

Making this a great all-rounder once again. Staying with the cataclysm expansion, we’ll be wanting to make our way over towards the zone of Bashir. Here we’ll be wanting to head over towards the Abyssal Depths.

Azsharas Veil and Obsidian Ore

This is known for the Azsharas Veil farm. But this can be made even better by Combining Mining and Herbalism for Additional. Gold, I do recommend that you use a druid for this farm. As the additional Swim Speed helps you get around the area more effectively, providing more materials equaling more gold for your time invested.

Titanium ore and Lichbloom

At number nine, we have an Oldie. But a Goodie Within the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and in the zone of Wintergrasp is the Titanium Ore and Lichbloom farm. Titanium and Sarin Ore from this area are Brilliant gold farms in their own right. This can be further increased by bringing a herbalist with you. You are able to gain all wrath herbs from this zone, which you can either sell flat on the auction house. Or turn them into this expansion’s inks which you can either sell or create the Glyphs from this expansion also to sell on the auction house. This is something I do to increase my overall gold per hour. It works quite well for steady gold.

Zin’anthid and Osmenite Ore

Coming in at last on our list and in the zone of Nazita is the Zin’anthid and Osmenite Ore farm. It is wise to have at least rank two or rank 3. with Osmenite Ore and Zin’anthid, respectively. This is because of the increase in materials gathered. When you have these additional ranks, these materials still sell pretty well for a previous expansion, and the gold per hour on average is typically great compared to other previous expansion materials. As such, this is why it makes it last on this list.

Other than that, guys, that is my pick for the ten best multi farms in wow right now. Have a wonderful rest of the day.

Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful for you. Please check our Mythic 15 + Boosting Service to learn even more!

It was Librarian Husky.

Good luck!