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Get Bronze, Upgrades And Big XP: The Busted MoP Remix Guide

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Get Bronze, Upgrades And Big XP: The Busted MoP Remix Guide

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This guide explores efficient strategies for farming bronze in WoW's Mists of Pandaria remix, detailing optimal leveling, raiding, and cosmetic acquisition methods.
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I wish I could tell you about Frog farming and its amazing benefits, but that’s changed. For a brief period, everything seemed perfect with the hyperspawn Frog blender operational most of the weekend. People acquired vast amounts of bronze, gems, and Threads, all thanks to those frogs dropping lesser charms. It was overly powerful, becoming the only worthwhile activity, leading to its inevitable Nerf.

Frog Farming Impact

Despite the Nerf, bronze drops from caches, Dailies, and achievements have been increased by 25%. Even if you missed the Frog Mayhem, you still benefit from these changes. We’re here to provide the latest strategies on farming bronze and acquiring cosmetics and possibly some power boosts. This guide also serves as an introduction to leveling strategies.

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Grinding for Cosmetics and Gear

Now, let’s address how intensive the grind is to maximize everything. If you want to achieve this quickly, you might have to quit your job and say goodbye to your loved ones. It costs about 1.6 million bronze to purchase every cosmetic, which equates to roughly 300 hours of gameplay. That’s substantial, and it’s before even considering gear upgrades. From levels 65 to 70, you’ll find your character significantly underpowered, almost like hitting with a wet noodle and succumbing to the slightest breeze. Upgrading your gear will require nearly 600k bronze, which is brutal. Whether you aim for gear or cosmetics, it all boils down to your ability to earn bronze.

Farming Strategies Post-Frog Farming

Let’s focus on bronze earning strategies. Although 300 hours seems daunting, remember, not every cosmetic is essential, and the event lasts three months, making it more manageable. It’s likely that Blizzard will increase the rates of earning bronze in the future. With Frog farming in the Timeless Isle now nerfed and no longer viable, players are seeking alternatives.

Farming Silver Covenant mobs in the Horde-only Purge of Dalaran scenario was considered one of the better options, but it limits you to Horde players and requires completing the Dominance Offensive chain. Another suggested spot was the hyperspawning goats in Skyrange, Valley of the Four Winds. While not as lucrative as the frogs, yielding about 3.5k to 6k bronze per hour, it’s still a viable option if you prefer mindless farming. The key technique here is the 2×4 method, which optimizes the farming process.

Optimizing Mob Farming Strategies

In the world of mob farming, a unique tagging system exists. If a group of five people tags a mob, nobody else can, but if a group of four does, another group of four can also tag it. This system has led to a gentleman’s agreement among mob farmers to run four-man groups, allowing a total of eight people to loot a mob over five. This method is optimal if you’re into farming, and I’ll keep you updated on any other hyper farms that arise.

Utilizing Low-Level Scaling for Advantage

Another effective strategy involves abusing the low-level scaling mechanics. For instance, players can get bigger cloaks based on their ‘Infinite Power’ achievement progress, up to a total of 12. This particularly benefits certain classes like Arcane Mages or Guardian Druids, who become incredibly powerful with a maxed-out cloak. Grouping up to hardcore blast through dungeons and fresh alts can lead to clearing entire dungeons in four to five minutes.

Efficient Use of Dungeons and Raids

Dungeon running can be highly lucrative, potentially earning up to 10k bronze per hour. However, it requires significant effort and can become tedious as it involves rolling new characters once scaling and leveling interfere. For those with limited time, a quick dungeon run or fast daily quests at the Golden Lotus and the Order of the Cloud Serpent offer good, albeit less efficient, alternatives.

Raiding for Maximum Bronze

Ultimately, raiding proves to be the most efficient method currently available. Based on experiences from those who farmed frogs intensively enough to clear Mythic raids with minimal people, it’s evident that participating in daily raid lockouts is the optimal way to accumulate bronze. For instance, while a Mythic clear of Seoramar might yield 15K bronze, a normal clear offers about 12K, with far less effort involved. This testing included participating in pick-up groups for raids like the Mouan Vaults and Heart of Fear, which were relatively easy and profitable.

Raiding Challenges and Efficiency

Some raid sessions, like Siege of Vamar, can take a full three hours but potentially yield about 12K bronze. The majority of bronze comes from the Caches awarded by bosses, and thanks to recent hotfixes by Blizzard, this amount has increased by about 20%. At normal pick-up group (PUG) speeds, you could be earning just over 5K bronze per hour. However, Throne of Thunder has proven to be challenging for PUGs due to complex boss mechanics like Durumu’s beam, which still poses significant difficulties.

Optimizing Raid Strategies

The sad but true reality is that currently, the most effective way to farm bronze is to clear raids daily. Completing all five raids might take about eight hours if you’re in a PUG and considerably less with a guild, which is the preferred method. This leads to the question of how to make raiding faster and what strategies are best if you’re solo without a guild or a strong friend group.

Leveling and Strategy for Solo Players

If you’re on your own, consider leveling an alt while raiding. Play at the lowest level possible on a fresh character and maximize your efforts because of how the scaling system works. For pure XP per hour, full-speed questing might be the fastest, but there’s a twist: raiding normally grants your cloak 12% XP per boss. A quick run through Mouan Vaults can grant your alt several levels and an additional 72% XP gain per raid per day. Even the Looking For Raid (LFR) system offers a strong 7% XP per wing, significantly boosting leveling speed.

Advantages of Low-Level Alts in Raids

Low-level characters are notably overpowered due to the scaling system; the lower your level, the more relative power you have. This scaling is particularly effective for classes like Guardian Druids, who excel in area-of-effect (AoE) tanking, or Restoration Shamans, whose gem scaling enhances their healing capabilities. Additionally, Shadow Priests equipped with the Tireless Spirit metagem can initiate fights with devastating damage, thanks to free Devouring Plagues at the start. Similarly, Arcane Mages benefit immensely from scaling, making them highly effective in raid scenarios.

Low-Level Raiding Advantage

If you enter a raid at a low level with strong gems like Enkindle, Brittle, and SLE, as well as damage procs such as Explosive Barrage and Meteor Storm, you can expect to top the damage charts and significantly reduce boss kill times. This setup is notably effective and has the potential to shave minutes off each encounter, making it a powerful strategy for optimizing raid performance.

Ward Stacking Strategy

Another potent tactic is to coordinate Ward stacking, especially if there’s a Blood Death Knight in your group. We recommend that everyone equips the Ward of Salvation and applies it at the start of the fight. While this strategy is more effective with coordinated play, the way it interacts with self-healing and leech from the cloak turns every Ward into a formidable defensive tool. This method was so effective that Echo Raiders used it to clear numerous Mythic dungeons effortlessly, including one-shotting bosses like Malaro.

Optimizing Low-Level Alts

The greatest advantage of using low-level alts lies in the ease of acquiring cosmetics, which typically range from 2K to 5K bronze. This makes it relatively straightforward to amass 10K to 20K bronze on one character, purchase desired items, then switch to a newer, fresher alt with even more potent scaling benefits. This cycle allows for continuous and efficient bronze farming and gear acquisition.

Challenges with Upgrading Gear on Main Characters

If you aim to make your main character as strong as those who conquered Mythic Gash, be prepared for a significant grind. Fully upgrading gear costs 577K bronze, a substantial investment that yields incremental power increases. Most of the notable power spikes occur towards the end of the upgrade path, making early spending feel somewhat wasteful.

Our team member Matt spent an entire weekend grinding, including farming frogs for a brief period before they were nerfed, and found that even with a fully upgraded gear set and a legendary gem in every slot, his Restoration Shaman was still weaker than a guild’s level 63 Warrior. This discrepancy suggests that while upgrading gear is necessary for faster bronze farming, it might not be the most efficient way to achieve raid readiness, especially when compared to the benefits of leveling and optimizing low-level alts.

Efficiency of Upgrading Gear Versus Farming Cosmetics

With a conservative estimate of earning 5K bronze per hour, it would take over 15 hours of raiding to max out your gear, leaving you at zero bronze and with 1.6 million to farm if you wanted all the cosmetics. While you might be able to solo heroic fights in half an hour once sufficiently powered, the high cost of fully upgrading gear at max level makes this an unattractive option. This strategy only becomes viable if your goal is to achieve the Paragon of The Mists title from Mythic Gash.

Alternative Strategies: Leveling Alts and Farming Dungeons

Why power up to an extreme degree when you can simply roll a new character, nuke dungeons for bronze and achievement bonuses, top the DPS meters in raids with ease, and then spend all your bronze on cosmetics while leveling up your character as a bonus? This approach not only maximizes efficiency but also enhances your enjoyment and progress in the game.

Strategic Advice for Game Play

Unless you plan to play Remix for over 300 hours in the next 90 days, focus on acquiring Remix-only items first, and then purchase existing in-game cosmetics. Level your alts and earn bronze through dungeons and raiding. Farming out a gigantic cloak and a ton of gear on your main is currently not worth the investment given the existing bronze economy, unless Blizzard introduces changes. Perhaps they will adjust the buffs or fix the scaling, but as it stands, this is the game’s initial state.

Embracing the Intended Game Experience

It’s somewhat ironic to play like an absolute madman in an expansion that encourages players to slow down and savor the experience. Blizzard’s intent with this expansion is for players to reminisce about an amazing period, have fun, and explore the environment. If you wish to gear up and attempt to speedrun heroic raids daily, that’s an option, but it might not align with the overall goal of enjoying and experiencing the game as intended.

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