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Don’t Miss These Limitied Time Cosmetics!

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Don’t Miss These Limitied Time Cosmetics!

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This guide explores the Wild Remix event in WoW, highlighting unique cosmetics, class ensembles, mounts, and heirloom items, with tips for efficient acquisition.
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A remix event has become the most cosmetically rewarding endeavor in the game’s 19-year history, providing an absurd amount of cosmetics that players can obtain fairly easily. While many of these items have been available for the past 12 years and will continue to be obtainable post-event, the remix introduces unique items exclusively available during this period. Here, we’ll explore these exclusive cosmetics and provide guidance on how to acquire them efficiently. Most of the unique items are purchasable from bronze vendors, requiring a significant but manageable amount of bronze.

Unique Items Overview

A majority of items unique to this event can be purchased using bronze. Fortunately, none of the unique items are among the most expensive; they do not include the ultra-rare drop mounts, which have been farmable for the past 12 years costing between 30,000 to 40,000 bronze from Traders. Instead, all unique items in this event are priced under 10,000 each, with many significantly less expensive, ensuring players do not need to grind excessively to acquire these specific pieces from Traders.

Class Ensembles

Among the most coveted unique items at this event are the Class ensembles. During the Dragonflight period, players might have noticed Class ensembles at the Trading Post, which included three armor pieces and three weapons, each tailored to a specific class with a coordinated aesthetic.

Unlike the items at the Trading Post, where armor and weapons were offered in different colors, the remix event presents these Class ensembles in reverse colors. For instance, if a player obtained a weapon set for their Mage at the Trading Post, they could now acquire an armor set in the same color from the remix event. This opportunity is especially attractive because these items maintain the higher quality of graphical fidelity from the Dragonflight items.

Comparative Analysis of Game Items

If you compare items from Mists of Pandaria to those from Dragonflight, there is a very clear difference in the fidelity and quality of the cosmetics. Some of these items are incredibly appealing, especially for Mages who can obtain cosmetics such as floating orbs above their heads.

These Class ensembles can be purchased for bronze from one of the Traders, but players must first complete certain achievements to unlock these class cosmetics. For instance, to access the class ensemble, you must complete the Landfall achievement, which involves questing in the Cring Wilds focusing on the Horde versus Alliance dynamic. For the class arsenal, which includes weapons, you need to complete the Isle of Thunder achievement by accomplishing a series of objectives on the Isle of Thunder.

Unlocking and Purchasing Class Ensembles

Interestingly, whatever character completes these achievements will receive both the armor and weapon sets for free, eliminating the need to purchase these specific items with bronze. Players can create a new character for each class, complete the achievement, and acquire each ensemble.

However, if you prefer to complete this on one character, you can then go to the trader and buy every ensemble for every class. Initially, you might not see the ensembles for other classes, but if you change the selection in the top dropdown menu from your specific class to all, you’ll be able to purchase every weapon and armor set for all classes on one character. The weapon sets are priced at 3,000 bronze each, and the armor sets at 4,000 each. While purchasing all ensembles might be expensive, they are deemed worth the cost and the required bronze can be obtained fairly easily.

Unique Cosmetics from World Apparel Traders

Next, we explore some unique cosmetics available from the world apparel trader, located at any of the bazaars. This trader offers a variety of new Mists of Pandaria-inspired transmog items, with some of the most notable being the Shadow Pan armor sets. These sets come in two different colors and replicate the full armor set worn by the Shadow Pan, a highly anticipated item since the era of Mists of Pandaria. Each set is priced at only 2,500 bronze. Additionally, the trader sells three different recolors of the Kor’kron Shaman set, a rare cosmetic drop from trash enemies in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. These recolors offer unique variations and are part of a highly sought-after collection.

Enhanced Vendor Offerings

For 2,500 apiece, one vendor sells not only basic clothing sets but also pieces that are quite unique, such as the outfit worn by Chen Storm Stout—just the clothing portion. If you enjoy crafting unique transmog sets, these offerings are essential. Moreover, these more clothing-centric sets are priced at $12,250 each, making them more affordable compared to other vendors. This accessibility makes collecting all the unique cosmetics from this vendor a more economical option.

Exclusive Mounts from Beastmas

The Beastmas vendor, also located in the bazaar, specializes in mounts that can be purchased with bronze. There are dozens of mounts unique to this event, featuring recolors of various mounts from Mists of Pandaria. These include versions of the Shadow Pan Tigers, various cranes, and different dinosaur mounts. While these mounts are somewhat more expensive than some of the armor sets, none are prohibitively costly; the most expensive mounts are priced between 6,000 and 8,000 bronze. This pricing ensures that even though there are many options, the mounts are still attainable without exorbitant expense.

Legacy and Heroic Items Reintroduction

The final vendor to consider is located at the heroic and mythic vendor station in the bazaar, where certain items from Mists of Pandaria, previously unobtainable post-expansion, are now available. These include heirloom weapons that were obtainable by defeating Garrosh in any non-LFR difficulty during Mists of Pandaria. These weapons are distinctly themed around Garrosh’s Horde and are now available again during this event. Priced at 8,000 bronze, these heirloom weapons provide an opportunity to equip new characters with historically significant items, reinforcing the event’s connection to past expansions.

Acquisition of Special Items

All items will cost two bones of Manoro. These bones are obtained by defeating Garrosh on normal, heroic, or mythic difficulty. On normal difficulty, players receive one bone of Manoro per raid, and these raids reset daily. For those looking to accumulate bones more rapidly, participating in heroic or mythic difficulties yields more bones, with up to 10 bones available on mythic. This accelerated collection method allows players who are sufficiently geared to quickly gather what they need in just a few runs. For players unfamiliar with past expansions, such as Mists of Pandaria, these items will be entirely new.

Comprehensive Cost and Availability

This is a summary of the unique items available from the Wild remix event, purchasable with bronze from Traders at the bazaar. A useful spreadsheet will be available, outlining each item that can be bought from these Traders, including those uniquely available from this event.

To acquire every discussed item, including heirloom weapons, the total cost is 223,000 bronze. However, this sum is relatively manageable as players can accumulate bronze quickly; reaching level 70 grants 40,000 bronze, and daily activities can yield over 8,000 bronze. Thus, acquiring all unique items is feasible even for players who engage only in daily activities.

Future Availability and Collectibles

While the event offers numerous unique items, there are also dozens of other items available from the Traders that have been accessible for the last 12 years and will continue to be available in retail versions of the game after the event concludes.

For those interested in collecting, obtaining these standard items will be easier, and they are not at risk of becoming unobtainable once the event ends. This ensures that players have ample opportunities to acquire both exclusive and standard cosmetics, making participation in the event beneficial but not critical for long-term collection goals.

Additional Unique Items Beyond Bronze Purchases

Not all unique items available at the event are purchasable with bronze. Beyond the Traders, there are also specific achievements that reward participants with unique items. For instance, certain achievements are required to purchase the ensembles, and additional rewards include items like Chen’s hat from the original Mists of Pandaria cinematic, which features a distinctive chip.

Moreover, participants can obtain Chen’s keg, new recolors of mounts, and other intriguing cosmetics by completing these achievements. These achievements are typically straightforward, involving tasks like defeating rare enemies, engaging in reputation-building activities, or completing quests, and are manageable for any character regardless of power level.

Summary of Event Opportunities

The Wild Remix event offers an array of unique and exciting cosmetic items, with many of the most notable and desirable ones available either through direct purchase from Traders or through specific achievements. For those looking to maximize value, focusing on these Traders and achievements initially is advisable. Subsequently, for those who wish to continue collecting, pursuing the random weapon color drops can be a rewarding endeavor. This approach ensures participants can secure the most distinctive and coveted items from the event, enhancing their overall experience.

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