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Hey there, long time no see! Or is it? Anyway, we have something special for you today, a previously unknown New World weapon 1-20 level boost, namely Void Gauntlet. We will make sure to mention everything we know so far about it.

According to the design images, the armament itself represents a gauntlet covered in fur and bone spikes grasping a ring with runes engraved on it. Other images and leaks show us that the fur or bones are not a necessary part of the weapon itself, and different materials will clearly show on it. But we’ll see the exact look of it on the release.

Moving on to attribute scaling, it is going to scale primarily off of Intellect and have Focus as a secondary stat. If we presume it follows the rest of the trend, you’ll get the 90% scaling off of Intellect, and the 65% off of Focus. That’s the attribute scaling on the Void Gauntlet for the 1-20 Power Leveling boosting in New World.

The following material is a bit more interesting, as it describes the abilities of the weapon! There is going to be a total of six skills, as usual. The first ability we have is called Decaying Orb. It fires an unblockable orb that passes through enemies and inflicts Disintegrate, dealing damage per second and reducing damage absorption for several seconds. At max range, it transforms into a healing orb and returns healing per second for some time. Doesn’t this boomerang orb remind you of a certain spell in another game? Maybe some nine-tailed fox uses it somewhere… Anyway, let’s continue. Its upgrades include inflicting slow on hit, mana restoration, and detonation of the orb. I could say for sure, this Void Gauntlet spell is going to be used frequently during the 1-20 powerleveling services in NW.

We offer 1 to 20 leveling services for all NW weapons, Void Gauntlet included.

The second ability is called Draining Tether. You fire a projectile that tethers you to an enemy, it’s gonna weaken the enemy, and it’s gonna empower you. If the target moves beyond 10 meters, the tether breaks. It could be upgraded to have successful hits against tethered targets reduce cooldowns of other spells, mana regeneration while the tether is active, and regain health if the tethered target dies. Judging from the first two spells, this weapon is going to offer a lot of ways to heal yourself. Void Gauntlet seems to be a New World jack of all trades for the 1 to 20 leveling service process.

The third ability in the first tree is called Essence Rupture. Fire a projectile that inflicts Essence Rupture debuff, healing anyone that hits the target depending on the damage done. By taking the linked passives, this skill could be improved to provide an additional stamina regeneration upon hitting the afflicted targets, and heal the allies when the effect ends.

The final or the ultimate passive in this tree is called Void Conversion. Gain a stack of Void Essence per successful ability hit. After reaching a certain amount of stacks, your next successful heavy attack will instantly reset all Void Gauntlet cooldowns and remove all stacks, which is extremely useful during the 1-20 powerleveling service in New World. It is a really powerful ultimate perk since it refreshes all spells, allowing you to cast them all again.

We’re not going to stop and mention all passives available and move to the skills of the other tree. However, we would like to mention that from the looks of the first tree, it is more of an off-support specialty. Might pair well with a tanking weapon.

The first skill on the second tree is called Void Blade. Summon a Blade of Void energy that converts your basic attacks to melee. Tap a basic attack to perform a quick slash or hold it to perform a thrust attack. Both attacks inflict Disintegrate on each successful hit, dealing damage per second and reducing damage absorption. Again with the damage mitigation, huh? The mods on the ability grant increased critical damage on Void Blade attacks, Fortify upon use, and lifesteal based on Disintegration stacks on the target.

Buy Void Gauntlet carry to level it 1-20 fast when New World releases.

The next ability in this tree is the Punishing Chamber. Summon a circle of void energy at your feet, dealing damage per second to enemies and grants empower to friendly units, increasing their damage for eight seconds. This can be upgraded to make your Void Gauntlet mana costs are reduced while inside of the Punishing Chamber, and increased stamina regeneration per second for self and allies, both are amazing for 1-20 level boost in NW.

The other ability in this tree is called Petrifying Scream. You’re gonna unleash a void-infused scream, which is going to deal damage and inflict root to enemies four meters in front of you, disabling their movement. As for the upgrades, one of them increases the root duration by a few seconds on targets below a certain percentage of health, and the other one provides you with fortify for each enemy hit. increase damage absorption.

The ultimate in this tree is called Void Aura. On successful ability hit, gain a stack of Void Essence. At six stacks you’re gonna consume all of them and gain an aura that’s gonna heal your allies for a certain percentage of your weapon damage and it’s deal damage per second to enemies that are within that aura.

Once again, let’s not take apart the available information of the regular passives from this tree since it might be changed on release. And so, this concludes what we know so far on the Void Gauntlet and its 1-20 New World level carry we offer you to buy. We think, most of these abilities are not going to change a lot. So, aside from damage details, you’re free to plan builds! Check out our main WoW boosting services page for other offers. Cya!