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Very Fastest Character – Max Leveling

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Hey, guys! It’s your Librarian Husky here. If you’re new around here and what I want to do for you today, I wanted to address a question I’ve seen cropping up. I’m not sure if this phenomenon is caused by the fact that some players are returning or trying New World.

I have been asked more and more lately how I can level up quickly. So after searching for tutorials to link them or other guides, I quickly realized almost everything I’ve found is way out of date. So I decided to put together a quick guide on how I level up my alt accounts that I use to make extra daily crafting resources very quickly.

Territory Standing

So let’s get into it. A lot has changed in New World regarding experience gain and progression over the past few months.

  • With side quests’ experience being buffed, the required amount of experience to reach level 60 is reduced.
  • Finally, they’ve rebalanced experience to mitigate the grind that once was in your 30s.

All of these changes have been great, and after testing them all, I can honestly say. They make a difference; however, they were not enough to change how I level my character. So when I first make a new fresh face level, one character and I spawn in on the starter beach.

I aim to finish the light quest chain until I reach my first settlement. This is key and can be done in a few minutes. Don’t get sidetracked. Focus on completing these objectives as quickly as possible until you unlock the market board and factions. Once you have unlocked these two-game elements, questing is almost entirely behind us.

  • Early in this guide, I want to point out that in New World leveling guides, the main advice that was always given was to take the XP gains from territory bonuses.
  • When you would level your territory standing, I want to say right now, don’t do this. It’s a trap, and respecting your territory standing is no way later. So wasting these points on something that offers a minimal boost to your experience in only one territory is a vast noob trap.


Now the way, we are going to be generating experience in leveling. It is going to be through the town board missions. Not exactly the way it used to be. With the changes to the Azol system and the azoth being pretty much free now, you can travel virtually anywhere. The only caveat here is that you will have to visit the settlements first to travel there, which brings me to the first step of this leveling endeavor.

  • So your first step will run to the settlements super dull, but it will save you a ton of time later. And the bonus here is that at a low level, the experience offered for simply discovering new locations is pretty solid.
  • Will give you a couple of cheeky levels while you build your base for progression later.

I always visit all of the easy-to-reach starter settlements to start wind sword first light cutlass keys monarchs bluff ever fall and, of course, Brightwood. Now that you have unlocked all of these locations and can quickly travel between them, the most time-consuming step of this will begin. You will be underwhelmed if you head to your market boards in these settlements. The requisitions offered will provide tiny unimpressive amounts of experience, and you will question if this is truly the best option.

These requisitions are not based on your character level but your character’s trade skill levels. So the first step will be to head out, hit trees, gather hemp, and hit rocks. Skin any skill you have and use it.

  • The objective here is to get all your gathered skills to roughly 100. This sounds daunting, but it isn’t.
  • 100 is relatively easy to achieve a middle ground for gathering skills, which will only take a couple of hours of playtime.

Materials and Bonuses

You will also want to focus on your refining skills as you gather the materials. The bonus here is that you will accumulate a substantial amount of mixed materials. that will come in handy when completing your tambour missions later. Another critical step in this stage is to always complete your three daily faction bonus missions in settlement of your choice. This will provide you with a substantial influx of early coins to help fund your faction board requisition completions for items like flocks and paper you may need.

  • Now that you’ve gotten all of your gathered skills to roughly 100. You are all set.
  • You will notice that the requisitions offered now on the town boards will be higher tier matching your trade skills.

With substantially more experience for completion, head to the market and purchase a few bottles of Azoth. The changes to the travel system in New World weight distance and faction no longer affect travel. So you will get a ton of travel from a single bottle.

So these will be invaluable for the speed you will now level. in the past, the idea here was now that you have built up your base skills. You could head to the ten boards in three settlements of your choice, set up a path triangle, and pick up all the missions.

  • Completing them by killing rabbits, turkeys, and whatever along the way running between them. This, for me at least, has changed a little now.
  • I now focus on the missions like potion-making rations, wood, anything. I can craft, and I simply quickly teleport between the settlements, not just completing three.
  • By the time I have completed a cycle of all the settlements filling all of the requisitions, enough time has passed that I can now start again with a never-ending cycle being created.

Storage Shed

So if you are planning to start playing or want to power level in alt, I recommend waiting a few days. Because with the march patch, all the settlement storages will be linked. What this will then do in terms of speeding up your leveling process. is it will offer you access to all of your materials you have regardless of which settlement you’re in. so no more will you have to jot down notes and keep track of what to grab from wind sword settlement next rotation to complete something in cutlass keys. You will always have access to all of them. Being able to complete these board missions from anywhere. As you complete Tambor requisitions making potions gathering wood, whatever. You will be leveling your trade skills passively even more. This will make the missions offered on the town boards provide even more experience when you get deep into the trade skills.

  • You will start getting offered missions to give up 20-star metal ingots or 25 weirds. Wood for requisition. When you encounter these, you have a choice to make.
  • Some will recommend never doing these. I, on the other hand, love them. Yes, these materials are valuable and can quickly be sold on the market, making you 300 to even 500 gold.

And some days maybe even more. The experience you receive in these cases can be upwards of a quarter of a level just for that one turn-in. So it’s 300 gold worth the amount of experience it would take five or six world quests to generate for me.

Yes, absolutely. Three to five hundred gold is not a lot in this game, as you will learn later. Jumping up almost an entire level from turning in four or so of these quests is enormous. This is not exciting and not even really fun. Although honestly, I do enjoy it sometimes. When you get a nice town board that will give you a whole level, completing it simply in one click feels fantastic. Although it isn’t fun, it is the fastest way I’ve found to level up if leveling up is your only objective.

Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful for you.

Please check out New World Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky!