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What’s up guys! Today we will be going over the 1 to 20 leveling service of the Rapier, a New World weapon with fierce damage per second or DPS for short. We’ll talk about every ability there is for the weapon of our interest, as well as mention some good synergies. Naturally, we’ll explain why and how everything synergizes, so make sure to read thoroughly.

I strongly believe this weapon is going to be the best in terms of high DPS with no survivability, a strong glass cannon weapon for single target damage in both PVE and PVP, and a crazy pair with the Warhammer and Hatchet which we will go over later. Most weapons have some sort of survivability or crowd control tucked away in their kit, but with the Rapier, they asked themselves “how much damage will it do?” and the answer they got was “yes”. This weapon has almost all damage with only a couple of parry and mobility passives. Powerleveling the Rapier 1-20 without using a service might be quite challenging, but it is just as rewarding in the New World endgame, especially in PvP.

So what is the Rapier and what are the abilities? The Rapier is a dexterity-based melee weapon with a side stat of Intelligence. It has two skill trees: Blood and Grace. The Blood tree has raw damage with a focus around Damage over time or DOT for short, and a sudden burst of damage with pretty much 0 mobility or survivability. The Grace tree is also mostly damage-oriented, but this one has a little more evasion and mobility with the parry ability. So, for this weapon, we will be focusing on the damage of it as there is no other that even comes close to matching the amount of damage this absolute monster can put out.

Now let’s look at the abilities and passives that make the Rapier a damage powerhouse, making everyone want a 1-20 level boost of it in NW. Let’s start with the Blood tree, its 3 active abilities, and notable passive upgrades. First, we have Tondo, which allows your character to quickly slash on a long-range. In addition to direct damage, this skill applies a bleed. This DOT will deal 100% of your weapon damage over twelve seconds. Moreover, this debuff can stack up to three times, refreshing its already applied effects. With one passive of note called And Again which reduces the Cooldown of Tondo by 15% if any enemy is hit even if it’s blocked.

Next, we have Flurry where you take a stance and unleash a series of a total of five thrusting attacks. Each strike deals more damage than the previous one. This ability can be manually canceled by dodging at any given time. Flurry truly is a devastating ability if you can land it with 2 passives of note. The first is called Fleeting Strikes, and it makes every individual hit of Flurry reduce its cooldown by seven percent. The second passive note is named To the Bone. It makes the hits from the Flurry ability prolong the bleed applied by Rapier by one second, boosting its power, so it is worth leveling this perk while going 1-20 in New World. Moreover, it will not only refresh but also extend the currently applied DOT.

The third ability is called Flourish and Finish. The first part of the skill, Flourish, lands an attack with knockback. If you follow it with the use of your light attack, your character will continue the ability by performing the Finish part. By doing so, you’ll consume all bleed stacks applied by Rapier on the enemy, immediately dealing 110% of their intended damage. An absolute nuke of an ability that I’m fairly sure could 1 shot most players if done right. There are 2 passives of note the first being Fuel, which makes each tick of the DOT applied by Tondo’s bleed increase the cooldown speed of this ability by five percent. The second passive is called Bloody End, it improves Finish, adding an additional 40% of each stack’s damage, making it deal a total of 150% of their intended damage. Buy our NW carry, and not only he will level your Rapier 1-20, but also allocate the skill points correctly.

This Tree has 4 passive abilities that amplify the damage even more. The first one is named Engarde, which deals 10% more damage when your target’s current health is equal to or exceeds half of the maximum HP. The second passive’s name is Refreshing Strikes. This will cooldowns of all other abilities by one percent per any hit. Yes, it stacks with the passives from Tondo and Flurry, giving even more cooldown reduction. The third one is Unerring. It allows you to additionally do five percent damage to enemies while they are affected by a bleed. The fourth ability is named Heavy Puncture, which makes any heavy attack on a bleeding enemy further prolong the applied bleeds by additional 2 seconds. This also applies to all Rapier stacks gained by the enemy in the future, you’ll definitely learn all that is advised by our service during the process of 1-20 powerleveling in NW.

Leveling Rapier 1 to 20 is better done ASAP, just like our NW service loves it.

Up next we have the Grace tree which has the most mobility of the two and also a parry ability, so now let’s go ahead and get into the 3 abilities on this tree. First up is Evade. Using this skill will allow you to make a considerably small sidestep in the direction your character is currently moving. In addition, it will give you some invulnerability frames, so feel free to embrace your inner Sekiro or rhythm games fan. Any light attacks performed during this ability will be carried out very fast. Evade has. With one passive of note called Crescendo where individual successful light attacks reduce the cooldown of Evade by 30% with each attack. A pretty nice Rapier skill to acquire in the process of 1-20 power leveling NW boosting rush.

The next ability is Riposte, which takes your character into a defensive stance for 1 second. If you are struck while Riposting, your character will counter the attack, and stun the attacker for 1,5 seconds. A successful Riposte makes you invulnerable for a moment, creating an opportunity to additionally i-frame a damage instance. There are two linked passives of note. The first one is called Insult to Injury, and it buffs your attacks after successfully Riposting, making the uninterruptable for three seconds. And the next one is called Priority. It reduces the cooldown on all Rapier abilities upon successfully Riposting, our service recommends you to memorize this while leveling 1 to 20 in NW.

The final ability for the Rapier goes by the name of Fleche. It represents a forward rush, during which your character will move for 10 meters, piercing through all enemies in the way. There are 2 passives of note linked to Fleche. The first is called Quick Lunge, which reduces the cooldown of Fleche by 80% if you get a kill with it. Doesn’t it remind you of a certain cyber ninja from a certain FPS game? The second passive for the ability’s name is Backside. It buffs the upcoming critical attack by 15% for 5 seconds after using Fleche. You can also buy a 1-20 New World weapon level carry, and we’ll spec the points in Rapier trees for you.

Also, there’s a passive on this tree that’s pretty good and it could be tied into the Blood tree for a ton of Cooldown reduction. It’s called Red Curtains. It makes all critical strikes reduce all cooldowns by 5%. And the final passive at the bottom of the Grace tree is Momentum, which provides 25% increased damage of a single light or heavy attack you perform after using an ability. It lasts for 3 seconds or until you hit. Again, reminds me of a certain mechanic in a MOBA game from a small indie company… Which if paired with a Cooldown reduction build could be one of the strongest passives here if you weave auto attacks in between every ability.

Alright, so now that we know all the Rapier’s abilities in its 1-20 levels, and how to boost our DPS solely with this New World armament, let’s move on. I’m sure you can see why this weapon will be an absolute powerhouse in terms of damage. If someone gets on top of you with the Rapier, you’re probably dead, unless you have some strong escape or CC. Or the very same weapon, really good reaction, and some luck. The one downfall of this weapon, and it’s pretty obvious, is its lack of survivability and CC, which is why I chose the Warhammer and Hatchet as secondary. The Warhammer has a fair amount of CC with some passives that will give you more survivability, while the Hatchet will allow you to pump out unbelievable damage numbers with the safety net of a gap closer and increased movement speed for mobility, each allowing you to take full advantage of the Rapier’s close-range advantage. Our service’s New World veterans from alpha and beta often use Rapiers for 1-20 Powerleveling.

Buy our NW carry who will level the Rapier 1-20 and save yourself from grinding.

So with that in mind let’s take a look at the abilities and passives for the Warhammer and Hatchet, that I think will pair the Rapier perfectly. And I think you will start to see why. First, we have Warhammer. If you haven’t seen one in-game, just think of the weapon’s name and come up with an image. It will be exactly that. A massive melee hammer that scales solely off strength. The tree we will look at is the Crowd Crusher as it offers a ton of CC and useful debuffs. The first ability of interest is called Shockwave. By using it, you will slam the ground with your Warhammer, causing an earthquake, dealing 90% of the weapon damage, and stunning every enemy struck for 1,75 in a three-meter radius.

Shockwave has 2 passives that add even more control to the ability. One of them makes your Hammer decrease the outgoing damage from struck enemies by 10% for 5 seconds. And the other increases the range of the attack making it insane with a melee build. This skill is extremely good as it’s an AOE stun making it harder to miss and you can use it as either an opener or to try and prevent your enemy from escaping. Just imagine this with the Rapier after you have leveled it 1-20 and are ready to boost another New World armament.

The next ability’s name is Clear Out. It represents a wide swing, which damages all enemies in front of you by 110% of your current weapon attack and knocks them 4 meters behind. Use this ability to create a little space to reposition. On top of that, it knocks the enemies back making them do a standing-up animation. Naturally, it has some passives that buff you or your allies. One provides you and your allies with a ten percent bonus defense buff for 4 seconds, while the other increases the movement speed of your character by 30% for 3 seconds. This allows you to get right back on your target with more defense.

Path of Destiny is the final ability that would go extremely well with the Rapier, since it provides CC and does a great job on boosting the overall usability, especially after getting a 1-20 NW power leveling. After using it, your character will strike the ground and erupt an energy wave. It will deal 125% weapon damage to everything in its path. When combined with a passive that staggers all enemies struck, it gives you even more chances to keep your enemy locked in the fight with you. There are some passive abilities on this tree that plays really well with the Rapier, like increased movement speed, increased armor, a passive heal, and increased damage against enemies that have a Warhammer debuff. Once you’re on top of someone with this setup it is going to be very hard for them to escape with all the speed bonuses you get on top of some CC, and since our armament does so much damage it’s very unlikely that they will be able to out damage you.

So now that we’ve gone over the safer option let’s talk about the risky option that will have all the damage you will ever need but with very little sustain, The Rapier and Hatchet duo. The hatchet is a melee weapon that scales from strength with a secondary of Dexterity, and along with our primary weapon, it is an absolute savage up close. So let’s go over a few of the abilities and passives. You’ll see why these weapons might be so damn good together. Our service is convinced that Rapier truly shines after 1-20 powerleveling with something to rampage in close quarters of NW.

We will be looking at the Berserker tree for this one. The first and the best ability is Berserk. By using it, you apply a 20% damage buff for 15 seconds. With the insane additions from the passives for this ability, you’ll get 20% increased movement speed, 30% heal when the Berserk buff wears off, complete removal of all debuffs and crowd control, and your attacks being uninterruptible. This ability alone is amazing to pair with the Rapier. It helps pump out damage in every way. Even considering the 20% movement speed buff, the enemy still might try to run. That’s where the second ability comes in. Feral Rush makes your avatar leap forward and perform a two-hit combo, dealing 100% and 115% of the weapon damage per the first and second hits accordingly. With a passive, your character will not only jump forward, gradually decreasing the distance between you and the enemy but also apply a two-second Root to every target struck in the back. Imagine Rooting the enemy in New World and ravaging it with a flurry of Rapier strikes your character learned during the 1 to 20 leveling service.

Then, our next ability, Raging Torrent, comes into play. It is a series of four attacks in quick succession, with each hit dealing 80% weapon damage. If you take a corresponding passive, it will also provide a six-second 20% movement speed buff if an enemy is hit. With the Root from the Feral Rush, we have a pretty easy combo, wouldn’t you say so? The Berserker tree also has a few amazing passives thrown around. Take this one: heavy attacks buff you with a 3-seconds or 4-hit long 30% increased damage, or a 10% damage increase for every enemy within five meters of you. And the best one lies at the very bottom – Defy Death. Upon taking lethal damage, fall into an undying rage… Wait, that’s from another game. Anyway, you will avoid death for 4 seconds, with your health not being able to go lower than 50. This combo is the riskiest one, but if you’re skilled enough to make it work, it will be one of the most potent up-close weapon combos that the game has to offer.

In my opinion, Hatchet is the best pair for the weapon of our interest. You don’t even need to buy the information gathered by countless carries who leveled Rapier 1-20 in New World. Paired with Hatchet, it’s an absolute beast in terms of DPS. There is another pairing option, the Ice Gauntlet, which offers increased CC, but I’m not a fan of it personally. Anyway, that’s it for this one and as always guys. In case you are interested in our other products, please visit our main WoW boost page. Or contact our manager, if you can’t decide. Anyway, have a good one.