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Hello again, everyone! Welcome back to another New World 1-20 level boost, this time featuring the Fire Staff. We wanted to share some exact setups just so you had an idea of what to expect from this weapon when the full game releases and you order our offer. Sit back and start reading, just as usual.

Right before we start, a little hint to help you grind experience for your weapons: you can not only take out mobs with completely, but also get the first hit on a mob and switch to different armament to finish it, and still get the experience with the one you used first. Don’t pay too much attention to it unless you want to upgrade an armament you haven’t used before.

As usual, there are three ability slots available. Remember that for the Fire Staff, your damage scales of the Intelligence attribute. Just like always, we have two different paths that we can take. There are the Flame Summoner tree and the Pyromaniac tree. We are going to go through the first one right now. After we finish with them, you can decide for yourself, which Fire Staff tree would you like to use after taking the 1-20 NW powerleveling service.

The first ability in the Flame Summoner tree is called Pillar of Fire. It is a medium to short-range small AOE attack and is one of the most common ones you’re going to be using. This ability takes out mobs really easily. In addition, it has a very low cooldown. With all the items, it could get to 7 seconds or even less. As you upgrade it going down the tree, you can increase the damage and if you get Arson’s Advantage perk, you can regain 25% of mana when you use this skill to kill an enemy. This passive is very overpowered, especially if you’re doing any kind of PvE stuff. It’s only natural because if you’re constantly casting and last hitting the monsters with the Pillar of Fire, you will instantly get 25% of whatever amount of mana that you have. And managing mana with the Fire Staff is pretty important in New World, our boosting professionals found this out during the 1-20 power leveling offers they’ve provided.

Fire Staff is the best ranged AOE NW weapon, so get a 1-20 level boost ASAP.

The next ability that we have on the Flame Summoner tree is named Siege of Fire. This has a five-second cast time and every single shot after that takes four seconds. It is not very usable in PvE scenarios at all. You can probably get one shot off, and you’re done. If the NPC is coming at you, you’re done. There is really no way to cast this anymore if there is anything hostile in a small range around you. You cannot hit them with this ability, as it will get interrupted. This is more of a large-scale war PvP ability, as we see it. Or maybe it would go well in the raids. Test it yourself after taking our NW service and leveling the Fire Staff from 1 to 20.

The third ability on the Flame Summoner tree is Meteor Shower. It is a really lovely one, especially if you have someone to back you up. In case you manage to group up with someone and they can tank all the damage, Meteor Shower can rain hell on your foes. Especially if you have a high Intelligence attribute! This ability is a channeled one, with a large AOE and DPS. However, you can only cast at a short to kind of medium-range from you. However, it is possible to double the casting distance of it as well with the passives under this skill. These would definitely help for 1-20 powerleveling purposes for your New World Fire Staff character.

Moving on to the second tree, the Pyromaniac. The first ability there is called Flamethrower. This actually is just a literal flamethrower in front of you. You can actually move around while you’re casting this ability and it’s a channeling ability. You can literally just keep on casting it for as long as you have mana. The only downside to this, however, is that it drains your mana very quickly. So make sure to manage your resources carefully. If you use the Flamethrower for long periods of time, it can put you in very sticky situations. Most commonly, people often find themselves completely running out of mana while killing a mob. And we don’t want that, especially during the 1-20 level process, so if you buy our offer, the NW carry providing it won’t ever make this mistake.

Incinerate is the second ability on the Pyromaniac tree. Incinerate creates a ring of fire around you, and it has a pretty good radius. When you use the Flame Out passive which doubles the radius. It does a pretty decent amount of damage. It is honestly comparable to the damage that Pillar of Fire does, except a little bit more. But this one is really good for dealing with a ton of mobs on you. When there is no opportunity to aim, and everything approaches you really fast, cast this ability and it will hit in the whole radius around your person. This Fire Staff spell contains great power for boosting the 1-20 level for this NW weapon.

Buy the Fire Staff carry we have for your New World character to level it 1-20.

The third and final ability for the Pyromaniac is Burnout. This skill is basically a dash, like with the Life Staff. After a short cast time, It will shoot you forward, leaving a burning trail on the ground. That trail will deal damage to mobs and players if they do walk into it. After finishing casting it, your character will not be able to perform any actions for a bit. Personally, we do not recommend putting it on the ability list, just because there are other abilities like Pillar of Fire or Meteor Shower, or maybe even Incinerate that would fit better on the ability wheel. These would simply help you in more scenarios than Burnout would, but that’s the last and final ability for the Pyromaniac. You can maybe use it sometimes during the 1-20 level boost but definitely replace this Fire Staff spell ultimately, upon reaching the NW endgame.

When you’re looking at these trees, they’re actually not that complicated. But here’s another tip for you. Flame Summoner and Pyromaniac can be mixed, so you can use any abilities that you want from each one and mix them. Feel free to take any perks, especially if you want to slow enemies that have three or more fire stacks or to increase your physical armor by five percent while holding the Fire Staff. Remember that you can pick the passives from one tree, while mainly running the other one. But what we really want is to encourage you to test different builds yourself! For example, if you’re using Flamethrower and you want to upgrade its damage, range, and movement speed, it has all of that in passives right below the skill itself. Or you can increase the radius of Meteor Shower by 50%! The same applies to other abilities as well, so feel free to explore. Or order our leveling service, and get the Fire Staff from 1 to 20 on your New World avatar.

We hope you enjoyed this article and gained something valuable out of it. There are pages for all kinds of weapons available on our website. If you are interested in something else or just lurking around, start exploring from our main WoW boost page. Our helpful managers will always be there to help you. Bye-bye.

⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know? **We have 24/7 support** Our team works 24 hours 365 days. Feel free to ask any questions
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**Best price guaranteed!**
Found anything cheaper? Let us know and we will lower the price.
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We have 10-15% Cashback in Checkout**
10-15 % of purchase price returns to the customer as a cashback code
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**
⚠️ Did you know?
**We monitor the prices of our competitors**
**You get low prices**