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Buffed gems you need to be aware

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Hello everyone! It’s the Librarian Husky here to greet you today. I’m bringing a guide on the new and buffed gems, some tips and tricks, and a breakdown of why you should be using these gems, or maybe at least some of them. Now, some of these have had increases in resistance, which is the main.

The bulk of this, but we’ve also seen some changes to the jasper gem in particular that could make it, in my opinion, one of the best gems to have for a bruiser or something like that in PvE, PvP, or any other situation pretty much in this game because the perk that it gives you is perfect and a lot of people haven’t clocked onto this yet. So I wanted to go over what the changes were to these gems and how that impacts the gameplay, which ones you should pick up, and all of that good stuff.

Elemental Resistance Gem Buffs

So, one of the first and probably most important points is obviously the mutation. What’s going on on the PvE side of things is gonna be the update to the elemental resistance gems. So, as you can see on my legs here, for example, you can see that fireward four now gives us plus six fire damage absorption. For example, this week on my server, the mutation is hellfire on the garden of Genesis. So this is perfect, which is why I have it on a couple of pieces.

Now, this has been upped from the previous percentages. So this used to sit at around 3.75 as a maximum fire gem compared to the voyage, which was at six percent. Now, these have actually been increased, so they are pretty good. Now, it doesn’t stop at PvE with these ones either because, as many of you will probably know if you’ve done any or any Wars Recently, Void Gauntlets Ice Gauntlets seem to be the king of the mages.

Choosing the Right Gems in the New World

So, for that reason, you could easily switch these gems out for an abyssal or resistant gem and, therefore, give you a little bit of protection personally. I think there are other better ones that give you all elemental resistance. Some give you physical and elemental, etcetera.

However, if you are particularly getting hit very heavily by ice mages, your enemy team runs 30 ice mages. Throwing an ice gem on for six percent absorption would never be a bad move. So, just to let you guys know, these have been buffed because these are actually pretty good now, and especially for the mutations, you’re certainly going to want to throw them on.

Physical Resistance Gem Buffs

Now, the next thing that we’re going to talk about here is the jasper gem. So firstly, the protection side of it will be Strike Ward 4. This has now been increased to a plus five percent strike damage absorption. This again has been upped from a 3.75, and it is the same for thrust and for Slash strike wards as well.

So these are all five percent now. Again PvP, particularly having a couple of these on your set, is not a bad thing. Maybe you know one or two of these across the entire set are not bad at all, and they can provide a very decent amount of damage, Strike damage. You’re going to see things like the Warhammer and Slash damage.

Top Picks for Weapons and Thrust Damage in New World

It’s going to be the hatchet. It will be the greatest, which is what many people are using, and then thrust damage. You’re looking at things like the Rapier and the Spear. Things can have a five-damage absorption added to you if you do put this on your armor.

Jasper Gem Retaliate Huge Buff

Now, with the Jasper, not only has it had that part of it buffed, but it’s also had to be reworked. So this now gives you the ability to deal plus 15 damage for two seconds after taking a hit. So essentially, every time you hit, you get a 15-damage boost for two seconds, and this doesn’t have a cooldown.

Understanding the Perks of This Persistent Effect in New World

It’s just every time you hit after this runs off, it comes back on. So, as you can imagine, particularly in PvP or elite zones, expeditions like that where you are getting hit almost constantly, if you have this on your weapon, bear in mind that it does have to be on a weapon because, obviously, that is the armor one is the straight ward.

Unpacking the +15 Damage Buff in New World

So this is the attack variant, the weapon variant. Then this gives you essentially a plus 15 damage buff. All the time when you’re getting hit, when you’re getting attacked. You’re gonna be getting 15. The only time this is not so great is when; obviously, you’re trying to chase an enemy down or you’re going on the attack, and they’re not really hitting you.

You’re going at the enemy. They’re not fighting back too much, or you get behind players, and they’re kind of stuck. You don’t get the buff from it, whereas with something like the gambit gem where you dodge into that, you would get a little bit of a damage buff. However, in my opinion, most of the time, you are going to be getting hit in whatever activity you’re doing by either AOE or directly getting attacked.

Jasper Gems for Medium Bruisers in New World

So, for me, as a medium bruiser. This is perfect, mages. It’s kind of dependent tank. This is really good if you don’t want to go for a more defensive style. If you’re also going for a little bit of attack, heavy bruises are perfect, but obviously, healers, I would stick to other gems. Probably, your diamond is going to be your best shot there. However, you know, for most bruises and some mages, I would strongly recommend this. A lot of players haven’t picked up on it yet.

A lot of people have been asking in the comments about Jasper. So, I just thought I’d break it down and show you guys what it does. It is very good, and if you think about this pairing with something like thwarting strikes, it gives you another 12-13%. If you’ve got grit active, so with 300 strength all of the time, that is a lot of extra percentage damage just for playing how you normally play. So make sure you take advantage of this rework. It is super useful.

Take Advantage of Lower Gem Prices

Now, as you will see, just to cover the prices here, the prices of the Jasper gem are still pretty low, at least on my server, compared to some of the others. But these will probably go up in price as people become more aware of this. So if you are able to get some and it is something that you think you want to run on your set. Now would be the best chance to get hands-on.

Evaluating the Cost of Cut Pristine Rubies in New World

If we look at something like the cut pristine ruby, obviously, we know that’s now got the six percent fire absorption buff. This is 285 gold per one plus obviously attacks top, so you’re looking at about 300 gold.

However, it is the hellfire mutation on my server this week. So, if that isn’t the case for you, these may be a little more accessible. Now do bear in mind that these again will be something players swap in and out of, particularly:

  • Rubies;
  • Void Protection;
  • Abyssal gems;
  • Amethyst;

As you can see, these are still quite expensive. You’re going to be hitting around the 200 gold mark.

Getting Ahead with Buffed Gems in New World

However, as this is not this week’s mutation on my server, the prices are a little bit lower. So, if you want to get ahead with these new buff gems, you will want to use them in expeditions. Make sure you’ve just got a couple of the off-rotation ones, so if you’re not using Void this week, try and grab a couple while the price drops so that you’ve got some ready to put on your set.

For when it comes back, because undoubtedly, like the ruby gems are right now, they will sort when that mutation comes in as pretty much everyone is grabbing them for these mutations now. They were before, and now they are even more so because they’ve been buffed. I said, though there are some that are useful for PvP, the Amethyst is one of those gems.

A Valuable Gem for Great Axe Users in New World

The Moonstone has seen a slight price increase again. Obviously, with this being Slash damage, the great axe is highly used by a lot of players. So this is something that’s quite useful. In my opinion, again, it’s only up to 100 gold on my server right now, but again this has been increasing, and there aren’t that many available.

Aquamarine’s Utility in New World

So, if you do want to get hands-on with that, I would recommend getting involved with that one as well. And, of course, the Aquamarine gem also has a decent six percent ice damage absorption. Really the mages are being used mostly for utility, particularly in PvP wars. So do take this if you need to.

I would recommend going out of your way to buy it. You’ve probably got some in one of your storages. If you’ve got a friend or yourself that can actually craft these into gems. Just do it that way because, generally, you’re not going to want these on over some other things. For example, on my set, I’m running things.

Useful Gems for PvP

Like the onyx, which gives me physical damage absorption, and the Malachite here, which gives me elemental and physical absorption, when I’m going into PvP as well, I often swap out these rubies for some of these Diamonds here, which gives us 1.9 physical and elemental.

So it depends on which you want. More of the malachites are going to give you more elemental with some physical. the diamonds are going to give you more physical with some elemental; those have stayed the same as the previous patch, but it is worth noting that they are probably your best bet because it doesn’t cover one element. It covers all of them, and the same with the physical absorption; it’s all types of damage, not just one of them.

Adapting to PvP Challenges in New World

However, as I said, if there is an enemy team specializing in one type of thing or you seem to be taking a lot of damage from one particular source, then adding a five or six percent absorption to that source onto your set could be a really good movie with this buff so do bear in mind do think about taking it and weigh up your options for PvP as often this can be really useful. So that is pretty much going to be it for today’s guide, guys. Hopefully, you found it useful I wanted to break down all of the changes we’ve seen to these gems.

Exploring the Enhanced Buffs and Their Impact in New World

There are some quite big differences from the previous iterations of them, particularly the Jasper but even the higher percentages of the resistances that the others provide are really decent, and they are worth considering. A lot of players have stepped over them because the percentages weren’t too high. Now they’ve been buffed. Some players are doing really well with these.

Gem Choices in New World’s Heart of Madness Patch

It’s entirely up to you what you pick. So do be careful with swapping stuff out different test things, see what works better for you, but now at least what they do and what the options are available for you after the heart of Madness patch.

Thank you for reading this short guide. My name is Librarian Husky – your information provider. Please check our New World Guide main mage for more useful articles. Bye!

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