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Support and Breakdown Guardian Raid

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Hey everyone. Welcome to another guide, and welcome to Lost Ark. While Yoho isn’t mainly a hard fight, she can deal consistent chip damage that adds up. This, in turn, causes her burst damage to be very deadly. But having a Bard that can properly rotate between heals, buffs and shielding can speed up the fight while also making it cheaper to run!

Bard Rule of Thumb

As a general concept to keep in mind as a bard, you will want to:

  • Consistently debuff the boss.
  • Buff your team.
  • Heal and shield your team.
  • Generate your bars.

Build and Skill Usage

As for preparation for the fight, I will use a standard raid build that contains the following Sound Shock to debuff the boss, thus increasing the team’s overall damage. Wind of Music and Guardian Tune to shield and reduce the chip damage for your team. Sonic Vibration and Heavenly Tune to buff your team.

  • Symphonia can also give you one bar immediately, allowing you to place a healing circle or stack for a level 2 or 3 DPS buff.
  • As a side note, Sonic Vibration and Rhapsody of Light are your two options for weak-point destruction unless you also bring destruction bombs.

Prelude of Storm for bar generation and DPS Soundholic for stagger checks and DPS. And Rhapsody of Light to shield and negate most of Yoho’s heavy attacks. For the ultimate choice, always go with Symphonia, as it gives a pretty beefy shield. And during the duration of the shield, it reduces the stress in trying to negate damage for your team while also buying you time to generate more bars.

Battle Items

And speaking of battle items, for grenades, you can bring whirlwind for Yoho’s stagger checks. For bombs, you should bring either destruction or pheromone. Now let’s get into a quick PoV of one of my Yoho runs, and I will try to break it down and point out any mistakes I made and valuable tips for bard players.


As we’re walking into the fight, I want to remind you about one important rule. Always try to maintain the debuff from Sound Shock, as missing it can cause the entire team to lose about 10% of their damage. You’ll see in multiple parts of the fight that I will fail to do this.

Now entering the fight, I will always use Guardian Tune and Heavenly Tune to get them off cooldown as soon as possible. Here I made a mistake by using Sonic Vibration too early, and the DPS buff from Heavenly Tune is still active and does not stack with Sonic Vibration.

Take a bit of damage

Try using either skill when the other is a few seconds from the ending. At this point, most of my team members are starting to take a bit of damage. Since I do not have a bar yet, I wanted to ult has a bar ready for healing while buying myself more time to generate the next bar. Once the ultimate shield is over and Yoho finishes moving, I throw a convenient heal that hits all party members. And since I have another bar almost ready to go, I don’t need to worry about not having a heal in time.

  • If you feel that your party is pretty decent, you can opt to save your bars for level 2 or 3 damage buffs, but I find it more consistent to save them for heals.
  • Additionally, you save your team from using potions.


When Yoho teleports away like this, she will always pick one person to land on and can follow up with a pounce or dash attack. Ideally, if Sonic Vibration is up, try to save it until you are sure she will not move. Do be mindful of the falling comets here. They do a decent amount of damage, so try to shield your teammates!

  • When Yoho starts spinning in a circle, she can potentially summon 1 or 4 fox clones in the four cardinal directions of her model.

Since someone threw a pheromone bomb, I prepared a sonic vibration so that it would be ready when Yoho came back. If no one is in danger, I will focus on generating bars by popping Prelude of Storm and Soundholic. Since I had some downtime, I decided to rub my cooking brisket. You can ignore this.


Stay near Yoho. Prepare to shield and heal! Yoho will always fall comet when she starts acting like she is auditioning for America’s next top model. Be prepared to heal or shield your team! When the word “Invincible” shows up, I know Yoho is teleporting away, but I still made the mistake of placing my sonic vibration, which makes it useless.

  • You can also pre-cast Rhapsody of Light and deal destruction on the 3rd hit.
  • This is also a perfect time to throw out your DPS buff! If the first tail destruction was successful, Yoho could be staggered again the second time to destroy the rest of her tails. Usually, by this point, if Yoho is in her glowing phase and you have seen her weak points on her tails, she will perform her notification skill soon.

When Yoho starts howling and has those balls around her neck, prepare a shield or heal as those balls fly toward your teammates. Each ball does considerable damage and can leave behind an AoE field. I could have used it a bit earlier, but I needed a bar immediately to heal the team. When Yoho is staggered, be prepared to destroy her tail. I immediately toss our sonic vibration and a destruction bomb in this clip.

Final words

And here comes her ultimate skills. If you have a gun lancer, they should put it a bit later to prevent the transformation. Luckily for us, we killed Yoho before her tornado went through. A for effort for the Gunlancers ultimately. And that should be all you need to become a Giga Chad MVP Bard for Yoho! I will create a Bard Support guide for Valtan, so do watch for that soon! Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for new guides. Please check out Lost Ark Guides. Learn with us! It was Librarian Husky! Ciao!