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Remaining Energy Blade PvE Endgame

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here, and welcome back to another Lost Ark build guide today. Now that we are done with the introduction of this character. I will show you what kind of build I’m running. Some people have been asking me about this plate, so let’s get straight into it. I will talk about skills.


So we’re gonna start off with our opener, which is gonna be spin cutter right here. That is thanks to this uh upgrade skill over here open weakness for party members more Damage as well as for you frontal attacks back attacks. The Blade is mainly the back attacking class character. You get a three ten grit chance as well, and if you combine it with some of the engravings, I will talk about it in a bit. So spin the cutter out of the opener. Our other skill is Dark Axle. This is super useful against guardians because with this. You can hop over the guardians straight into their bag with only this one skill.
Struggle with spit fingers tenacity I Axel is the upgrade that you can jump over the guardians. Soul absorber is one of our main damaging skills as well as for specialty with this rune. Going to go with swift swap fingers. Most of the skills are going to be for as fast attack speed or charging as possible. Some dark damage over here. Off as well from or for extra Damage. It’s also knocking them away, but that doesn’t really happen for the bosses. So we can ignore that another skill BF is earth cleaver. This is our main stagger skill. As you can see, you get overwhelmed rune here. We will go with the push for some extra mobility big point for more Damage against buffs again, earth explosion over here too. And our next skill for AOE, one of our best AOE skills, is Moonlight Sonic again. Dark Damage here sustained enhancement or extra Damage. It also doubles the duration of the attack, which means more hits in that skill, satanic again one once more damage Maelstrom is our buffing ability. It’s our second skill in a rotation that I will talk about in a bit as well, or control right here for more specialty, for more SD. Combine dark order for the buff as well for you, as well as for the party movement speed attack speed, super useful another very important damaging skill is Blitz Rush charging ability a kirk chance right here a charge enhancement and shadow rush right here.

The last skill for our rotation is Voice Strike. This is also pretty good for aoe as well as the Death Orb Meter Gainer, as you can see here with our control Beast of Darkness again, Dark Damage, and Dark Explosion. And when it comes to runes, you’re going to use a lot of the velvet runes gale wind as well for shorting the casting speed. So spin gutter over here. We use we can use either rage or bleed rune. It’s up to you both to work. It’s pretty versatile when it comes to this skill. I went with rage for extra buffs attack speed and a moment speed. But you could use even a bleed rune, or you could even use quick recharge as well for some coolness reduction, which is this one. I’ve only a blue one, I believe. I still have purple too. That’s my pick. Dark actually, you want to go with protection useful as well shield if you use this you can sometimes get caught up in this from some of the mechanics. So this comes in the handy total absorber. We go with wealth for specialty earth. Cleaver, like I, said:

  • overrun stagger;
  • mainly moonlight;
  • sonic with kelvin;
  • skill gassing;
  • speed makes this skill go faster;

Don’t worry. You will not miss out on the extra hits from this upgraded skill. I went with bleed. You could probably go with focus as well for the mana reduction, which is right here mp consumption. But I don’t have a purple one settling, so if I get it. I might use it, but for now, I have a bleed one because this AOE has a little aura around you. Let’s rush Void Strike Gail wind once again to make the skills go faster, pretty much so this was the skills in the range.


I will talk about the gear right now. Your main priority is a specialization for Blade and then crit. I have seen a few blades run the opposite. I create a lower spec. But I really recommend going for spec because of the “z.” I’m playing the remaining Energy Blade. There’s another build. I know you search chat players. That’s a different play style than Romantic Energy. I will talk about it in a bit. Now for you, for those of you in tier three.

You’re deciding what set to go with from Argos, either the crit damage one or a quick chance. I went with the crit damage one because we got the crit chance. For example, here on Blitz rush, we get the extra ten from the Blade overall in the back attack 10 per second chance. It’s really up to you. Now, if you have other members with a set in the group, you can get over down there if you can see the total Lunar Eclipse cut right 25 percent and create Damage for 50 for 15 seconds. So 18 and a half percent from 500 is something great. Really it depends. It’s up to you if you want to go with the great chance of Damage. I am gathering the crit chance gear right here. So we’ll see if I can notice any difference, but for now, I’m sticking with this. so great Damage. There’s also a card set which is recommended as a budget set that you can get. It gives you a 70 credit chance which isn’t that much, but it’s still some extra. Now an for the Jewelry. You wanna go with everything spec except the Amulet. Obviously, you wanna have a crate on it as well.


That comes down to engravings as well. So remaining energy most of our skills are charge abilities right here Voice Strike, Blitz Rush, Soul Absorber as well our main skill about damage ability. So having supercharged level 3 is really important for this build. Now remaining energy, you are more than fine to use level 1 until tier 3. it is recommended to go for level 3 at tier 3. but even level 1, it still does a lot pretty much when you perc it gives you stats for 30 seconds bonus attack power. Which is a lot of deck speed movement speed as well and remaining energy the bit the difference between this and search is. When the rates get released legion rates, there are going to be more mechanics, and you’re going to be moving a lot more than what you’re used to. So that means search you’re going to build up the stacks as well, and sometimes you will miss this miss the attack because of the set mechanics.

Ironic energy is more sustainable. So it’s easier to land, and I think that this will have more value in the super late game compared to surge. So that’s why I decided to go with Germanic Energy ever since the beginning. Ambush master another really important engraving. In my opinion, for the remaining Energy Blade, the back of tanks damaged 25 without any downsides. Now we have the Dark Excellent, which I will demonstrate in a bit. So this pairs super, very well with the Blade as well as a spin cutter, as I described earlier. Frontal attacks and bank back attacks nine percent damage. Our next one is adrenaline. This one is probably questionable, not really questionable these enter this is another easy source for crit chance. So that’s why I went with the correct damage set.

This is a 15 crit rate, as you can see down below. This is a very fluid and fast build. There are pretty much spamming abilities. So I can have adrenaline pretty much up 24/7. Now you could use either grudge or curious doll. Those two are recommended for the latter three as best .in SLA, but they both have downsides. I know I could have gone with a crutch. The super chat grudge player. But maybe I will switch to this later on with Volton and Raleigh Gear, but for now, I’m just sticking to this, but then they’re not really ideal on boss fights. This is more for dungeons ref ads. Here are dungeons as well, but I happened to get this stone. I was pretty lucky with this one, as you can see seven, five, and two. I’ll just stick with it, but you could get something else like Spread Absorption is pretty good here. Attack speed movement speed three percent wouldn’t hurt right.

You could also get keen blunt at level three, but they would need to create high Christians for that. So I really would focus first on these three. Then the fourth one, I would go adrenaline, or if you could want to go for the garage little three or Chris though, it’s up to you.


Now for gems, you want to focus on their main abilities when it comes to Damage and both Damage and cooldown, which is total: absorber multi-tonic Void Strike, Blitz Rush. Now the extra slots should be used for cooldown reduction gems, said Maelstrom, Dark Axle, and spin car right here.

Now you can roll if you don’t get what you need, you can roll them at the gem fusion NPC, but it costs a lot of silver. So these are gems when it comes to cards. I really have good cards. So I’m just sticking to the maximum hp. That’s why I have over 100k hp. You could also go for a damage reduction if you are doing like Velgano’s runs. This is the that’s the last guardian in tier 3, but I’m just sticking to my hp. Now recommended card sets the budget one so-called is lost when cliff I believe it’s called you can see here I can I have four out of six only. If you take a look at the fourth row lost in cliff six set, twelve-piece awakening gives you a great chance that seven percent that’s why.

It’s recommended to have this set up until later on when you get enough for it. Last card setup that is a super late game nobody will have it just yet. It’s really hard again. So if you can awaken these, it’s not really that hard. It just takes a lot of grinding, like you can get Solas from the main story quest if you level from level one to level 50. I believe it is the last. It is the ending of Lutera, maybe. So it’s like a little 25 30. I’m not sure. So this would require like four hours of playing one character getting this card, deleting that character, and doing it all over again. Many hours and many characters because the more you awaken, the more of the identical cards you need. You can see one vacant part right there, the little a Golden Crystal, whatever. So for a level two vacant, I would need extra two cards identical. If I’m not mistaken, let’s take a look if that’s true or not. As you can see, it requires two identical cards for level two right here. So I have one, I would need another one. So this is the recommended setting for it will last you for a while. The end game super end game set in Light Of Salvation.

I have 4 out of 7, and you need to awaken this 18 to 30 vacant awakening piece, which is super hard, as both of them as all of these are legendary cards. So don’t pay attention to this another very good set for the Blade. As in additional or alternative set is this three Umar Families as you can see down below if you have awakened these cars 15 times, your back attack damage to foes is increased by 10 percent and 12.2 extra, so it’s 12. so you could get these if you’re lucky with the traps. That’s again, I think, from Yarn. I’m not mistaken from the main quest, but I could be wrong. So don’t take me from gan for granted. So these are the cards I covered the gems as well the gear.

Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – your information provider. Please check our Lost Ark Guides main mage for more useful articles. Good Luck!