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First Clear Valtan Gate 1 & Gate 2

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Hey everyone. Welcome to another guide, and welcome to Lost Ark. I thought Valtan should be easy after watching guides, but carefulness and preparedness are always appreciated. After watching some guides, I joined a group using a party finder.

As a gun lance, my job here is to provide utilities such as counters and even shields if we really lack support classes and at the same time do damage too. Since this is my first time, I pulled up the Valtan cheat sheet from Reddit so that I can double-check fast by alt-tabbing. This is like reviewing for tests, but instead of remembering equations and knowing how to use them, you would remember what the boss will do at which HP bars and know how to deal with them.

Gate 1 Wolf

The first one is the three-color wolfy boy. We quickly ran him down to 45 bar, and the purple wolf switched into the red wolf while we all stood here to avoid this AOE damage.

  • At 40 HP bar, the boss split into blue and red wolves. Since I am targeted by the blue, I lure him to the top of the map.

There isn’t much of a convention to lure him. If you can split them, it doesn’t matter if it’s top and bottom or left and right; they won’t gain extra damage reduction. One person will gain a gold buff, and you will have to chase the blue wolf only; since the red wolf is invisible to you.

  • From 35 to 30 HP bar, it is recommended you burn his HP fast by using your awakenings since this is when he will make some annoying attacks such as applying darkness debuffs on your character.
  • Now at 30 HP bar, as we discussed, we decided to Wei cheese this orb phase. We all had to run south and not touch any orbs before finishing the stagger check.

Meanwhile, the leader also summons Esther Wei to help us with the stagger. But someone may have absorbed some orbs, which failed us, the mechanic. This situation went on a couple of times until we finally got the stagger.

  • At 25 HP bar, split the red and blue wolves once again, but this time the gold buff guy must chase the red one.
  • At 15 HP bar, here comes the orb phase again.
  • At 18 HP bar, we stopped our DPS for a while to ensure we got enough esther gauge for Wei later.

We did the Wei cheese again, but I should have gone earlier to stagger the boss as we are so close to successfully staggering him, yet I was scared from touching any orbs. Now we have to start over. One more time, I used my whirlwind grenade and filled up the staggering damage, and we staggered him.

  • The boss will make some significant A OE attacks below the 15 HP bar. We lived through some of the considerable AOE damage, summoned Thirain to one slash, and finished gate 1.

Gate 2 Valtan

Now moving on to gate 2. At first, Valtan will spin and pick one person randomly to charge at. This is why we group at about 3 o’clock to let him hit the wall so that Valtan becomes vulnerable to destruction damage. We throw our destruction bombs and use weak point skills to get rid of Valtan’s armor. Valsartan will do another charge, and we are supposed to wait at the top right by convention, but a guy decided to become a wanderer. It caused us some trouble tracking Valtan but not too big a problem.

Afterward, Valtan jumps into the sky and throws axes eight times at each player. Now we run from the axes, usually in a square by convention, and move to the edge of the field.

  • Beware that only the place that Valtan destroyed can be stood to dodge his big AOE dump attack.
  • We shall repeat this process twice, so a total of 4 charges and two ax-throw from the sky should eliminate all his armor.

By the way, this is the correct way of doing this by convention.

  • At 130 HP, Valtan will smash his ax twice on the ground, and these attacks will do an insane amount of damage and wipe out the whole team. The safe solution here is to gather around and use esther Balthorr to tank through this mechanic. However, if you miss the Balthorr or did not use it, the standard solution is to take the blue orb beforehand, dodge Valtan’s first smash, and let the blue orb buff absorb his next attack completely.
  • At or about 110 HP bar, after this cinematic, Valtan randomly picks a person to do this one-shot slice of pizza attack while the others hide behind rocks.
    Afterward is another big damage slice of pizza attack, and the rocks will explode after this second one. At 85 HP, one side of the arena will be destroyed.
  • It is recommended to stay in the middle of the arena first, watch which side to be destroyed, and stick to the other side later.

Then we experienced some random mechanics, such as four orbs where each of the four people has to take one. Otherwise, the none took ones will significantly damage the map, and if one person takes more than one orb, it will also greatly damage everyone.

  • At 65 HP, this counter timing is tough to get. Even after several runs, it is easy for the whole team to screw up this counter.
  • I figured out that about 2 to 2.5 seconds after Valtan made his gesture should be a good time.

Everything was going well, but we failed at these three counter-random mechanics. Valsartan will make three counter-able attacks in a row, and any player who tries to counter any of them will get silenced, and so does players around him. I was in a rush to run in front of Valtan to do the 3rd counter since it seemed that I was the only one left, not silenced. But I was not able to dodge the silent aura around my teammate. We need the 3rd counter since this is the only wipe attack.

  • The 1st and 2nd ones, even if we fail, will only do damage. Anyways, my team decided to regroup and make some changes to the composition.
  • We did several runs afterward, but it was not going so well. We failed at the 65 HP counter, again and again.
  • By this time, someone had to leave, so we had to regroup another time, and we got a 1445-level chad berserker in our team.

This time we failed a couple more. Either did not break his armor, so we won’t have enough damage before Valtan berzerks. And we finally got him to lower than 35 HP bar, and Valtan destroyed the remaining side of the arena. This is when it starts to become risky. However, as a blue gun lance, all I have to watch out for is his grab and considerable damage skills, such as the rock explosion. Also, always watch his actions and get ready to stop attacking when he is doing this.

  • Otherwise, Valtan will do a 360 and knock everyone off the cliff.
  • At about 15 HP bar, Valtan will go crazy and make a four-way attack like this, following with 5 or 6 tracking ground smashes, roar, rock explode, and finally enter the ghost phase.
  • You can either Balthorr this period or just time stop after Valtan’s 3rd smash.

Ghost Phase

  • For the ghost phase, Valtan will grab the first time as soon as he finishes his first attacks, at or about 40 HP bar.
  • The second grab will come at about 27 HP bar, and the 3rd one will be at or about 20 HP bar.

Other than these, we must counter his shadow clones and attack Valtan to reduce his armor and dodge his attacks. Luckily, we had enough DPS to get Valtan down before he goes on berserk. Since Valtan will reset his berserk timer to 3 mins no matter what as soon as he enters the ghost phase, it was a good raid.

This concludes my first Valtan run. Feel free to correct mistakes. This is the budget build I am running on my gun lance. People would say combat readiness and ether predator are not good at level 3, but they are not too bad. They can also provide more shield amounts, damage, and defense.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for new guides. Please check out Lost Ark Guides.

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