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Efficient Korean Una Daily and Tips

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Hey everyone. Welcome to another guide, and welcome to Lost Ark. I will show you an incredible roster Una task lineup that Korean vets use and adapted to mine. I made this guide because I was looking for the most efficient and most minor time-consuming routes, but I found this is the most efficient and time-saving Una task lineup.

Char. Distribution

As you can see, I have eight characters, which are pretty much all high Ilvl’d. I mainly have two routes that I adapted. These are the least ones which are the most needed necessity for pushing your characters, and the long employees one, the long.

I think most people know this already, so I wouldn’t delve into it too much. I choose which characters I would like to push and do the least on them; I make them long employees for others. My gun lance he’s a different case, and I will get onto that later.

Lapstone route

First, let’s go onto my main. These are the Una tasks that I do. This is the shortest route; the first is where it belongs. You can unlock this by doing the most. There are no extra quests; this is a popular one. Next is the mystery of the watchers and Kensera’s memorial service. Both of these quests are in feet and have a side quest that you need to do to unlock.

Kinsella’s memorial service

Okay, so the first one I have here is Kinsera’s memorial service. I have my Bifrost set here. Because the first thing you need to do is interact with this log, and then the 2nd one, you go to the other side and interact with this stone thingy.

Mystery of the Watchers

That’s it. You’re done. So the next one in my Bifrost leads here, this is the mystery of the watchers, for this, we just throw a lantern to this guy, the big guy, don’t kill these guys, cause there’s a lot of people doing these it’s griefing.

But yeah, so I put the Bifrost there and not here cause sometimes there’s like mobs here who spawn and attack you, and then you can’t go in and out that easily. So it’s better to put it here so you can go in and out.

Where it belongs

Okay, so the next one in my Bifrost is Cheshire. I set it expressly to here. This is where it belongs. So I know most of the people have done this already ever since tier 1, but basically, what you need to do is kill this guy, kill that guy, kill all of the guys until you wipe them out, everything.

Remember that you must fight for these, like many people are doing this already, so you need to fight for the kills. But if there’s nothing here, like people have wiped them out already, go to another channel, and they will be respawning there. Then after that, after you’ve finished the initial quest, you need to run. Go to Dyson around the potion area, so get on to your mount and run. Talk to this guy, and that’s it. You’re done.

Last step of Felton’s quests

So my last Bifrost is for the two futon ones we did a while ago after you tossed the firefly and confirmed the head and the legs. You get a prompt to talk to someone after you do these quests. So first, you need to talk to Kinsella.

  • I set my Bifrost expressly to here so I can talk to Kinsera right after, and then after you do that, Kinsera’s quest will be finished then you do the other one. Go down here.
  • You need to finish the watcher quest. Talk to Margo right here. That’s it. You’re done with the leap stone route and can do it in 1-2 minutes.

Collectible Gunlancer

So the last one that I want to talk to you about is my gun lance. I mentioned that he’s a particular case compared to my other characters because I make him do collectibles for me, so I choose what collectibles I want from the reputations, and I am working on that right now. I’m working on Tooki. I’m almost done, like two more days, then I’m going to move him to a long employee.

  • So yeah, just watch guides on the reputations you need to work on, whether it be skill point potions, masterpieces, giant’s heart, kindness potions, etc.

I’ll link some of those in the description box below, like helpful guides. But yeah, I recommend you do these on 1-2 characters, like assign them to be a collectible doer. It helps in vertical, and I mean horizontal, progression. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for new guides. Please check out Lost Ark Guides. Learn with us! It was Librarian Husky! Ciao!