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Arcana Guide Play Style & Identity

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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. Today I’m going to cover the play style and identity of Arcana. I hope this guide helped you guys a lot and if you like it.

Play Style

Arcana is a class that uses the card as a weapon. She draws cards from the deck and gets a unique buff. She is a position-free melee magician who doesn’t have good hp and armor. Her damage is super strong enough to be a pure DPS class. Her party synergy increases the crit rate constantly.

  • Whenever Arcana lands the skills, her identity gauge gets filled up, and when it hits the max, she draws a card from a deck.
  • You can have up to two cards in your hands. You can use the cards by pressing “z” for the left and “x” for the right cards.


Arcana has three kinds of skills, differently colored yellow, blue, and red. Yellow skills most likely enable her to draw cards frequently. These skills fill up the gauge more than other colored skills, and most of the yellow skills have a tripod that has an odd to draw a card regardless of the gauge. Blue skills stacks stack on the mob, which can be stacked up to four.

  • You can see the count of stacks above the mob or beneath the arcana. Rescues remove the stacks on the mob and deal the damage depending on the account of the stacks.


All right now, let’s look into what kind of cars Arcana has in her deck. The odd of drawing the cars from the deck is entirely RNG. If you click this button right here beneath the identity UI, you can see all the possible cards you can draw from the deck.

  • So you want to use rescues when applying the max stacks, which is four, using the blue skills.
  • So if I use the rescue without any stacks, it does this much low damage. This time if I try to apply the stacks up to four and then use the same skill and Yep, it does much more damage.


Well, the first card is called the skull card. I’m not sure how to translate this card. So let’s say it has a skull.

  • Since there’s a skull in the card, this card allows Arcana to Guarantee crit on the skills and increases crit damage by 50 percent.
  • For four seconds only if the skills land precisely on one mob. So before I use my skull card, let me try to use some skills. If I use this card, you can see that some skills are not created.
  • Then try to spam the skills in 4 seconds. They guarantee crit, and they do more damage.


Moon card allows arcana to reduce the cooldown by an additional ten and mana restoration by 20 for 30 seconds.


Hydra card this card allows Arcana to auto-attack in three directions. You can apply a stack for each hit; the other attack works like a shotgun. You can hit all three hits if you auto-attack at a close distance. Also, auto-attack damage increases by a hundred percent, and if you hit challenge mobs or lower grades, it increases by four hundred percent instead.

  • The effective Hydra lasts for 16 seconds. So I have a Hydra card here on the x, and before I use it, if I use auto-attack, it hits only once, right?
  • If I use the card now and hit then, it does three directions.


Ghost card this card allows Arcana to increase the movement speed by twenty percent and reduce the incoming damage by fifty percent three times.

  • It also allows you to go through the lower mobs than the boss grade.
  • The effective ghost lasts for 16 seconds. I have the ghost card right here, and before I use the ghost card, this is my actual movement speed.

You can see that I cannot go through these mobs. Let me try to use it now. The movement speed increases, and you can go through these mobs. Not the boss mob like this guardian, see, guys.


Balance card This card allows Arcana to apply an additional stack on the mob whenever blue skills are used for 30 seconds. Before I use my card, if I use the w skill, you can see that it stacks two stacks. Let me re-summon the mob. Let’s try to use it use the card, and then use the same skill. You can see that the stack increases by one for each attack.


Emperor card this card can be in the deck only if you run embryo class engraving. This one is right here.

  • This card allows Arcana to deal massive damage in an AOE range. People use this card a lot in the chaotic dungeon.
  • So if I use this card, you can see there are lots of mobs, and it does massive aoe damage to most of the mobs.


Star card this card allows Arcana to restore the mana immediately and fully.

  • It also reduces the cooldown of the skills already down by 15, except for the awakening space bar and quick stance.
  • So I have the card right now, and before I use it, let me try to use some skills to make the skills in Cooldown.

Also, to use some mana consumption. All right now, let me try to use it. You can see some changes in the already down skills, and the mana got fully restored immediately.


So let me use it and immediately spam the red skills, including the awakening. You can see it does tons of damage with guaranteed crit.

  • Judgment card this card allows Arcana’s red skills to deal four stacks of damage regardless of the stacks on the mob for 4 seconds.
  • When you pair this card with a skull card, you can spam the red skills in 4 seconds, having guaranteed crit. So if you see here, I have a Judgement card and a skull card.
  • So indeed, both of these cards have 4 seconds of duration.


The effect of Corrosion lasts for 30 seconds. You can see the Corrosion car right here and if I use it. I get 30 seconds of the buff, and when I try to attack the mob. by 30 chances, you can see that I can apply the debuff on the mob for 5 seconds.

  • Corrosion card this card allows Arcana to apply a debuff on the mob with 30 chances.
  • That increases the damage of arcana by 10 for 5 seconds.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune this card allows Arcana to reset the cooldown of the skill that is used right after using the Wheel of Fortune card. Most likely, you want to use this card to reset the cooldown of the awakening. So as you can see, I have the Wheel of Fortune card right here. Before using it, let me try to use the awakening.

  • Then obviously, it goes down right. This time let me try to use it after using the card, and the cooldown comes back.

Twisted Fate

The twisted Fate card allows arcana to increase the damage by 40 percent, ten percent, or zero percent for four seconds. So this is a card that gives you a random figure of the buff.

  • Suppose you use it then if you get any success like 10, 20, or 40 percent. The above will be displayed here above the hp.
  • If not, if you get zero percent, there will be a display on the mana showing no increase in the damage.

Okay, let’s find out what I get here. It says I got zero percent. So this might happen to you guys as well.


Royal card this card allows Arcana to draw the cards again from the deck. If you already have another card with the royal card in your hand, you will only draw one card. If you only have the royal card in your hand, as I have right here. Then you will draw two cards, so if I use the card by having one royal card in my hand. Then I will draw up to two cards, just like this.

  • The effect of Mayhem lasts for 30 seconds. The buff of the attack speed only lasts for four seconds. So you must keep attacking in four seconds to maintain the buff.
  • So if I use the medium card right here, I will have 30 seconds of the effect duration whenever I attack or use the skill. You can see there will be a buff that starts from four seconds.

Mayhem card

The last card is the Mayhem card. This card allows Arcana to increase its attack speed by three percent for every attack, and it can be stacked up to five times, which means the max is fifteen percent attack speed.

It will be you and renewed whenever you attack or use the skills in four seconds like this. You can stack up to five times. Well, guys, that’s all for today. Thank you so much for reading. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for new guides. Please check out Lost Ark Guides. Learn with us! It was Librarian Husky! See you.

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