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Worst Habits That Are Lose All MMR

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s your Librarian Husky here. Today I’m going to go over these three ideas. Then I will elaborate on them and discuss what you can do to fix them.

I’m most passionate about how you learn and what you’re doing to learn.

Belief And Having No Friends

The first idea or habit that will guarantee that you lose mmr is getting stuck with your current dota beliefs and having no friends. Now I know I can already hear the comment’s speed. I can’t make any friends. I have no friends, all right, find get some friends, man, I find some friends who care about improving. Assuming you’re watching this guide because you want to get better.

All right, nothing, you want to have fun simultaneously. I enjoy dota, but I enjoy dota by improving. Assuming you want to do that, you need to find a friend group immediately, all right. Dota is a game that has evolved. One thing I want you guys to think about is to compare ti 1 to ti 10. it is freaking hilarious now.

Dota 2 details

Dota is an entirely different game in and of itself. The the difference in skill is laughable. It is laughable how lousy ti-1 was. Watch the ti-1 game, pause this guide watch it. It’s hilarious. Man, how bad they were, you don’t even realize how bad they are until you look back at it, you’re like. What are they doing? You might be like, but the meta was different. I’m sure it was, but they still were awful.

  • So if you have the same ideas you had two years ago when it comes to the game, you don’t feel like you think about. the game any differently, or you do not have people challenging your thoughts, you will get stuck in the same mmr. You need to get friends or get a coach. I offer to coach.
  • That’s not the point of this guide, but that’s one thing to consider. Well, here’s another thing.
  • I recommend that you do this for this type of thing. Right, you have to doubt your thoughts and beliefs. So next time you play pop or.

So today is a game that is evolving. It doesn’t take 10-15 years for a game to evolve. It’s evolving every month, and it’s constantly getting better. I’m sure you guys are familiar with power creep. So there’s also player creep or player power creep. You have to adapt.

Getting game rank

You’re in a ranked game. Pay attention to your negative thoughts, particularly the thought that permeates your mind for an extended time. These are the thoughts that are often coping. If one idea sticks in your mind for an entire match, you’re harping on one thing way too long.

  • The next three-five ten right, it’s going to grieve you. So when you have that thought, you can type it for me in discord and message me on discord like speed.
  • This is the shitty thought I had just realized. Identify that you are having crappy thoughts. I have crappy thoughts, and I have to call myself out.
  • I’m being stupid, right I’m being stupid; I’m over-harping on something; I’m not focused. You have to do that.

That idea, that one thought, this one negative thought, or one complaint that you’ve received from a teammate, or whatever it is. It will prevent you from getting better because the reason is even. If you might be like it only happens occasionally, it doesn’t matter if it will affect how you think, even if it happens in one game.

Finding friends to play together

Finally, find a friend group. I mentioned this before, find a friend group that challenges you. Immediately, please. If your friends just let you be an ass in pubs, all right if your friends don’t question you when you’re just utterly toxic in pubs. If they don’t question a little bit, they’re maybe a little crazy, bro; chill out. Stop being a complete menace. You’re trying to win the game.

  • We can learn from each other. So quickly, some of my recent improvements on my road to ranking 14 in north America are mainly part of my other friends. I cannot stress the amount enough.
  • I learned from my friends. I’ve made much better friends than I did at this game, even when. I’ve passed some of them in rank I genuinely believe many of them are more intelligent than me.

Hopefully, I think I hope you’re trying to do that. You need friends who do that, and you need friends who also teach you the game a bit, right? It would help if you were teaching things to each other that’s one of the best things about human beings. We listen. We can listen.

Creative ideas in Dota 2

When it comes to dota, especially when it comes to specific ideas, not everything, of course, not everything, but when it comes to specific ideas, they can teach me, help me, and have helped me. They have taught me. So much, man, they tell me when I’m stupid and when I’m smart.

They give me confidence. They give me the motivation to play. The games give me a sense of hope, which is very important in a solo queue. Getting into the second habit, I wanted to harp on that first one for a while because I feel very passionate about that one.

Skill Build Or Play

The second one is harping on one item skill builder play now. I will go over this quickly because it ties into the previous point. My god, if you do this, just cut it out immediately. It is very similar to the last point, but please cut it out if you harp on one thing for an entire game. It’s it once again. It’s what I’ve said before. Please stop. You’re screwed if you do this. Your improvement will be slowed down. So much and the thing. If this often happens in cycles, there’ll be periods where you’re in a good mood and excited to play.

  • It was just one game and two games. No, it’s not. You have to be careful about these periods where you’re tilted. Don’t play ranked or reset.
  • I don’t know, get some water to meditate, hit the gym just like sleep, do something matt. Do something that isn’t dota. Watch uh true sight.

You’re not doing this, and then there are periods where you are doing it. Please don’t be the guy who when I ask. I have had a lot of coaching students in the past that are like this. It’s frustrating. I’ll be like, man. You were toxic in that pub. As I will, they’ll send me a reply. They’re like flaming people. Pinging people, I’m like, man, what’s going on? Why are you acting like that? This they’d be like, don’t that it just happens.

Dota 2 Motivation

That’s a great way to find motivation for dota. Please do something if you find that you are harping on anything. You are done for man is way too complicated for that. If you think you won the game because of the one you lost because of one thing, you’re. So dumb I hate to break it, too. I don’t know else to put it.

  • You are dumb, or you cannot think in a game where there are a million decisions a minute that one play changes the game. I know people will be like my Ursa broke his items.
  • That’s not the point you’re missing. If you’re missing it, you’re missing the point. You’re missing the point if your head is in the exact moment.
  • I said that and came up with an example of why that’s wrong. You are the problem, and you have a problem.

You cannot focus on one thing for a long extended time. Yes, you can learn from the issues. If you died going high ground, your Ursa ran high ground with no Aegis or BKB. Died to learn from it and move on.

You will probably never see that guy in your pub again, even if you do right. Who cares. Okay, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to worry about this guy’s improvement. Don’t need to tell him what to do. You might be like but speed, I need to tell him what to do to win my game. Guys, he’s not going to improve in a game.

Tons of game knowledge

How you will say it, you will be like a man. Can you stop going high ground? Man, can you not buy a bkb? You’re going to say it like that. How they’re going to respond, I’m breaking my items. I’m running down mid they’re not going to listen.

They’re going to mute you. They’re going to the jungle for their city game. Great, now you don’t have the rest of your dota mesh. Now you’re wasting the. Following 20 minutes, incredibly excellent that you’ve done it. You wasted. Everybody’s time, including your Fanta.

The Importance Of The Mid-Tier 1

Let’s get to the third point. So the third point is not understanding the importance of the mid-lane and mid-tier ones. I cannot stress this enough, man. I’m going to make a complete guide on this, just with like 20 different examples of why this is essential, guys, the mid-lane. The mid-tower controls the game.

  • You generally go through mid, and everything happens through mid when you take the enemy tier 1 mid-tower. There are so many more kill opportunities, and there are so many more smoke opportunities.
  • On top of that, if you watch an average of 8 to 9 000 mmr games. This is your average pro twitch stream, and you will rarely see no one mid from minute 1 to minute 50.
  • There will never be a point in the game where no one is made unless it is a five-person smoke to a side lane to take a team fight. You’ll see a pro team smoke to a side lane even then.

Okay, it controls the most important vision of the game, which is mid the middle and middle of the map is the most important vision of the game. Because it’s where you make the majority of your plays, you’re going to, let’s say, you want to go into the enemy jungle, and it has to go through mid. Let’s say you want to take Roshan.


Someone will linger behind to clear the mid-wave so that it shoves in. They get a vision of the enemy team on the enemy team’s side of the map. Mid-lane controls dota why because you play fast from the mid-lane. So when you take the mid-tier on the tower, you have. So many more options.

So much faster you have. So many more kill opportunities right on the enemy team. They’re going to have a hard time dealing with that because their best tp is mid-tier two, which is a very defensive point on the map. It’s very far away, very far.
On top of that, dude, I watch three Kmart pubs, which is my job half the time. When I watch these games, there will be a two-minute period where no one on both teams is mid.

You could solo kill the mid-tower in that time. As any hero I know, people are like, I’m a bane specialist. I shouldn’t go mid you probably should. Why do you want points in a nightmare? You want points in feeble later on.


You want to get the mid-tower. You want to bait a rotation mid-sleep them and walk away. Like there’s so much, just watch a pro game right now, man. Just watch any twitch stream. I watch this, you will learn. So much going to a twitch stream, watching the mini-map, watching the mid-lane, then watching the mini-map in particular.

That’s what I mean watch the mini-map, then watch one of your 3k pubs and watch the mid-lane. It will not be the same, and you might be like much speed in my games. Everyone is just fighting mid for 30 minutes. You’re mistaken, okay, man. Sure, if that’s what you think, sure. Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please check our Dota 2 Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky! Cya!