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Win Mid Lane – CCNC’s Laning Secrets

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Hey everyone, Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. Today we’re going to go over every little thing you need to know about the laning stage. We’re gonna be watching a CCNC mid-replay analysis. He’s the ranked one player in North America. This guy is incredible. What we’re going to be doing is kind of just discussing how you can be a significantly better laner in the mid-lane. I really believe that as a mid-lane player, one of the most important things in guinea mmr. is understanding how to dominate lanes.

Do not go even not be ahead by 100 200 gold. Actually, getting solo kills and actively winning your lane, let’s talk about how to do that.

Nuke Usage

All right, so the first thing you want to look to do is basically maximize how you use your nuke. This is the number one thing I would say people should do but don’t do. So getting into the first wave, the first thing that Quinn does is gets an auto-attack on a bridle right off the bat. Anytime you have a range advantage, you should look to do this every single time, right? Anytime you have a range advantage and auto-attack range advantage. He should look to get free autos in. He actually starts the lane with two.

The next thing he does is he actually hits this melee creep and then pull aggro. This is very important. You should really take everything I’m saying into consideration because when he hits and pulls aggro like this. It then sets up for this following opportunity: a hit into another nuke that will allow him to shove in the wave. Now, unfortunately, Bryant is a good player.


Also went for the denial causing him actually to miss the cs with the nuke. But the idea is here. You want to do this because of Lina, and what I mean by. This is auto-attack aggro and the nuke. Are you want to shove in the lane because you want to have your second nuke, your second dragon slave to shove in the range, creep into the storm into his tower? So, unfortunately, he gets put into a little bit of a weird spot where the storm is obviously trying to kind of mess up this range cream. He obviously knows on the storm that if he.

Hits it early there. It puts Quinn into a weird spot that’s more advanced laning, but once again, Quinn is going to look for opportunities to nuke actively. Then follow up with autos. This is the key for any hero like Lina or basically anyone with a nuke, right? You want to look to once again. Follow up your nuke with autos anytime. There’s an opportunity to last hit.

That you can nuke instead, that is. What’s going to cause you to be able to get many, many autos off and actually win your lane? for instance, something we’ll see here is basically an opportunity in your average pub to just end the lane. Like, literally, this is the lane-winning play.

Wave pushing nuke

So what you do is okay. He backs upright. He’s got a double wave pushing. In he’s gonna pull aggro. The main reason why he pulls aggro here is that it’s very, very awkward for Bridal to actually try to contest these deep-range creeps when he has a severe creep disadvantage, right, especially against a hero like Lina, who’s going to punch you extremely hard if you decide to walk up.

So what does CCNC look to do number one? He actually auto-attacks this melee creep to death. Again you’ll see he actively is auto-attacking creeps to death. This is not grief, right? The mid lane is not the side lane. Often in the mid-lane, shoving in the wave is actually a good thing in a lot of scenarios. Of course, it depends as the lane progresses. The later you get into the lane and the more you can actually solo-kill people or completely zone them out. The more you want to pull the lane back and static. That is not the case in the early landing stage for the first few waves. So as we’ll see, the auto attacks down this melee creep.


Then after that, he’s going to look to shove in. He understands Briles and the severe disadvantage here. What your average player would do wrong here, right? The storm, while talking about. is they would walk right here they would go from here to here. They would try to contest this range creep deny. Queen would just beat them up the entire time, nuke for the range creep, and the laning stage would be over. Because, as you’ll see here, Quinn understands the scenario.

  • I just mentioned this range creep is going to be newt right 100. It’s going to be nuked. Why. Because when you’re playing Lina, you want to number one keep your fury’s soul stacks up.
  • Number two, you want to have the opportunity to punch the enemy and the way. You do that largely by killing off a creep early on, a melee creeps early on, which he’s done. and then pressuring the range to creep with a nuke.
  • We’ll see here a couple of autos onto the storm and then eventually nukes through. He actually decides to auto-attack the range creep a little bit there. Brielle does a great job of pulling creep aggro; otherwise, the lane would have literally just ended right there.
  • And so basically, all you need to remember out of this is to become a much better laner. It essentially auto-attacks the first melee creep, then when you’ve auto-attacked it once or twice, pull aggro.
  • Secure that creep, and then when you have the the creep advantage, and you’re playing a hero like a line, and the lane is starting to shove in. look to put pressure right then you can look to walk upon the wave, especially against a hero like a storm who has very bad attack range.

Movements You Do In Lane

Next up, let’s talk about micro-steps. So what are micro-steps? It’s just every single little movement you make in the lane. A lot of players won’t believe me, but it’s one of the most important things for becoming a pro player. You have to be able to like take almost every correct little step early on. I know that sounds insane. You might be like speed. How do you even learn this?

He understands that Brian’s gonna back up when he steps up, and therefore. If he continues to step up, he’s just gonna tank the creeps and tank a decent amount of damage, so instead, he takes a quick step back, then he’s gonna reactor the creeps, and then take a step forward, right? You can see how this works right now.
Instead of tanking two creeps, he’s only gonna tank one. He is tanking a little bit here, but that’s. Obviously, because Brian stepped up for a cs once again, getting into that micro-movement after he secures.

It mostly comes down to intuition, but I’ll kind of show you how it plays out. So as we’ll see here once again, he’s killing off the first melee creep as he’s done a million times. Hit nuke through, get his fury soul stacks up, and then pull aggro right. Constantly trying to beat Brian to have to walk up for cs and for denial.

Extreme advantage

Now he’s a very, very extreme advantage, but let’s look at all of the mini-steps. So the first step we’re going to look at is after he secures this creep. After he secures his creep, he takes a quick step up, which will allow him to hit Brian. After that, he’s going to walk backward. Why does he take a quick step backward here? You might be thinking to yourself, the speed he’s got five stacks of fury soul. Why isn’t he running up? He’s got a hp advantage. He’s got five stacks. Why is he backing off because he doesn’t want to tank creep aggro?

On top of that, Quinn is now a major advantage. He’s gotten his bottle first. This is his opportunity to go as ham as he possibly can, and we’ll see that with another nuke on to the range creep and looking for some autos under the tower. Not going too crazy. You don’t want the storm to hit level 3, get dragged under the tower, and lose the majority of your hp. That would be pretty freaking bad.

With this grief, he understands the bride’s going to step up. What is going to step up for this creep? So Quinn matches that he sees this as an opportunity to get a very favorable trade which is because Brian had to use all of his attention going for cs instead of hitting Quinn. So Quinn gets a favorable trade.

The Millionth Time

For the millionth time, we’re gonna see a rinse repeat of the same concept. But I just want you guys to understand what we’re looking at here. Why being good is basically repeating some of the same ideas over and over again, understanding what works, and then spamming it, as we’ll see, instead of going for the auto-attack cs on the melee creep. He instead nukes through that, gives him four stacks that are gonna allow him to secure the range creep pressure in the storm eventually, and looks to now go under the tower another.

  • The thing that I would like to mention is he didn’t kill his stun until level four.
  • I totally agree with this.
  • I hate the one built on Lina, right? Now I think it’s.
  • So trash especially considering how the e. now works. You need to hit creeps and heroes to build as many fury souls stack as possible. So yeah, I’m a much bigger fan of the second point in dragon slave at level three.

So we talked earlier in the guide about when you start pulling back the lane when you stop pushing it in the right what’s the turning point? So I think the main turning point that I’ve learned from Quinn here. It is anytime you have a lane where the enemy is playing way too defensive, right? If the enemy plays enemies playing so defensively that they’re just giving you denies, or they feel uncomfortable stepping up because you’re.

Owning cs

So far ahead, which for instance, he is here. He owns on cs right now. A seven cs advantage with a five deny advantage is huge, especially at a level like this right and., so now what he’s gonna look to do is sort of keep the lane back so. So what we’ll see here is actually a faking of the stun and the reason why this is key. As for the previous set of waves, Quinn has played very passively.

Now that he’s level four and has a point in his stun and two points in his nukes, what we’ll see here is that. He’s now gonna look to pressure a kill, right he’s gonna fake the stun on trial a couple of times, but that’s gonna allow him to get a range to creep tonight and a melee creeps kill as Brian backs off. Thank you for reading. I hope the guide will be helpful for you.

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