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Top 5 New Broken Mid-Laners 7.31c

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Hey, guys! It’s your Librarian Husky here. We will be talking about the best late-game mids of the current patch. Hopefully, we will get another patch soon. But until then, let’s talk about the heroes that thrive from the mid-lane. So we’re going to be talking about 40 minutes, plus here I’m not talking about 10, 20, or 30 minutes in.

We talked about the late game when you got those tier 4 neutral items. Things are kicking off usually have four to five items. Yeah, let’s get into it. Also, I want to see what you guys have to say. So if you ever disagree with me or have any hero, that. If you think I missed feel free to leave it in the comment section down below, and I’ll check out what you guys have to say.

Ember Spirit

All right, coming in at number five, we have Ember Spirit. So Ember Spirit, for me, is late game, and I think really what he does well is a magical burst. So I think the best build you can have on Ember Spirit late game. It is not a physical damage build because it just feels like it feels slow, and the damage can often be slow.

  • However, the magical damage egg’s refresher build is unbelievable.
  • 40 to 50 minutes in when you have Ember’s Shard. As a linking’s a BKB a Refresher, you have ten remnants.
  • Every single remnant does 300 damage, which is a 3,000-damage AOE nuke.

If you get multiple heroes clumped up together at any point in the late game, you can hit them with all of your remnants, a chain, and a little fist. You can deal up to 4 000 damage in terms of the burst. On top of that, another big thing about the late game is your ability to shove waves safely.

Importance & advantages

People often don’t understand the importance of this. In the late game, team fights often come down to numbers and vision advantages. And the primary way you get that in dota is by shoving waves.

  • You can often go to clinicians and have a Lincoln’s, a BKB, or Kaye and Sange.
  • If the enemy tries to trick you, let’s say they have a Crystal Maiden on their team and their other supports like a spirit breaker.

You’re going to bait people to respond to the creep waves you’re pushing, which will naturally create a numbers advantage on the opposite side of the map. So, I’m saying that Ember is good at this because I was saying.

Storm Spirit

Houseman’s is Storm Spirit. There’s no way around this one. Storm Spirit’s kind of just a stupid hero. I’m sure many of you guys would agree with me if you’ve played against the current Storm Spirit in the mid to late game. It’s kind of comical how much mana this hero has. Also, every single two minutes, you want to check the rules. Suppose you happen to get an arcane rune.

  • You’re going to be level 25. So you’re going to have your overload balance talent. This talent is insane. If you manage to hit an Axe Vortex with two heroes next to each other, they explode.
  • Even with no DPS items, they explode because your 90 damage nukes your overload bounces multiple times, making overload a 270 damage nuke every single auto-attack. You can auto-attack a lot.
  • Especially considering Storm stun. I believe it is a 3.2-second stun when you have your Vortex talent, and it’s an insanely long-duration stun.

You’re the strongest hero in the game. I think you could zip the entire map and more with multiple knoll talismans and Arcane Rune. Here’s what you usually do on Storm in the late game. You’re going to go for a BKB. Right, you’re going to have your Shard.


On top of that, you should have a Refresher. The most common late-game build that I’ve seen on the utility Storm Spirit is Refresher and Aghanim’s Blessing Shard BKB. You pull them in, hit them a bunch with your Shard, and refresh, and you do the same thing.


They explode, and coming in at number three is Pangolier. I think the reason why Pangolier is. Pangolier is one of those heroes that you might not expect. You might even think that he falls off. Right, because the Diffusal Blade is not as good anymore.

  • So freaking good because of Basher and his level 25 talon with Octarine Core.
  • Here’s why this is important. You have a Rolling Thunder cooldown talon at level 25.
  • You also add level 30 if you happen to get their minute 40 to minute 50, which often you will on Pangolier because your hero clears waves very quickly and can show up to the majority of team fights with pretty low cooldowns. so it’s a very high XP hero in general.

If you bought a Maelstrom, that’s not that good. Why is this euro? So good it just controls the control of Pangolier in the late game is unbelievable. It’s insane. When this hero gets slotted, its general ending build will revolve around a Basher and Octarine.


On that note, when you have a basher. In your rolling thunder cooldown talent, you have your Swashbuckle talent. You can nearly burn the entirety of their late-game BKB by swashbuckling them, Abyssal Blading them, and then Swashbuckling them again. It’s not a guaranteed Chainstomp, but it’s close to it. It’s not a complex chain stun, and it’s powerful and close to it.

  • An Octane Core, you have a role that’s on like a 15-second cooldown that lasts for about 13 seconds, assuming you have your Rolling Thunder duration talent.
  • On top of that, every time you Swashbuckle. You can bash, and that’s on like a 5-second cooldown, so if there is a BKB core.


Nonetheless, let’s get into number two, and that is Batrider. I know this one sounds a little bit crazy. You’re like, speed what. There’s no way you’ll tell me Batrider is as good as storm Pango but hear me out, okay?

  • So at level 20, Batrider gets a Flame Break charges talent, and it’s his old Shard, except it only gives you the charges.
  • Now that’s not that good, necessarily like at level 20.
  • This talent’s kind of trash. Yeah, two charges on Flame Break, and it’s still decent.

The lousy writer has some weaknesses in the late game, primarily sticky nap being perched by Lotus Orbs and Eule Scepters. Here’s what he does well. It pushes people back, and you can push people away from you. I think the damage stacks don’t.


I’m not. So sure you guys could tell me in the comments. I’m a bit of a noob, but on that note, what’s important about this hero is level 25. That is when you get a Flame Break, which is your cocktail ability. Get flame break applies to Sticky. Back in the day, I would say something like that about what, eight months ago? Batrider Shard made it so that every time you Flame Break, it would apply one sticky nape pump.

  • Now at level 25, you can have two charges, which apply to Sticky Napalm.
  • With one “q” and two Flame break charges, you instantly put up a target to five Sticky Napalm.

You don’t understand if you’re not a bad rider player. Five sticky napalm charges allow you to solo kill any support, yup. I’m not kidding. You can quickly full to nothing any support no problem. If you Lasso them and Flame breaks them twice with Firefly, they will die. Then you buy a Refresher, and you do it again. You can also do this to a core through BKB and lasso them right.

  • So Batrider has the utility in the link game that I think is insanely powerful.
  • I think it’s very Misunderstood. You have to take the right talents.
  • If you take the Sticky Napalm damage at level 20, I think you are just grieving your level 25 spike, which is one of the most brutal spikes in the game.

Void Spirit

But I put Void Spirit, and I know this sounds insane. I’m sure many of you guys were thinking like Invoker or something like that, and while Invoker is good, especially if you have something like a faceless void for the Cataclysm combo. Void Spirit is just nuts. I like it once again. It might seem weird. It’s like a Void Spirit. He doesn’t have any x-factor ability. What it is, it’s the constant Chainstone and Silence. It’s what it is when you get your Octarine Core on Void Spirit. You have an Axe, and then.

  • You get to level 25, and you have your dissimilates done.
  • Suppose you need it but usually not; Lincin’s acts Octarine usually a kaya Sanchez at some point, maybe a Witchblade if you went that route earlier into the game.
  • Then you’re wildly tanky with Treads or Bots, right? Probably bots so you can clear your hero one-shots waves with your spell amp talent or even just with “a” Kaya.
  • With just the kaya maxed out astral step, one-shots creep waves.

You have four disabled. You’re all, your dissimilated stuns, your eighth or remnant poles, and both of your silent silences. These slow, the amount of control that this hero puts out in the late game is unbelievable. With Octarine Core, the cooldown on all of this is insanely low. Also, at level 20, you have a four-second off astral step charges talent, right that’s your ultimate. So your ultimate come back up even quicker. Yeah, this hero is insane, and like you cannot kill it. If you have a Lincin’s, generally, the bill that I like to have in the late game is Lincin’s Ags, sometimes BKB.


It’s insane, and then with Octorine and your top astral talent. It’s like you can casually step through every creep wave, and just one shot wave repeatedly and then simulate out. So yeah, if you’ve never played this hero in the late game with Doctrine. Your talents. It’s unbelievable the control you do. You have a four-second stun right with your pull into dissimilate combo.

  • It might sound weird cause it’s like, there’s BKB, and there are lotuses.
  • It’s too consistent, right, because of this Doctrine and because of the dissimilated stun talent.
  • It’s too consistent for the disabled to play around.

It’s a four-second stun into a four-second silence which then comes back up, which you can do again. It’s the lowest cooldown control. It’s the lowest cooldown chain stun you got here Pangolier is pretty freaking insane in that regard, but honestly, the the reliable AOE silence from voice spirit in the late game is insane. No defensive item fully saves you from this besides BKB, which you obviously should try to kite. Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please check our Dota 2 Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky!