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Top 5 Heroes You Think are Broken

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Hello, Adventurer! My name is Librarian Husky. It’s your boy speed here, and today I want to go over five heroes you shouldn’t pick in dota. There are five here. Well, it’s the opposite of what I usually do, which is like telling you what to pick. I want to tell you what heroes you should be afraid of picking and having on your team.

Now a bit of a disclaimer I do not recommend griefing the game just because one of your teammates picks one of these five heroes.


I know people have a tendency to basically complain and ruin the game and feel like they’re going to lose just because their teammate picks a bad hero. Lycan, who’s the first hero on this list, has a 40-win rate, which means you have a 40 percent let’s say, a chance to win if you have energy.

That’s not literally how it works, obviously, but you get the point that it’s not even that low. So do I recommend picking these heroes? No, but just don’t grieve. Suppose you happen to have one, all right. Let’s get into it.

Lykan changes due to recent patches

First of all, we have Lykan now. If you don’t know what happened in the recent patches, quite a few things were changed that you might not even really fully understand. I didn’t even fully understand them until talking to a friend of mine recently. So here’s basically the explanation. Units were changed, so basically, every Major Summon has changed the damage type. It was changed essentially. Summons do more damage to heroes now but less damage to creeps. That is why when 7.31 originally came out.

Undying hero

Undying was one of the highest-winner heroes of the patch. Essentially what happened was his zombies were almost only used on heroes. Only high MMR players were using Tombstones on creeps. Everyone else only used Tombstone, and they’re short on heroes.

As a result, the win rate was largely dictated by this dota buff win rate. Then the dota buff winner eight after this change why because the zombies didn’t do very much damage to creeps. Now they do almost nothing. Now it’s like it was like a 50 nerf after the undying zombie damaged nerf and this change.

Decimate heroes

However, they decimate heroes. So on the topic of Lykan, not only did Lykan’s creeps get this change where they do less damage to creeps, and Lykan likes to farm a lot and split push a lot. So he does last less damage to creeps and towers, so his split pushing ability and ability to farm are significantly worse.

They also then nerfed the wolf damaged heavily. So the wolves not only do less damage to creeps, they were technical, when the patch came out, supposed to do more damage to heroes. That’s not even the case. They do less now as well. So essentially, everything about Lykan is worse.

Creeps take over

Yes, there are a lot of creeps to take over, but the zero was easily like one of the most nerfed heroes of the recent patches. The hero’s winner has dropped 6 percent. We’re back to the days of like boys. This hero is currently sitting at the lowest win rate in dota 40.


All right, getting into the second hero is Tinker. This might be the worst to keep it simple of all the mints you could pick. I mean, outside of like brood, who was a hero that was heavily hurt by the the damage type change on summons. Tinker man, this hero might have been the hardest, like a direct nerf hero. It received so many freaking changes that it just decimated.

Its numbers the king could be nerfed; I think laser was nerfed, and I think missiles. Were nerfed. The biggest one was easily the keen conveyance change, just making it worse at every level. I think Rearm is worse as well like. This hero just got destroyed. It got annihilated. It was impressive how much they nerfed it. I’m like.

Annoying Tinker

Tinker is pretty annoying. It might have been the most frustrating here to play against the outside of like. I would even say it was worse than techies in a good tinker game easily, actually. But then they send Tinker straight to the shadow realm. So out of all the myths, you could pick that are like greedy don’t make. It’s Tinker instead of picking Tinker heroes that you could pick, actually.

  • Kunkka.
  • Storm Spirit.
  • Razor.
  • Templar Assassin.

This is good. Let me quickly go back to Lykan heroes you can pick instead of Lykan. I think Beastmaster is better profit if you really want to get into a unit hero, but I think Beastmaster is the best unit here of choice in this patch. Even though his win rate also fell by four percent recently. Now getting into tinker heroes that I would recommend picking instead.

I think ta is just much better now. Do any of these heroes fit the playstyle the Tinker does? No, they don’t. Tinker is a very hero, but all I’m saying is give some other heroes a shot if you’re one of the scummy tinker pickers that happen to exist in dota.


Alright, coming in number three, we have Pudge. I know people love to hate Pudge. So like, this isn’t really too bad. I feel bad for pudge pickers. The hero was recently buffed. But funny enough, his win rate doesn’t really reflect. I don’t know what valve was thinking with these fly-sheep changes, man. I don’t know this hero. So comically, like, the way punch gets changed always.

So funny because it’s like the hero is just never good. There was one patch I remember where crit was playing it consistently, and teams were picked. It was for some very short period of time, and then they destroyed the Hook cooldown again. It was like when Hook was a really low cooldown for a period of time at level one. It was, like, really, really low.

Magic resist issues

I don’t remember the patch, but ever since then, punch has just been. I don’t know on, and man, I don’t think this hero. It’s just like now it has no magic resist. So it just gets annihilated by rot until you have a Hood. If you go to the hood, which, like, by the way, most Pudge doesn’t want to go because they want to go eat their lens shard before staff blinks this type of route. So it’s just like, man, it’s a brutal dude. I don’t even know what to say about budgets, just like the only time I think this hero is okay. With like Vipers and Pugna.

Honestly, if you hit like a hook and you’re laning with a Viper or Pugna. The hero generally dies because they’re gonna be low already because:

  • Pugna and Viper are constantly shipping them down, and then on top of that; the Hook does a very significant amount of damage 150 pure.
  • Don’t get me wrong; Hook is a great ability. The problem is most players don’t understand how to use it. Like largely, you can use it on the range creep in bad lanes.
  • So if you have a pudge on your team or you are a pudge picker. You, for some reason, pick this hero. Then if you’re landing with something like a sand king who sucks a little one or a Slardar, hook the range creep guys.
  • It’s your best bet to put the creep equilibrium in your favor and enable your lane to exist even with a Pudge in it. So that’s just a bit of a tip and a side tangent but just pick like.
  • Any other position four except for Earth Spirit because that hero’s hard, but, like, you could pick Clockwork.
  • You could pick Nyx Assassin. You could pick if you want to get really crazy. You can pick Enchantress, who I think is very strong right now. Go from there.

It’s actually crazy to me that even grim stroke, a hero that notoriously has a low win rate, actually has a very high win rate, right? Now at 50, so that’s pretty cool to me.


Coming in at number four. I hate to put my boy on the list, but honestly, I think he’s in the worst state he’s been in in a long time, and that is Batrider. They did recently give this hero a movement speed buff. But it’s just not. It’s not enough. They nerfed the Shard like really hard. Essentially, what you would do on Batriders, is you buy Shard, you’d buy some attack speed, and you’d kill. They with sticky Napalm, but ever since they got rid of the the Shard being the two flame break charges which personally I really liked, actually.

Shard advantages

Think it would be a little bit too busted if they added that back in. with the Shard being at minute 15, I think the build would quickly become aetherial Shard. You would go down that route, or I could even see people just going like a skirmish build. Like going like fate something stupid like phase instead of even going bots, you’d go like phase Shard.

Just play around with this 15-minute Shard because it really was insane. So essentially, the zero doesn’t have any clear spike, the only way Batrider is viable. Now is if you have a favorable lane. I think if you don’t have a favorable lane on this hero. It’s generally bad. That’s kind of always.

Flame break talents

No, I was going to say that’s always been the case, but that’s not true. Even in the past, like a couple of patches when he had these flame-break talents, I mean a flame-break Shard. Now they’re talents, but when it was a Shard, the hero could farm and like be a scaling late-game hero. Now it doesn’t have any clear way to scale until.

  • It’s level 25 talent. which allows the flame break to apply two sticky Napalm charges. This is an insane talent because you also, at level 20, have the talent you get that gives you two flame break charges.
  • The problem is you need level 25 until this is viable, and the other level 25 talent instead of flame break charges are sticky napalm damage.

He is a very great talent, so it’s like, okay. Do I take the flame break charges at 20, which aren’t even good, like very good, until I have the level 25 talent. so it’s like I need five more mega levels before this is even the right choice. Even then, it might not even be the right choice which is kind of sad. So yeah, I don’t think Batrider is very good. Also, this hero is incredibly difficult. So most people just frankly do not use sticky Napalm correctly. I’ve never watched a 3k Batrider that uses sticky nap even remotely correctly. It’s just like not the hero right now.

Lina and Queen Of Pain

But alright, for the last hero, it’s Lina. I also wanted to mention QOP. I think these heroes are funny enough. You’re gonna see pros picking these heroes, guys. Like what I mean by that is you’re gonna see pros picking Lina and QOP. I don’t think you’ll see pros picking any like in any Tinker, any pudge, or any Batrider, frankly, maybe Batrider maybe.

I do think you’ll see Lina and QOP. I just wanted to basically put these heroes on the list. Kind of in the same vein as tinker says. If you’re gonna farm, you’ve got to be careful about QOP or Lina. Lina’s not even a bad spot. I think the issue is with the hero.

Challenging gameplay

This hero is very hard to play. The “w” is difficult to use, and the “e” is more difficult than ever to use. You might not know what Lina’s eve, her fury soul, currently does how it’s set up is you get stacks based on. How many creeps or heroes are your “q” and “w” hit? As a result in a team fight.

If you’re isolated and you’re killing one hero. There’s a good chance you’re not going to have very many stacks. On top of that if all the creep camps nearby our farm. You have no stacks going into the team fight. You’re likely going to play the team fights with one or two stacks of fiery soul. As a result, as it’s currently set up, you can get up to seven max stacks. It used to be three. Now it’s seven.

Damage details

So if you only have two, you don’t do any damage. You have zero movement speed and no attack speed. So this hero is very easy to just completely grieve on now, whereas in the past if a team fight broke out. You cast “q,” and “w” ultimate you have your max stacks. Now you better make sure you’ve nuked the wave or kept your stocks going into the fight, which is a little bit clunky. Now if you’re not careful and aware of all these things which are very hard. you will just lose a fight because of it. So that’s kind of the tough thing for me and then QOP. I think it’s so easy to grieve in a blink.

Honestly, it’s like the main thing I’ve seen is that zero doesn’t farm inherently very well, and then it’s easy to grieve with a blink, and they har nerfed her e-mana. I think they made it 35 more mana which was like 30 more mana which was rough for the early game. So, all in all, I think there are just better heroes. Alright, thank you, guys, so much for reading. It was Librarian Husky, Please check more Dota 2 Guides. Cya on the next guide! Have a good day!