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Simple Tips That Got Me to 10K MMR

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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. Here and today, I want to make a guide just kind of talking about everything I’ve learned on my road to 10k. I’m on the precipice of 10k.

I’m currently 9900 mmr if you want to watch me get to 10k.


So the first thing that was very important for me in this land was identifying my spikes or my timings in this lane. I first understood that shiny was bad against me at level one. Tiny is just one of those heroes who doesn’t directly put a lot of pressure at level one. He can decide to hit you. But the main thing I’ve been doing, what I think I’ve been doing extremely well, is identifying my matchup and playing accordingly. And the big thing about being good at Dota is kind of understanding the strengths and weaknesses.

  • So if I don’t get these early kills in this early pressure, the lane is only going to get harder because the creep that Enchantress takes over is actually a very hard counter to the two armor 275 movement speed that razer has.
  • So on that note, I understood that this timing of an inch creep was likely to come up soon. Unfortunately, the large cam was not blocked, and as a result, what I wanted to do was get the lane back as fast as possible.
  • This is another thing that I’ve learned on my road to 10k. I mean, this is specifically for offlane, of course. Basically, the ability to static the wave in the place that you want is absolutely massive when it comes to gaining mmr.

So one strength of Viper at level 1 is that if someone goes out of position, you can actually kill them, whereas most lanes would only be able to harass them. So, for instance, right here, when my Earth Spirit goes in. I understand what he’s doing here. He understands that the engine is not strong. Yet the tiny is has no way to defend her. as a result, his positioning on the Enchantress allows us to get a kill. This is pretty big for this lane because another thing to note about this lane in particular. is that Enchantress is actually a very, very hard counter to Viper. This matchup is atrocious.

Take the advantage

I’ve really been taking advantage of it. You can see I drag this one under the tower here because there were too many creeps. I don’t really want to fight into a double wave, but even then, I don’t instantly push into the wave. The next wave is going to meet very near our tower. Now, if the lane was a good lane for Viper, i. feels like the game would be over. Unfortunately, the Enchantress that level 2 was able to take over. I think she took over this camp, actually. It basically was a mistake from her Spirit. I’m not gonna lie. for him to allow them to have a camp at minute two on Enchantress. There’s nothing else to say besides game-losing stuff.

So it is what it is. I knew this was my counter, and you’ll realize that I actually mess up here now. I didn’t really see at the moment that he had the creep. I also kind of was hoping he didn’t, but I need to adjust. So I understand my matchup here, but I actually stepped out of position.

Hard Lining

Funny enough, this was actually a lane where I actually threw it pretty hard. this is a situation where I’m at an extreme advantage because there’s basically no good way for tiny to approach the wave. What I mean by that is like, think about it, what can tiny do here if he goes up for the last hit? I’m gonna build up at least three poisons on him, right?

  • I completely forgot about this Enchantress interaction. I got destroyed.
  • I actually ended up dying here. It was a crazy play-by-edge, beautiful stuff. But overall, that’s the thing, right? Even if, like right, even though I end up dying here. This link could have been a line worse. If I pushed the lane in, I didn’t understand these mechanics of creep aggro.
  • I didn’t keep my lane back. Not only would I have died once.

Then when the aggro is on your range creep, you let the range creep die and then pull aggro to get the lane back. That’s a major concept here. This is why I’m going to be picking viper in my future ranked games. I just kind of want to abuse people in the lane, and it’s something you can learn to do.

Dumb entry caught

So all I needed to do was just not get caught by some dumb entry, but funny enough, here I stepped up. I likely would have died three or four times in this lane. Instead, because of this equilibrium, you’ll once again see that the lane is not too bad. I think we end up killing edge here as well, which is obviously pretty nice for my lane.

So at the end of the day, it wasn’t that bad, and it really comes down to just this. Just my understanding of how to get the lane back which largely came off a side pole. It can also come off as creep aggro which I’ll cover more in a future guide. Basically, the main way you do that is you pull aggro onto your range creep.

Game State

The next thing is adapting to the game state. I would say the average player. Honestly kind of struggling with their ability to be willing to admit that the game is shitty, basically. As you’ll see here, because of the whole skirmishing that just went down, my cs are absolutely atrocious.

I only have 14 a minute five. I mean, he’s isn’t great either 21 on Tiny and minute five is pretty bad as well. Thankfully. My net worth isn’t too bad because of all the kills in the first blood, but. I had to adapt to the lane.

Earth Spirit

This is something that I think a lot of people would forget to do. They’re just gonna play the lane normally. I knew that my Earth Spirit went midi and had to adjust. So what do I do? I actually run at the Enchantress a little bit here. Basically, my thought process was she couldn’t trade with me at all. She can try. She can sort of use a creep, but it’s not favorable for her. so I was able to bully out dance a little bit and forced her to use her e. then, at this point, what I was looking to do is only approach if I thought I was safe.

  • I was able to actually get five stacks on him there, which is pretty huge because it did about 400 damage. It’s very, very significant.
  • I was able to once again back off, and you can see I understood the state of the game.
  • I understood that my er spear went mid. It is what it is. In such life, sometimes people just leave your lane.

Now even here, I will admit hitting the tiny is potentially a mistake if he manned up and just avatars me under the tower. I could potentially die. I think he was just afraid of the poison building up too much; Sometimes you get left alone, you gotta adapt, you gotta look for side pulls, you gotta look to drag the wave, and you have gotta look to trade with the support who you can potentially kill. The main one there is side pulling. If you get left alone, or you get screwed, you kind of need to look to pull the lane back. That’s if you’re in the safe lane or in the offlane; it doesn’t really matter.

Sequence of Events

So the next sequence of events you guys are about to watch is. Honestly, the main reason why I’m able to snowball this game so hard. is the portion of the game that I think I do. Extremely well, and if you guys can copy it even slightly, even. If you only do it eighty percent as well as I do. You’re going to notice a huge jump in your average net worth.

So let’s take a look at it. The first thing I want to do. Is look to AMP farm when I’m afraid of a rotation. So in this example, I’m going to show you how to amp your farm. When should you AMP your farm instead of pushing the tower, right? Because I think this is a really important question for people.

Pursue the tower farm

When do I pursue the tower, and when do I farm? So the main thing I’m looking for is my threats on the map. Currently, I see the quad bottom, and that’s about it. So what I wanted to do was clear. This wave as fast as possible, making sure I get all the cs that I do, and then I don’t see anybody. So I’m like very hesitant to make a play. Now I’m starting to see heroes.

  • I see the Keeper Of The Light, I see the enchantress, and now I finally see the tiny. At this point, I was already pretty committed to killing this camp, and Viper doesn’t do that much damage to the tower.
  • So I’m more than happy to farm this camp over-pressuring the tower. That is the main thought process. Even if everyone was shown on the map,
  • I would still have to be very afraid of TPs. once again, Viper is one of the slowest heroes in the game.
  • I have to play around with that fact. So you’ll notice as the Keeper Of The Light starts to blast me out what I quickly decide is. I don’t really have too much of an interest in diving the Keeper Of The Light.
  • He had other ideas, and I kind of understand them, but Viper is very slow. He’s extremely bad at catching Kepper Of The Light, maybe one of the worst heroes in the game at doing that. So instead, I look to an ant farm to kill the small camp, and all of a sudden, my net worth looks extremely good.

I’m ahead of the enemy carry tiny and because of the fact that I’m constantly pushing in the wave. I’ve actually brought a lot of attention to the top lane as well. of course, that’s partially due to the fact that my Earth Spirit dove the tier one and ta came up here as well, but it’s a mix.

Bottom TP

You’ll notice even though the enemy team comes top, pay attention to what I do here, alright? This is huge, literally huge. It is really huge. So in this situation. What a big mistake that people make is that they see heroes, they panic, they leave. You do not want to leave. If where else am I gonna go, you might be like speed go bottom to bottom.

  • Okay, let’s say I run the bottom. So I keep my tp up okay. So I can tp top the problem by the time I get to the bottom, this fight’s going to end. So I have to decide whether I want to be in this fight or not. I decided I wanted to do the right. I’m a Viper. I’m pretty strong, but. one thing that people really do wrong is they would tp the bottom here that is the worst-case scenario. That is the worst, like a worst-case scenario.
  • Do not TP to it like the furthest side lane away from your team. when they are pushed up aggressively on the map. At least walk to the lane, right, at least walk to the lane. Instead, I do neither, and as a result, I’m able to show up to this top fight. The QOP overextends a little bit. We’re able to take her out, and it’s a really favorable engagement. Also, once again, on that note from before, stay in the area.
  • If you back up, you will not be in a position to make plays now. Sometimes you have to because the enemy team is much stronger than you, and they know where you are. In this case, this Pango is not necessarily stronger than me. He didn’t have. I knew that. So I assumed he was pretty weak in this case. as a result, as he overextended, I switched to my Angie treads. It’s a really nice Rolling kickback from the Earth Spirit. We were able to pick up a big kill on the Pango.

What happens if I TP bottom? What if happens enemy team invades my triangle I can’t help my map gets collapses. Now you might be like, oh, that wouldn’t happen in my pubs, so should I to bottom? Maybe but even then, even then. It’s very likely that my ta. It is going to go from here all the way across and down. So I’d actually be farming her future wave, right? So that’s something I don’t want to do, as well as the offlaner. It’s not that you always have to take the defensive farm. If I was playing nature’s profit, there’s a decent chance. I’d tp bottom because I’m just looking to basically get as big as.

Majority of games job

I can work in the majority of games, but I don’t do that. Instead, I say the top. Now, unfortunately, I get kicked out of the top. You’ll see the pattern is going to generally repeat itself. I wasn’t sure where to go, but I felt like the enemy team was going to dive top. So you guys know, in my guide, I am huge into advocating that you split push. The problem here is that if I run the bottom.

Thank you for reading. I hope the guide will be helpful for you. My name is Librarian Husky – your constant pro gaming friend in Dota 2. If you need some help, don’t hesitate to check out the Dota 2 Guides. We are the best in the world with 33000 positive reviews.Please check our Dota 2 Boosting Services. We have plenty of excellent boosts.