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Position 5 tier list – patch 7.31b

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here, and welcome to another guide today. It is going to be the five-position tier list for patch 7.31b, and as always, before we jump into it, I’m just going to let you know how I arrived at this list.

So first, I look at the trends tab here. I look at Divine and Immortal games, all the pick rates, win rates, etc., for every hero.

S tier

So without further ado, that’s how I arrived at the list now. Let’s jump into the s tier, so the first S tier hero’s four-five position is going to be Omni knight. So the big change with Omniknight was actually that he had a chance with his passive. So his passive spell was actually switched to Agnes shard, the degenerate. It was a completely useless ability. No one really got it was terrible. It was garbage. It didn’t really do anything. It was just slow, and nobody liked it. So now they have this hammer of purity spell on Omniknight.

They gave him this and. It’s pure damage, first of all, which is really good, just like his purification. It also applies. It doesn’t really apply the bonus base damage in a way that makes it good for the core, at least not yet. It’s just better as support. You’re pretty tanky. You can kind of trade a lot with this, which is really good. It also gives you that slow. So it’s kind of basically just the same thing as degenerate better. So you can trade really well in the laning stage. You could also do a little bit extra in fights and things. It’s just an extra spell to make this hero even better. But honestly, one of the biggest things, and the big reason, is why this hero is good. Now it is not just that he has a better spell.

Heavenly grace

But he has the heavenly grace that now is applied to him and the hero that he puts it on. So it’s one of these things that he makes himself more survivable while making the enemy or his ally more survivable too. So he’s running around in team fights. You’re dispelling things on people. You know people get stunned, or you know they get slow supplied, you dispel them, which is really good silence, you dispel it, and then you’re also tankier too, which is really good.

So now you’re going to survive more in fights, and you’re going to be able to get off your low cooldown spells way more multiple times. It’s just really good overall in the landing stage as well. When it’s you in the carry, you know you place this on the carry now you both have this you both have more strength more region all these kinds of things you’re going to be harder to trade with you’re going to have better lanes all this stuff. It’s just way better now.

Heavenly grace good spell

Heavenly grace is a really good spell. It’s probably better now than it was even when it was like because before, it was BKB; it might even be better now than it was back then because they changed it from bkb to just all these other things. So it might even be better now than it was. But that’s heavenly grace, that’s Hammer of Purity. That’s mainly why this hero is so good right now, for the same reasons as the ultimate as well.

Next, we’re going to look at Bane. So Bane is good for all of the reasons that Bane is good. Bane was good in the last patch for many reasons. Basically, the grip is just awesome, and the setup is really good for Nightmares, and Brain Sap is good at trading its pure damage. Now they changed in Enfeeble a little bit, but they didn’t really change it in a way that made this hero good or bad just changed it a little bit because nobody cares about the spell nobody really uses it, and now actually, the cast range reduction is pretty annoying.

Really good hero

I think it actually makes it a little bit better than it was before. So overall, this hero’s just still really good for all the same reasons that it was good before in the last patch. It’s just some other heroes have gotten a little bit better, and it’s just gotten a little bit worse, but it’s still highly contested, still picked a lot, and very good.


Next, we have Pugna. Here Pugna here is this is here because of all the reasons that it was in the four-position list. It has all the same things that were buffed too, and it’s just really good. Right now, in a support role in general, you can also heal your allies very well to keep them alive. It just does. So many different things now for all the same reasons with the Decrepify bonus or the Decrepify change, the Netherward Change, or the Shard change. All these things make this hero really relevant.


Lastly, we have Io. Io was at a tier in the forward position because this hero is mainly a five-position hero. I just decided to put it up in the s tier because it really is an s to your hero right now. It’s getting first picked, the first ban. It’s so good in prose. Even though it’s not that great in pubs, and people have to specialize in Io, it’s still more of a team-oriented coordination hero. So good, and it deserves to be asked here. So I’m gonna put it up there, and it’s good for all the reasons that Io is good.

There were small changes to actually make it better when paired with heroes like Storm, Leshrac, and all these kinds of magic damage dealers. It is better now with them, whereas before, it was more like Tiny, more like gyrocopter, some of these heroes. It can actually be paired with like spell heroes and damage dealers, and mana users now because of the change in the last patch. So that’s the S tier. Those are all the best five positions. Now we’re going to go to the A tier.

A Tier

These are more like typical standard good five positions. The first one is actually Primal Beast. He is really good at offlane and nice at mid. Pretty good at four positions and then good enough all-around to be a decent five position as well. It’s not the best five positions. I wouldn’t pick it all the time. But it has a decent win rate when it is picked five. It’s definitely possible to play this hero 5. it’s not the best, but it’s not asked here like it was in some of the other, you know, rolls, but it’s still really good for all the reasons primal beast is good.

Ogre & Jakiro

Ogre and Jakiro are just classic standard good five positions for all the reasons they’re always good. It slows the stuns, the damage over time, the general tankiness, the good laning, all of those things. They are really just good relevant, standard stable heroes right now.

Then Undying is kind of similar, but he’s just at a good spot with his Tombstone. All the different things that he does, also his ultimate recent, have been buffed over the last year. So before, it was just like, now I’m tanky, now you do the slow, you just are cause a lot of havoc in team fights with that Tombstone, and with that ultimate, you can kind of control team fights to control the game control Roche pit all of those areas, and it’s just really good right now.

B Tier

Next, we’re gonna move on to b tier, and you can’t really go wrong with a lot of these B-tier heroes. Surprisingly Phoenix is actually right now from the five positions. I didn’t really expect that. I think this is basically a statistical anomaly, I think maybe. So I could be wrong by putting it here, but this is what the statistics say. It’s just that I’m kind of questionable.

I’m questioning whether it’s correct or whether it’s just a weird fluke based on, you know, some pro one pro picking it or something weird, but hey, that’s what it says. So I put it there even though I think it would probably be like D or C tier, and then otherwise, these are. All pretty stable five positions.

Winter Wyvern

We have Winter Wyvern decent. Shadow Demon decent Chen is good now. I just think Chen is not really super popular people don’t really know how to play him has to be the right game for Chen, but because of the buff to the obvious jungle creeps. It’s just really good for similar reasons that all the heroes that use jungle creeps are really good right now, then.


We have Oracle, which is pretty good because I think a lot of things can be dispelled that need to be dispelled, so Necro is really good. Just a lot of heroes that offensive dispels in that save is really effective. Surprisingly gyrocopter as a five-position is actually pretty viable. It’s not picked a lot, but it is viable.

With I believe it’s the shard for the rocket that does a lot of damage and the rocket in general, you can kind of just transition to this magic damage-dealing support that sits in the backline, and you can’t be ignored. It’s almost like Techies in the way that you can build these items like Ethereal Blade, and you can just cause a lot of havoc and Chaos and be really effective from the five positions.


A Silencer is good for all the reasons that Silencer is good. Good against Bane and some of these other heroes that have these ultimates that you want to stop.
Death Prophet is just good because she’s flexed in all these different positions, as I said. So she’s a five. We see dubu playing a lot of Death Prophet in the five positions and having a lot of success with it.


Abaddon has been on the upswing a little bit as a five-position. not the best but not the worst; pretty stable for all the same reasons Abaddon’s good. Marcy has fallen off just like in the four positions, just like in all the other roles. But it is still okay out of five. It’s not great, but hey, these statistics say she’s here, so that’s why I put her.


The keeper of the light is good as a four-position, but not as much as a five-position because this hero wants to get the farm. It wants to push stuff out. You don’t really have a great stun, and a lot of carriers don’t really love to spam spells.

But if you get a carry like Luna or something that wants to spam spells or is capable of spamming spells. Then this hero can be really good paired up with that in the lane; otherwise. it just doesn’t feel great as a five-position. That’s why it’s in B tier and not higher, but otherwise, the hero’s really good right now.

C Tier

Next, we’ll move on to the C tier. So C tier, we have Enchantress here. Enchantress just seems to be better as a four-position but as a five-position. It’s okay. It’s just that the win rate puts it down here for whatever reason. I think basically because of the way it doesn’t have a stun, it’s not reliable, but it is good with the creeps. I just think a five-position it’s not the best. Just that’s based on the statistics. So I put it there. Even though my intuition would say it’s higher, I think that it is. It probably should be a little bit higher, but the statistics just say a five-position. It’s not as effective.


Grimstroke is a very weird one. I think I talked about it in the four positions. The Tier list is that Grimstroke has kind of this decent win rate but not the best that’s kind of not picked a lot in pubs. In general, I think in the trends tab. You will see it’s pretty bad. But China, for whatever reason, loves this hero.

So I put it in the C tier. Here because I think it’s on the upswing, we’ll see how it works if it gets to be like b or even a tier in the meta based on what China’s doing, but for right now, this is where the statistics put it.

Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman is a better four-position right now for whatever reason than a five-position. Just a little bit too squishy and doesn’t trade as well with the other fours. So just, it is there with the win rates in five compared to four trees pretty good. But not the best, especially in his five positions. I don’t think he’s that reliable as a five-position, a little bit better as a four-position.

Clockwork & Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition is decent. I think Ancient Apparition is pretty good. Against Necro, some other heroes like to heal but are just not the best. It’s not really great. It was really good, maybe six months ago, a year ago. It just got nerfed a bunch and hasn’t been buffed significantly in a way that makes it that much better. A vengeful spirit has had an okay spot but just not great from the five-position.

You don’t love to have this hero as a five-position, and it’s very situationally pickable, like where it’s situationally good. So if there’s like a Chromosphere or something else you can save people from, sure, that’s great, or you need even Necro alt you can save people from with that damage reduction.


Otherwise, the hero doesn’t feel great from the five positions. Venomancer is one that doesn’t feel great from the five positions. I honestly only put it in seed here because the statistics kind of say it should be. But I don’t think it’s that great. If anything, it might even be d tier. Then lastly, we have a Witch Doctor and Warlock.

Two heroes for F tier

These two heroes, I believe, we’re in the F tier in the last patch. But they’ve gotten buffs over time. They keep trying to make these heroes more relevant. I think in your pubs and lower MMR pubs, these heroes are definitely viable Warlock can carry the game. Witch Doctor can do a ton of damage.

It’s decent in the laning stage, but just at, you know, higher tiers Divine and Immortal in pro games, these heroes just are not great. They’re not super reliable Warlock is just not great with any kind of stun. His ultimate is the only stun that he has, and without the ultimate, he’s just almost a useless hero. But he’s good enough now. They’ve been buffed enough now that I can put them in seed here based on the statistics, and in pubs, they’re okay.

D and F Tier

Lastly, we have D and F tiers. So D-tier, we have Dawnbreaker, a weird hero that’s just kind of out of the meta. No one really picks her much; I’ve seen some people pick it as Carrie. But it was a five-position when it was popular maybe six months ago. So, it’s kind of falling off, just not great.


Lich is just not very good right now. There are patches that he is good at. But then, after a lot of patches recently, he has not been that great. Dazzle is kind of on the verge of being good and can be good in some games. You know if you need that grave.

But for whatever reason, the win rate is just abysmal for a lot of different reasons. The slow is good. The grave is always good but. It’s just kind of a weird hero. They keep changing it to try to get it to be viable. I think they want it to be more of a core than a five-position, to be honest.

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is just not in a great spot right now. They tried to buff it recently but still. It didn’t really do anything to the hero. He’s just too squishy, too easy to go on, too easy to kill, has very little impact later on in the game, and doesn’t lane very well either because of how slow she is and how bad her attack animation is.

Is and how bad her attacks are. It’s just, and it’s just not a hero that can make lane well. So it doesn’t really do much in most of the game. It’s just like a passive mana aura that’s what it mostly gives.

Lion & Snapfire

Next, we have Lion and Snapfire. They’ve been relevant for a long time and have been nerfed a lot just because they’ve been relevant in a lot of the recent patches. So now they’re just at a really bad win rate. People still like them. I still think Snapfire and line are still viable in pubs, but just in general, in pros and higher-level pubs, they have terrible win rates right now.


So that’s why in D tier and the Disruptor is deceptive because he kind of has. Some viability he’s contested a little bit in, you know, DPC regions, some different ones. It just depends on which region. In some regions, he’s not touched at all other reasons regions; he has a decent ban rate and decent pick rate. Not the greatest win rate, but he is like a viable hero, but then in pubs, he’s just as abysmal right now very low win rate. I’m not really sure exactly what I mean.

It’s just Disruptor. He does all the things Disruptor usually does. I just think that. It’s just not great right now overall, and that’s what the statistics say. I think he is kind of viable like these heroes are but overall just not great in pubs, and lastly, we have an F tier.

Elder Titan

It’s absolutely terrible you’re grieving games, and then Elder Titan just fell off completely six months ago around TI or even a little bit after and before it was pretty good. But then it got nerfed a bunch, and it’s just not around now. It’s not great, and. So I would not pick this hero, especially as a five-position.

So that’s why I put it on the left here. I might even take it off the list in the future if it doesn’t come back as a five-position anytime soon. So that is the five-position tier list for patch 7.31b, as always, guys. Thank you for reading this guide. My name is Librarian Husky – your information provider. Please check our Dota 2 Guides main mage for more useful articles. Good Luck!