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Main changes 7.31 Patch Dota 2

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Main changes 7.31 Patch Dota 2

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Overview of the main changes in Dota 2's 7.31 patch.
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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here! In this guide, we’ll cover the key changes in Dota 2’s 7.31 patch, including reworked creeps, a fully revamped Techies, new items, and significant gameplay updates.

Main changes

Valve also upgraded old creeps. Their characteristics have changed, their reward has changed, and some have gained new abilities. Ancient Ice Shaman is a ranged fighter. Has the Icefire Bomb ability. Tosses a bomb at the enemy unit and structures, dealing 50 damage per second – deals 25% damage to structures.

Ancient Frost Golem is a melee creep, and it has a Time Warp Aura that reduces spells’ cooldowns by 10%. Pine Raiders are melee attackers. Has the Seed Shot ability and tosses a seed at the target, slowing it down by 100% and dealing 100 damage. The seed can bounce up to 3 times at enemies nearby.

Some important changes in the 7.31 Patch are highlighted in our guide.

Fully reworked Techies

Judging by the character description, the developers wanted to make the hero more team-oriented. He has two new abilities, and the regular mine is now an ultimate.

Sticky Bomb

The hero throws a sticky bomb into the selected area. If it lands near an enemy, it will stick to them and slow its movement. After a few seconds, the bomb explodes, damaging all enemies around it.

Reactive Tazer

The hero surrounds himself with a charge of electricity, briefly increasing his movement speed. If attacked by a charged hero, the attacker is rendered helpless. When the charge expires, it explodes, rendering all enemies around it powerless.

General changes

New items and changes to old ones. Some heroes also have new abilities. Changed economy. Gold per kill increased, and experience and gold per kill series formulas changed. Map changes. Wealth runes moved to the main forests, and towers on the hard one moved further away from the base.

Otherwise, everything remains as it was. During resurrection on the fountain, the hero is now invulnerable if there is an enemy hero on his base until he starts doing something. The gold per kill information now shows the kill reward and the bonus for being in range separately. Abilities now express attack and defense classes. Added new abilities that can’t be taken over.

Piercing attack

Creatures with it deal 150% damage to non-hero creatures but 50% less damage to creatures with standard defense. All mage creeps, serpents, and plague totems have it.

Siege Unit

Creatures and buildings with it deal 150% damage to other siege units and take 50% less damage from heroes and 30% less damage from other creatures. All catapults and buildings have it.

Small creature

Attacks by such creatures deal 25% less damage to heroes. All sword creep versions have it. Neutral creeps now get stronger every 7.5 minutes. Their health, armor, attack speed, gold, etc., will all increase. This happens 30 times. These are all the main changes to patch 7.31. I hope this information will be helpful for you! If you are stuck in any aspect of the game – don’t hesitate to check our Dota 2 Boosting page. It was Librarian Husky, Cya, on the next guide! Have a good day!

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