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Dota 2 Mid Tier List in Patch 7.30e

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Dota 2 Mid Tier List in Patch 7.30e

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Mid-lane hero tier list for patch 7.30e.
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Hey everyone. Huskyboost here. Welcome to another guide. The guide is going to be the mid-tier list for patch 7.30. The meta has changed significantly with tiny changes only like a patch. I think the patch was new after it with Marci and stuff. But not much changed. It mainly was Marci being added, and other than that, you know that this is pretty much the patch, but it just keeps evolving.

Dota tier details

We’re going to look at that with the mid-lane here as we jump into the mid-tier list for patch 7.30 e. Now to start before we get to the S tier, I’m just going to tell you as I did in the carrying guide. That the way I arrive at this is I put everything into the list as I feel it should be, then I go from there and look at all of the statistics based on the following:

  • The pub win rates.
  • Pick rates of the divine and immortal brackets.

Then I look at the Dota 2 pro tracker and the pro matches and see what’s being picked and banned and everything there and what’s being valued highly. Then I kind of mash it all together and give a general tier list of an available meta-analysis. It is a little bit subjective, as I said.

We’re going to jump right into the S tier, and we’re going to start with the obvious S-tier hero for mid-lane, which is QUEEN OF PAIN.

Queen of pain

Queen of Pain has been on the rise here. There just was never really that dominant hero. It just seemed like the QOP could be good. But then I know it’s not that good, and there are still problems. QOP is S tier because it’s similar to wraith king in the carry list. I think people found the build for QOP. In the past, you would want to go treads into like a child – because you wanted to play like a storm spirit or like some other kind of hero that bought orchid to pick people off.

You jump in your work at somebody. You blow them up, that kind of thing. That’s no longer the build at all. You pretty much never buy orchids on this hero. Rarely occasionally, you will. But the build on this hero is to go basically your treads and those kinds of things into sage and kaya first. Because that makes you tanky, it also allows you to farm because of one of the big problems with this hero – farming on this hero is kind of annoying. Your scream of pain costs a ton of mana, so you run out of mana pretty quickly. When you buy kaya first and then return for the sange, you can farm much more quicker.

Bkb gameplay

Then you get to know Sange and Kaya and go right into bkb. Now you’re very survivable. You’re tanky with those two items, and then the more items you get from there. You get even tankier. You’re very tanky. You do a ton of damage. You can blink in and right-click people. Then at level 20, you get the Aghanim shard which gives you a kind of silence.

You’re looking for an orchid, so, like, you get an orchid at what, like 13, 14 minutes, 12 minutes if it’s good. Something like that, and then you have that six seven-minute timing until 20 minutes, and if you don’t use the orchid-like well to stomp the game in that amount of time. You should not have bought the orchid because now you can get this shard that offers you silence and extra damage, which is good even without the silence.

Damaging with Queen of pain

You can blink into a creep wave and then scream of pain at it, and then you clear the creep wave instantly, were before, the Queen of pain used to have to kind of like right quick click each creep and wait for them to die a little bit then scream then blink out that kind of thing but now you can blink to the creep wave you can scream it. You kill it instantly, or you can scream and blink out because you damage right where you come from. It’s a very, very good way to farm on this hero. It also offers that silence that you want. It’s just the combination of finding out the right build plus getting this aghs shard. That’s just so so good.

It makes us here unique, and then from there, once you have those two items plus the shard, you can go into whatever you need to go. It would be best if you had armor. You need that aoe. Do you need to find somebody with the vision to get shiva? Do you want sheep? Do you want more right-click items? You know do you want skadi even anything like that – you can do a lot of different things from there. It just makes this hero suitable.

Lane dominating

The fact that this here also is kind of a lane dominating here. It doesn’t dominate every lane. But it is a lane dominating here. You can kill a lot of heroes with shadow strikes. Zone them out of the lane, that kind of thing. It’s just all the strengths of the Queen, but now it seems like the Queen has almost no weakness. She is an S-tier hero for the mid-lane.


Tinker is a hero that either everyone loves or hates. It’s an enjoyable hero to play, and you’re good at it, but everyone hates to play against this hero.

Tinker was changed recently, and then it was either excellent or terrible. People weren’t sure where it was going to be. It turns out that it’s just super overpowered. First of all, you have the usual things that are good about Tinker. Where you have the laser, you have aghs.

That allows the laser to be even better. The fundamental overpowered part of this hero is now this defense matrix. People have figured out how to use this because it blocks damage, allowing you to blink. That’s why you can get an overwhelming blink. You can get shivas. You can get these things. Not only are you doing a ton of damage. But you also can be reckless with where you’re blinking with where you’re going on the map.

Learning the position

You need to learn to position well if you’re new to Tinker. In many ways, the defense matrix and shiva’s and these kinds of overwhelming blinks and all that stuff make it, so you don’t have to care much about your positioning. You can spam cast these spam shivas, and you’re doing insane amounts of damage. And also, people can’t kill you unless they have some spell that locks you down for a long time, some aoe spell to catch you out.

It’s like any single target stuns any damage. It is. It just doesn’t do anything to you. You can blink in, use your shivas, use all your abilities and blink out. You’re casting this on other people. You’re just buffing your team. This hero’s insane if you know how to use it. It takes a lot of skill. It’s a very high skill. It can be very annoying if you have outstanding players. Use this. They can stomp games, and it’s so good.

You get your travel boots for free because of the defense matrix. Then you can use the laser for farming, and it’s just a great hero for all.

Outworld Destroyer

That’s a hero, basically super annoying. If you know the enemy picks us here – you’re just going to be upset. You’re going to have a terrible time, but if it does well on your team, you can stomp with it. You just your meteor hammer-like kind of has been the build for a while. For whatever reason, these heroes just become super overpowered. I think it just can do so much in different games. It’s so good against a lot of heroes. People just figured out that this hero with the Meteor Hammer rushed it too, op.

It’s ridiculous how much you can do with this hero. When you get the shard, if you ever need it, you can save people, you can farm better with that, and you take every tower in the game if you don’t if the enemy doesn’t have the right heroes to deal with your Meteor Hammer rush.

  • You can kill anybody on the map for the first 20 minutes.
  • You can take it like every tower.

Meteor hammer

To start doing something on this hero’s game, you need to buy yourself Meteor Hammer. This hero is so crazy. If you have an excellent start to the game and need any right-clicking carried kind of damage, you can right-click build. You can go in bkb, you can go moon shard, and you do stupid amounts of damage. This hero’s ridiculous, especially if picked into the right matchup. The only thing is it can fall off if:

  • You can take it like every tower.
  • The enemy has some good heroes against you.
  • You don’t take all the towers.
  • You don’t snowball.


It can fall off because it doesn’t have a good way of farming. People have figured out ways to get around that by just killing everybody on the map, pretty much. This hero is now too imbalanced. Should only game developers remove Meteor Hammer from the game, as this hero will cease to appear in games, this hero is often taken on a difficult position, but you can also see him in the mid. To get to the perfect timing and stun, as soon as the hero comes out of your astral, you need to press Meteor Hammer as soon as the bar during stall stops at «banished,» then you will get perfect timing.

Dota 2 Mid Tier List in Patch 7.30e is extremely useful for both new and old players.

Puck hero

The Puck is fantastic against all of them. Because of his phase shift, the Puck can make lane against those heroes. His phase shift is perfect against Queen of Pain for dodging that q spell (Shadow Strike), even for avoiding Queen of Pain’s other attacks like ult and stuff when they cast it. He’s also really good at dodging the constantly spammed rockets from Tinker.

Once he gets higher levels and you can even avoid the laser, you can fake it out. You also, which is also really good, it’s kind of one of the best things that you can dodge the Meteor Hammer timing from od. Od basically can’t do anything to you even once od gets that Meteor Hammer timing because you can phase shift right out of the hammer, and it doesn’t do anything to you.

Dream coil

As mentioned earlier, you also have the dream coil, which is so good against all heroes. Any ability here like Queen of Pain or any hero, even some of the other better mid that people are still picking, like Storm Spirit and stuff. This ability is fantastic because you lock them down, especially against Tinker. It’s so good against Tinker. It would help if you had some aoe control because the normal stuns don’t last very long because of that status resistance, and any damage doesn’t stop him from blinking. So it would help if you had something like a dream coil to force him to stay in place. That’s why dream coil is so good against Tinker.

Until Tinker gets a bkb that he doesn’t love buying, he can do nothing, and you can even get Aghs. So it’s just one of these things that Puck is so good against all the good heroes. I don’t think there’s anything all that unique to Puck right now. It’s not like Puck is this great hero because it’s broken in the same way OD or Queen of Pain is. I think it’s excellent against many heroes right now because you are just able to if they pick one of the strong heroes – you like Puck.

Good game with Puck

You’re pretty much going to have a good game. You’re going to be able to lane pretty well, whereas, let’s say, you picked Ember Spirit or something like this, even though Ember is pretty good against this.

Any melee hero that doesn’t do well or anything, even like Magnus or something. You pick any hero that can’t escape, even Kunkka. That’s why he’s lower. Is that because what are you going to do? You get astral; you just get daggered; you just get rocketed. It’s just so annoying to deal with these heroes. That’s why Puck is up there.

Those are four S-tier heroes for the Mid.

A and B tiers

We can have our little section, A and B, in A-level and B-level, and then C and D. Is a little section here as well? Because basically, I think all A and all B are viable heroes. They’re perfect and feasible mids. You could pick them almost every game. It’s just a matter of you knowing if the win rates and pick rates are higher and, you know, are more or less overpowered. They are more just standard. I think all these A-tier heroes are pretty much just a little bit better than the b-tier heroes. That is Void Spirit. Void Spirit is the best spirit hero right now:

  • He does more damage.
  • He’s able to dodge a lot of things.
  • He has a better time better game.
  • He can buy any situational build and adapt to any game.
  • He can deal with many things and does a ton of damage, whereas the other spirit heroes have a few problems with certain matchups.

Templar Assassin

TA is a great carry but also a great mid. You can always play this hero mid as well, and it’s excellent right now. It’s having a better time. I think TA was very overpowered and kind of went out of the meta, but I think it’s one of those things where even though they nerfed TA like six months ago – people just stopped picking it when it wasn’t nerfed all that hard. It wasn’t like hitting supports and one-shotting them from like halfway across the map with the ridiculous range and the Psi Blades. It was still overpowered for all the other reasons. Especially the Aghs. I think the same thing applies, and people realize that, and it’s coming back into the meta. That’s a similar story to Batrider.

About like three months ago, maybe around whether it was after right before this hero was broke and had like 70 win rate in pro-level pubs. It was ridiculous. Then it got nerfed a little bit. People just stopped playing, but now it’s come back. We were, well, the nerfs weren’t that big. If you play around with it correctly, it’s still just as powerful as it was. You go, boots of travel.

You go, bkb. You go aether lens to make sure you can get your ultimate off on many heroes. This hero can stop the early game. You do have to know how to play, though. If you don’t take advantage of your strengths, you’re going to fall off and not be as good later in the game, so keep in mind that it is still terrific.


Brood was strong like six months ago. It got nerfed and changed a lot, but actually, professional players are finding out that they just abandoned it. They stopped playing it, and there’s. A lot of like talk going around that Broodmother’s going to be good mainly because, actually, in pro-level pubs, it’s stomping right now; it’s delicious. It hasn’t made its way to the pro scene entirely, but it is just excellent. That shard is also pretty good now, like how they’ve changed things up.

It’s just even though it has that problem of getting slower when it has lower health. It was the same way it was strong, just not as overpowered as before. Brood is becoming more of a nuisance. It may get nerfed again in the future patch if it keeps kind of rising in its stock in its value. That’s a-tier and then b-tier.

Hero tier

These are all heroes that could like potentially be a tier. Maybe if you’re good at them, they’re in the right matchup. They have some weaknesses. Kunka’s been excellent. He’s been picked a lot. He’s high-level. He has a decent win rate, he has some weaknesses, he isn’t the best at everything, he has some bad matchups, he does fall off sometimes if you don’t get enough farm, and even when you do, he doesn’t have the best matchups at times, doesn’t do the most damage.

He has a lot of control, but he doesn’t do great against bkb, and bkb is at a great spot right now, one of the best spots actually in all of the dota. Black King Bar is just so good. That’s why Kunnka is down here. He’s good, but he’s not that top-level. The same thing with the two other spirit brothers, Storm and Ember. They’re perfect. You can pick them, but they have problems with certain matchups and particular timings. They are not as good as Void Spirit or Queen of Pain, and these heroes are just not as good against the top-tier mids either.

Ember Spirit

Ember can have trouble. He obviously can go jungle and do those kinds of things, Storm, too, but he has difficulty approaching the wave. He has to stand on top of the lock. Even though he’s a ranged hero, to clear it, he has to stand on top of it, and that’s a problem against a lot of these heroes. Then the same thing can be said for Lina. Lina’s kind of similar in that.

She’s like the standard mid-hero. Lina, that’s a hero who was good a couple of months ago, but these other heroes are getting more popular: Queen of Pain is getting better. Lina’s good against the Queen. Lina has an excellent range, but it’s not the best. It can have problems at times. It can have problems, especially against OD, once od gets the Meteor Hammer. You can get run down by a bat rider. So it’s just one of these heroes. It’s perfect. It can be an excellent right-click kind of hero from mid that you can carry. It’s in that high tier, especially when looking at the win rates.

Don’t forget about your skills. Dota 2 Mid Tier List in Patch 7.30e is just a recommendation.


Invoker picked a lot. It’s a perfect hero. But you have to be a good Invoker player, and it has to be a decent game. Especially if you pair it with Faceless Void, it can be unique. Invoker’s always kind of middle of the pack unless it’s op. It’s just never is super bad, but it’s b tier, and it’s picked a decent amount even if the win rate isn’t the best.


Leshrac’s Diabolic Edict was changed with pure damage, making it a little more interesting. It’s pretty good, has some good matchups, is pretty decent, and is just not the best – the same thing with Necro.


Necrophos is like rising in its popularity, and it’s how good it is. It’s pretty decent, and you can out-sustain a lot of people. It’s not the best against many matchups like Tinker, and he owns it and stuff like that.


Zeus is a surprising one. Zeus was very low. If anything, B-tier. Zeus is getting a lot better. Zeus has gotten a lot more movement speed and a lot more attack damage; he has his shard. Shard helps him escape. He has the same problem as Sniper and other heroes. If you get on top of them, he will die. He does so much damage now. He’s ridiculous. He has a pretty good laning stage. That’s why he’s up here, and his win rate’s pretty decent; it’s kind of middle of the road, and you wouldn’t expect that for Zeus, even at high-level pubs.


Pugna is coming back. Pugna’s becoming a little bit more popular. It’s just like they keep increasing the range. You can use your Q (Nether Blast) and blast the tower from far away. You can siege towers well. Pugna’s always one of those that, especially against heroes, cast a lot like Tinker. Pugna can be very good, even against Zeus and Necro.


Huskar was kind of in the dumpster for a while. He’s a little bit better. He’s getting a little bit better. The Aghanim’s scepter is very good because it kind of gives you this weird axe build. You can sort of stun people. He’s getting better into the late game. It’s not a hero that. He has to stop the lane snowball the entire match from minute one. It’s the hero that has a little bit more potential in the later game. He’s rising in that way. That’s b tier. All these heroes are relatively good. They’re stable picks.

Next, we’re going to move on to C-tier and D-tier. There is a little bit of a different section kind; these heroes are far and far worse than the A and B tiers. You can still pick them, and it’s if you’re good with them or the matchup.


Viper could potentially be B-tier. Many of these other heroes that you see above Viper here have some mobility or some presence on the map. The problem with Viper is he doesn’t have any mobility. There are a lot of different items you want to buy on him, but he doesn’t love purchasing any of them or all of them. People just haven’t figured out the best build on him if they figure out some real op build. He could rise in the ranks.

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend’s not that good at carries, not as good as people thought. He has the same weaknesses. He fell off. Professionals, stop picking him. They’re not picking him in pro games or even in pubs that much. His win rate is terrible. It always is now. Right-click build is not bad if you can find courage in people if you don’t burst down. You can own this hero, but if you get any stun that goes through bkb and you’re screwed. You will melt. You can dominate games with it. You can play well, but he is a glass cannon. He can just get blown up compared to other carries. That’s why I didn’t put him on the carry list. It’s fallen off.


Magnus is just at an okay spot. Not great, but he’s just not very good, especially at mid.


I put Sniper I even here or a little higher in the carriers. Sniper’s still very good, not F-tier. I put him in f-before, but now he’s rising similarly to Zeus. He’s okay; a little more, a few more buffs, and Sniper can be perfect.


Visage has a meager pick rate, but he has this weird Aghs build, orchid, and stuff. Where can he be as good as he used to be? Before, he was pretty bad, but now he’s pretty good. He’s rising in picks. Earlier, he had a high win rate, but he was picked one percent or less than one percent of games. Now he’s getting up to four percent because people are actually picking this hero and playing it pretty well with this orchid, Aghs, and all that.


For a D-tier, we have the following: Gyrocopter, Death Prophet, Pangolier, Windranger, Skywrath Mage, and Arc Warden. You can pick a mid with all these heroes, and you could like him in the right match. Death Prophet might be up a little bit. You don’t see him in that many games. Death Prophet, even though she could be good, she has a lot of problems right now.


Lone Druid is in a terrible spot. Meepo has been dead for years unless you’re like a pub stomp smurf or something like that. Alchemist. He’s just an F-tier hero, and he can be good at times, but it’s just not an Alchemist patch. Dragon Knight got nerfed into the ground recently, and I put him in F-tier. It could potentially put him up, but Dragon Knight has the fourth-worst win rate in the entire game right now. In higher-level pubs, he really is not in a great spot.

It feels horrible, especially from the mid-position. Maybe offlane is a little bit better; you can go blink, bkb, and it doesn’t feel as bad. You blink bkb aghs, and it’s not as bad, but right now, from mid. Any CARRY or MID position feels terrible. So that is the mid-tier list for 7.30 e. Thank you for reading. I hope the guide will be helpful for you. My name is Librarian Husky – your constant pro gaming friend in Dota 2. If you need some help, don’t hesitate to check out the Dota 2 Boosting section. We are the best in the world with 33000 positive reviews.

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