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Dota 2 Best Builds of the Week

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Hey guys, Librarian Husky here. In this guide, and welcome to the dota two builds of the week.

The weekly series where I show you guys the top 5-minute builds to help you get started with new heroes in Dota 2.

Chaos Knight

Realistically what you’re doing here is. is kind of a new build that I’ve been working on. And I think that it is super viable. Basically, you’re taking stats upfront. You’re getting an. Early wand into a Bracer. Now what I found is going wand in a bracer is a little more beneficial than a Soul Ring. Chaos Knight already has a lot of armor upfront. He starts with about five. I think the Bracer is a good early item for him and the wand. Gives him that added burst of sustainability in terms of mana and health.

Today we’re getting started with position one, Chaos Knight. Now chaos knight has been really hot in the metal league. We actually covered him about two months ago when the patch first started. His dominance has straight-up continued. See him seeing him pick non-stop and pro meta. He is absolutely ridiculous to even be on the right.

  • I have like a mid 60-65 percent win rate on him. and that’s with doing a lot of experimentation to build these builds.
  • He’s remarkable. Let’s talk about his build, so basically, with Chaos Knight, there’s.
  • So much variation in what you can do.


Realistically what you’re doing is you’re finishing your boots fast into an Armlet. Looks absolutely valuable now, one thing. I want to say is a lot of people tend to do it especially. If you’re new, you tend to get the Helm of the Iron wheel first for the armor and regeneration. But something worth considering. With Chaos Knight specifically, he does. So much upfront damage physically. Suppose you go with your gloves of haste first, like you can secure your lane. Start getting kills right, which is absolutely fantastic.


In position two mid, we’re talking about Huskar. And we’ve actually spoken about Huskar relatively recently because he continues to be a very viable hero in this patch. He doesn’t see that much play in the pro scene, but in the high mmr pub men, he sees a lot of play, and once again, CK, you have an armlet builder.

In Huskar, you have a harmony builder armor that has been a very consistent item over the last couple of patches, and for a good reason. It’s fantastic and a hero. Let’s talk about his build as our car has generally benefited from it. So basically, what you’re doing is you are going stats upfront.


He can take Roshan very quickly. It’s something worth considering. The major build right now that’s worth noting is that a lot of pro players are kind of mixed up between do you go Heaven’s Helper first or Aganim Scepter first. This is kind of like you’re getting both, but in the order in which you. Does it is up to you? Generally speaking, most players are going Heaven’s Helper into an Agnes scepter. And you can even see some instances where google ads into Blademail.

  • Now he is one of the mids that doesn’t necessarily build a Bottle. You can if you want, but he doesn’t necessarily build Bottle very often.
  • You are going Bracer into Armlet. Once you get your armlet boots and your heavens harbor-like.
  • I mean, you figure it out, but generally speaking. He’s also a very early Roshan hero.

Which I know is a little strange, but with Huskar, that return damage does. It does provide some value because of the eggs. They’re forced to attack you for three seconds. It’s almost like a duel, really. It’s almost like lc’s duel, and you can return a lot of damage while ensuring that berserker’s blood and burning speed.


It’s always an exciting day in the dota two builds of the week when we get to discuss the hero for the first time. And for the first time, we’re talking about Pangolier. And that’s because Pangolier has been like a really weird hero where. He’s not really in the meta like Thompson would pick a mid, and like some people with like luke’s always picking on but.

No one’s really actually playing Pangolier all that often. Now he’s become a little more popular. And then the other side of it is a lot of new players are intimidated by Pangolier. Because they play them once, they’re like. I can’t do this. You have a vector-targeted ability, and Swashbuckle Rolling Thunder is really hard to use. So like, people just bounce off them really fast and, like. I’m like, you guys should try penguins like Pangolier too hard. so let’s talk about his build and like put it to rest because Pangolier is definitely here. You got to try.

Swashbuckle crash

So basically, the way you build him is, again, this could be down in the description below. You get a value point in both shield crash, Swashbuckle, and lucky shot. Lucky shots are kind of like what Pangolier is known for if you’re brand new to the game. It is a percentage-based chance to disarm and reduce armor basically, but the important thing about the lucky shot is that it combos very well with Swashbuckle, which basically has like this. I know it’s getting cut off a little bit on the screen but:

  • Bunch of Slashes.
  • There are four Strikes.
  • Those Strikes.
  • Lucky Shot.

So while it is 17, you have 17. Then it happens on four instances to actually trigger that. So that’s why Pangolier is really interesting because of the Swashbuckle. that being said, that’s why a lot of his itemization revolves around his ability to work around Swashbuckle, so Orb of Corrosion. It is really good because you can hit multiple targets with Swashbuckle. Okay, you slow multiple targets. You reduce the armor. Right, you’re doing some extra damage, then.

You have Diffusal Blade. Which, like per attack, is doing that guaranteed mana burn, which is fantastic for Swashbuckle. Then you have skull basher, which has percentage-based opportunities to bash based on Swashbuckle.


How can you not love this little squirrel? The amazing thing about Hoodwink is that no matter how. You’re feeling. If you’re down, you’ve lost a bunch of games. You just want to relax. You want to play a fun hero hoodwink. Is it such a great pick for you? So much damage you have a stun. It’s like she’s just it’s a skill shot sharpshooter she’s just. So fun to play. She’s like one of my go-to’s when I’m tilted out.

  • This guy’s recommending Gleipnir here for a position for Hoodwink. Yes, it’s greedy as hell; I know that. I recognize that, but what also it. It’s fun as hell, too, and it also provides you with some team fights viability right that AOE.
  • Now realistically, a lot of people think that you need Maelstrom to clear waves. You don’t right when you Acorn Shot into Bushwhack. That’s usually enough to clear a wave as a Hoodwink.
  • So bear that in mind, but the Maelstrom helps as well.
  • You do get it, so the Maelstrom procs off of the Acorn Shot now as support.
  • I really do recommend that you go with Solar crest.

She’s just fun, and she’s viable at all points in the metal low and high MMR pro menace. She’s being picked everywhere, which is nice to see. Regardless let’s talk about the build now. I’m gonna preface this right away by saying that this is greedy as hell. I like this build. This is my go-to, built for relatively new players of the game. That want to utilize some fun abilities while. Also kind of like not grieving their game. Yes, going lightning here like. If you’re relatively high in MMR, you’re like.


Position five is hard to support. We gotta talk about Jakiro. He is one of those heroes that like is always relevant in the meta if you’re relative. I’m new to the game, and you’re like, I want to play support, but I don’t really know how to play like. So many people recommend Crystal Maiden. I’m just like, no, I don’t play Crystal Maiden. It’s because like she’s good, but she’s gonna die non-stop, right?

Jakiro details

Jakiro is kind of the same way. He’s gonna die a lot because he lacks mobility like Crystal Maiden. But what he does not lack is the ability to defend objectives extremely appropriately. He can push towers. He can push objectives. He can clear waves. He can push lanes. This guy can do everything that you need at Lowell mars on ranked games, whatever.

  • Is macro part macro pyre can single-handedly defend a structure.
  • So to mid while it’s under attack, and you Macropyre like literally you just write off a whole area of the map the whole area like they’re like, well.
  • I guess we’ve got to wait for this Macropyre power to end because now we can’t take mid like you literally completely stop them taking a tower in their tracks. with Macropyre, you can do it every 60 seconds or 80 seconds. At lower levels, and that’s why.

You’re doing whatever you’re learning this guy does. And essentially, the way it works is you take points in the dual breath. It’s a fantastic ability. It helps you clear. So many creep it allows you to hit multiple heroes and allows. You are to defend objectives ice path. Although hyper unreliable is a stun, still a valuable stun liquid fire helps you take objectives, really messes with officers trying to like harass and gets last hits, most importantly.

Borderline grief

If you’re greedy as hell and you go eggs which is my favorite thing to do on Jakiro, which is Borderline grief, but you go eggs, and you just defend the tower non-stop and make the Macropyre. It is just absolutely impossible to deal with for the enemy team piercing BKB and everything. It’s so good. If you do that, you do have to take the talon to level 20, by the way, but anyways.

  • If you actually want to play properly right, you get your Ring of Basilius.
  • You are going to Arcane Boots.

Your septum is important because what your scepter does is you use them in the air, and while they’re going down, you Ice Path them. So as they land on the Ice Path and they get stunned and held in place, so that’s why it is so important. Similarly, you can also use raw decades same thing you rotated with. Someone they’re rooted for two seconds you cast the rape the Ice Path. They’re rooted for a little longer while stunned. That being said, Chiquito has almost no mobility.

So you’re going to want to build some sort of escape or kind of like a defensive item. You might want something like a Glimmer Cape. So you can go and vis you might want to force staff if you’re against like Slark and Clockworks and things along those lines you might want something like a Ghost Scepter if against like pas or heroes that can jump on top. Thank you for checking my short, but informative guide. Please don’t hesitate to visit our Dota 2 Guides page. My name is Librarian Husky, cya on the next page.
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