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Best Heroes – PvE Class Tier List

I don’t particularly enjoy crafting class tier lists for PVE, yet the persistent inquiries about the best classes have led me to share insights. It’s been a while since our last discussion, and the introduction of new Essences for each class provides an opportune moment for a fresh tier list.

Class Tier List for PVE

Contrary to the norm, limiting it to two tiers suffices; all classes excel in PVE. Regardless of your playstyle—free-to-play or pay-to-win—some classes naturally outshine others. Let’s delve into the exceptional qualities of the Blood Knight. With the infusion of the new Essence, Blood Knight has reached unprecedented heights in PVE. Its single-target damage rivals Necromancers, the pinnacle among all classes. In open-world farming, Blood Knight stands out, thanks to its exceptional AOE skills. I propose positioning Blood Knight between the esteemed S and A tiers.

Blood Knight: A Close Contender

Now, let’s delve into the realm of the Necromancer, crowned as the king of PVE. In my perspective, this class reigns supreme for PVE, boasting the highest single-target damage output among all classes. Yet, its excellence extends beyond damage; the Necromancer buffs the entire party simultaneously. Even if your primary role is as a buffer, your damage output surpasses that of other classes. Take the Crusader, a formidable support class, for instance—it falls short in damage compared to the Necromancer. Addressing a common misconception, some claim the Necromancer is sluggish for open-world farming, which is far from the truth. To dispel doubts, explore this build if you perceive it as slow; the link is available in the description. Undoubtedly, the Necromancer rightfully claims its place in the coveted S tier.

Necromancer: The PVE King

Embarking on the discussion of the Crusader, a class deemed indispensable for every raid and dungeon party. Having a Crusader in your dungeon party enhances efficiency, significantly shortening your runs. Opting for the Crusader ensures easy party and warband invitations, providing a seamless gameplay experience.

The Versatile Crusader Class in PVE

With the ability to buff everyone on your team and still deliver substantial damage, the Crusader excels in the Support Role. For those seeking aesthetics and a horse companion, the Crusader is the ideal choice. I propose placing the Crusader into the esteemed S tier, ranking just below the Necromancer, which claims its position as the second-best PVE class in the game.

Crusader: Support and Style

Considering the broader spectrum of classes, delving into each one individually feels unnecessary as I aim to avoid unwarranted content prolongation. Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Monk all possess skills capable of inflicting substantial damage and offering buffs to party members. Each class boasts its unique attributes, yet none surpasses the prowess of the Necromancer and Crusader.

Remarkably, even the Blood Knight could find its place in this tier, but its performance exceeded expectations. Hence, I opt to position it slightly higher. Consequently, I designate Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Monk to the distinguished A tier.

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