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You are Using Xur Wrong + Best Godroll & Red Border Weapon Farm

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You are Using Xur Wrong + Best Godroll & Red Border Weapon Farm

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Maximize your benefits from Xur in Destiny 2 by utilizing his offers like exotic catalysts, loyalty programs, and strategic weapon engram purchases for rare finds.
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Okay, we all know Xur has returned in a very different way, but what is the best use of him and how can you get the most out of him as a Destiny player or even a new player? Firstly, let’s go over everything about him. He now has a static location, which is here in the tower. You can see it on the map when he is here Friday through Tuesday in the bazaar. Now, he has a ton of new things. Let’s quickly go over some of them before I go over what I think you should focus on and utilize.

He has rank rewards for every prestige, which are pretty good. You can get a guaranteed exotic cipher, which is very useful, and a different amount of Exotic engrams depending on the prestige, as well as some enhancement cores and some enhancement prisms. As far as I know, he will always offer two random Exotic catalysts, a few random exotics, and then an engram of some type. I would say if you’re a new player, the first thing you want to always get is the exotic catalyst, because other than that, you’re playing the cards and trying to get them from random drops.

Benefits of the Loyalty Program

One main thing if you’re going to be using Xur a lot and doing the things I recommend is always purchase your loyalty program of the Nine, which is a favor of the Nine. This is going to give you a chance of more Strange coins every time you get a strange coin, so you could get like six. These strange material offers are cool but not necessarily worth it. Strange repeatable gift, not really worth it. I’ll purchase one here for you guys. I got an enhancement core, usually you get a blue weapon, an enhancement core, one to three of them, or a raid banner.

Special Gear and Weapon Offers

In the strange gear offers, this is where things get very, very good. Obviously, you have his random exotics and you have a purchasable random exotic as well. This is always worth purchasing because it only costs 13 change coins and it’ll always give you a new exotic if you don’t already have all the exotics. Then obviously, he’s going to have his random weapons. Cool. You could always check if there’s a God roll. He’s always going to have his random armor. Cool. You could check if it’s a piece you don’t have for transmog yet, like right here, this hunter cloak is a fan favorite. A lot of people love this hunter cloak, so if you don’t have it, get it for transmog.

Exploring the Strange Weapon Engram

The main thing I want to talk about here is the strange weapon engram. Now this contains a random weapon from Xur, meaning any weapon he’s ever had in his inventory or current pool you can get from purchasing. There are a few weapons that are insane God rolls.

Rare and Powerful Weapons from Xur’s Engrams

You can still acquire hard-to-farm weapons, such as Vulpecula and, most importantly, the Ignition Code grenade launcher. Before I delve into the best weapons that you should aim for from these engrams, which cost 7 each, let me explain the fastest way to acquire Strange coins. Strange coins drop from ritual activities like Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard. If you enjoy any of these, pick the one you like the most and just do it. I play Crucible 99.9% of the time, so I’m always having the maximum Strange coins, which is 99, and I’m just turning them in all the time.

Guide to Acquiring the Best Weapons from Xur’s Engrams

Now that we’re all up to date with how Xur works and what these legendary random Weapon engrams are, let’s go over the best things you can get from them and what I recommend trying to get. I’m not entirely sure if the screenshot is up-to-date, but it seems, for the most part, up-to-date in my opinion.

Let me know if there’s something here that can’t drop, guys. So, I’m going to go through here and tell you guys the weapons you should focus on, and then I’m quickly going to tell you the roles you should get on them. In order of most importance, I’m not going to have an order of the most important, I’m just going to have an order of weapons I think this is the best source of them, and there’s no weapon that compares to it in the game.

The Cartesian Coordinate Fusion Rifle

The first weapon we have, if you haven’t gotten it already, is the Cartesian Coordinate Fusion Rifle, which you can see right here. Now, if we head over to the beautiful D2 Foundry, we can show you what the perfect God roll on this is.

Okay, so I would go for a Vorpal Weapon, Lead from Gold, Projection Fuse, and the sight is whatever your personal preference is. This is a very good weapon, especially since it’s solar, and if you remember, there was a huge meta of this for a long time. Once again, this is the role I would go for. It is also a beast in PvP, where you can get Under Pressure and High Impact Reserves, and this is the role you would go for that.

The Ignition Code Grenade Launcher

Next, we have the absolutely insane, God juicer, best gun in the game, the Ignition Code. Now, for our sweet, sweet, beautiful Ignition Code, this is the role you would want to go for: Hard Launch, Disorienting Grenades (because this is a blinding grenade utility weapon), Slide Shot, One for All. But this roll ensures you’ll never have to reload this weapon.

Advanced Techniques with Ignition Code

You simply slide, shoot, slide, shoot, slide, shoot, slide, shoot, slide, shoot, slide, shoot, slide, shoot, and that is what makes this so good because you can be on a massive blinding spree. I still use this weapon to this day. Now, back to our beautiful chart, here we have the Vulpecula.

Advantages of Vulpecula

What’s so good about Vulpecula? Well, it is a very, very good shoot-to-loot weapon. So, I’ll personally go for Explosive Payload, Shoot to Loot, Tac Mag, Fluted. If you’re wondering why Shoot to Loot is so good, well, the most recent raid is a perfect example of it. You have to go to a specific spot to deal damage where you haven’t been killing enemies.

So, do you jump off the damage plate and run to pick up ammo if you run out, or do you whip out your shoot-to-loot Vulpecula and shoot power and special ammo and get it from there? Preferably, you have this to do this, and I use this a ton in my last day one raid. This is a must-have. Also, the Gunsmith sold one of these recently, so if you missed out, you’re going to want to get this one.

Craftable and Red Border Weapons

One other thing I haven’t mentioned, but looking at this, you probably see a lot of craftable weapons like the Fir Fright. You know, all of those weapons, the Brigin Law, he can drop red borders from that random engram. So if you don’t have every crafted gun, you’re just going to want to spam those and get your red borders out because Strange coins are so easy to come by. That is why I’m not going to mention any of these crafted weapons. You probably see me skipping over them. I’m not going to tell you a god roll or to farm a weapon when you could just get the red B version.

Focus on the iOS Shotgun

But one that I will tell you to focus on and try to get as fast as possible is the red B version of this shotgun here. It might look familiar if you played early Destiny. Why is this so good? Well, it’s a rapid-fire frame which means it can shoot very fast. And as you can see, it can get One-W Punch and Threat Detector, making it have very high handling. Obviously, One-W Punch is very good for many builds. This is a must-have crafted shotgun.

Optimal Weapons for Melee Builds

If you’re running a melee Hunter build like Liar’s Handshake Caliban, a melee Titan build like Cnto Seps and the Strand melee, or an Arc Titan build with the Thunder Clap, there are many instances where this is necessary. You’ll see a lot of top players running this weapon for their Melee builds. And obviously, there’s a ton of other things in here that are worth crafting. I’m going to quickly go over some of them, but I’m not going to tell you the God rolls. I’m just going to tell you that you should get these crafted. You should look for the AOS SMG, the iOS sniper, the Season of the Haunted Trace rifle.

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