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Xur Now Offers Exotic Catalysts! – Significant Update

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Xur Now Offers Exotic Catalysts! – Significant Update

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Discover the latest Zur inventory in Destiny 2, featuring exotic engrams, legendary armor, and weapon reviews. Optimize your gameplay with strategic purchase advice and rare finds.
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He’s back here, so let’s take a look at what he has. I have no idea; this is extremely different. You can now rank up Zur, earn rank rewards, get Exotic Engrams, and rank them up by buying strange items. Let’s see more strange offers. He’s got some materials, contains a random gift, your raid banner, and a little bit of rank progress. Here’s his offers.

Weekly Exotic Rotation

For exotic gear, I’m going to assume this rotates every week, but again, this is a huge deal. You can buy an exotic engram. So, 26 Strange Coins or the Hawkmoon right here. Let’s see the roll—trash. Surplus is technically the best for PvE if you’re really going for it.

Weapon Analysis

Cuirass plus one just got a buff. Trinity Ghoul, if you don’t have it, is one of the better ad-clearing weapons in the game. Queensbreaker did get buffed but kind of sucks. You just have a completely random weapon; that’s so crazy.

Detailed Review of Weapons

Deadass hold on, actually unironically, Frenzy subsistence. Farewell is not that bad. You’re getting ammo back, getting Frenzy, the reload speed bonus, the damage bonus like this is not, and extended mag, this is really not that bad. Honestly, this could be worth a pickup. Outlaw frenzy, nope. Under Pressure Zen for like a PvE. I know people are going to try to convince you.

Overview of PvP Weapon Performance

It’s good for PvP, and then they’re just going to keep using the Messenger, aren’t they? So, I don’t know, it honestly is not the best. It is going to be a laser beam with that roll—Slideways, Unrelenting—no thank you. Relentless Assassin’s Blade, nope. Relentless Incandescent, maybe, for ad clearing potential. Flash Counter, Counter Attack—no thank you.

Armor Stats and Transmog Opportunities

That’s low; usually, we’re seeing 40-50% with Zur. Zur has, I think, sold this maybe one time before. Pick this set up for the transmog. Now, in terms of the actual stats for the Titan here, this is actually pretty banger. Tons of Resilience, uh, tons of, well, yeah, just Resilience. Discipline 64, great Resilience, strength 66, good chest piece too. Nah, not spiky enough. Resilience strength, the 10 Mobility kills it for me.

Exotic Offers and Strategic Purchases

Aside from that, I suppose the one thing I want to test is, like, I guess so. We also have some other Strange Coins offers here that I simply can’t afford, but hey, Sunshot Catalyst, this is one of the best weapons in the game. If you do not have a Sunshot Catalyst, this is worth buying. Yoden, if you are the guy that always faces me in The Crucible and snipes us around a corner, go ahead and pick it up. But Yoden is not really seeing a ton of play right now. Ru’s Harness, uh, 62 recovery, intellect, it’s alright. Line Rampart recovery strength, again, kind of an alright roll. Variety’s everything but strength. Nothing’s really absolutely blowing my mind here in terms of the Exotics.

Class-Specific Gear Analysis

I wouldn’t really bother with that; let’s quickly check the other classes. Let’s check the Warlock. For the Warlock, let’s see if the armor is different—same set, but different. So, same as last time, 67, not the spikes you want to see, too much intellect. Mobility, nope, too much Mobility, no thank you. Just not good spikes at all, and Mobility—the hunter better have insane Mobility. What is with all this Mobility, dude? If you want the fastest Warlock of all time…

Warlock Weapon Selection

Also, note a different sword for the Warlock. It’s a class-specific sword, so it’ll change. Honestly, Relentless Surrounded is kind of the god roll for Eternity’s Edge. Unironically, like, this is, I think, the best role you can get. Relentless Surrounded. So, if you’re on the Warlock, this sword is probably worth a pickup. Honestly, that’s a good Eternity’s Edge, very good Eternity’s Edge.

Hunter Gear Evaluation

Let’s check the Hunter. For the Hunter here, let’s check the armor—63, a lot of recovery, it’s alright. 64, not really too spiky. 66, Discipline strength, not as spiky as I want it to be though. 65, this is a bit better. I mean, too much strength honestly, but you have… yeah, nothing that insane.

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