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Warden of Nothing Fast & Easy Grandmaster Nightfall Guide | Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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Warden of Nothing Fast & Easy Grandmaster Nightfall Guide | Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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Librarian Husky’s guide covers Iron Banner weapon farming, rank-boosting tips, and strategies for the Warden of Nothing GM Nightfall in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.
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Hey, what’s going on, everybody? It’s Librarian Husky, and welcome back to another day in Destiny 2 for some more Destiny 2 news and the Final Shape Intel. Today is the Weekly reset, and with it, the return of Iron Banner for the very first time since the launch of the Final Shape. There were some great weapons added to the Iron Banner loot pool right before Final Shape launched, and now we have some returning weapons that haven’t been available through Iron Banner in a very long time, all with new enhanced perks.

Farming Tips and Strategies

I’m going to get into the things you’ll probably want to be farming for if Iron Banner is your thing. We’ll have two weeks to farm out this Iron Banner. I’ll also be going over a very easy cheese that will allow you to get the most bang for your buck in terms of Rank rewards. This way, you’ll be able to get more loot and, thereby, more specific roles that you might be looking for.

Rank Four Weapons

At rank four, we have the Claw of the Wolf. This weapon comes with Perpetual Motion, Disruption Break, and the Skulking Wolf origin trait. It has been updated with its perk pool, making it worth checking out for some good new perks. Additionally, “To the Pain” is also available on this weapon.

Rank Seven Weapons

We have the Criminal Dagger, which hasn’t been seen in over a year. This weapon features Enlightened Action, Precision Instrument, and the Skulking Wolf origin trait. It also received a refresh on its perk pool. The 120 RPM hand cannons are currently very meta for PVP, and this one is worth trying out. The 180 hand cannons are good for PVE activities.

Rank Ten Weapons

At rank ten, we have the Tusk of the Boar with Slideways, Vorpal Weapon, and the Skulking Wolf origin trait. This is a Wave Frame Strand grenade launcher, unique for being the only one of its kind. While it might not have the best perk roll, Vorpal Weapon is a very good perk, and having Slideways, though not the best, is better than not having it at all. This weapon can also be focused once.

Rank Ten Weapon: Tusk of the Boar

Once you’ve obtained the Tusk of the Boar at rank ten, there are some really good rolls for this weapon. It can have both Slice and Hatchling, which are great for PVE. It’s unfortunate when we get excellent PVE weapons in PVP-focused activities, but this one is fairly easy to come by. Once acquired, you can focus it, and it’s definitely worth the grind if Wave Frame grenade launchers are your thing.

Multimac CCX

Next, we have the Multimac CCX with Moving Target and Tap the Trigger. This weapon received a refresh on its perk pool right before The Final Shape launched. While its place in the PVE or PVP meta is uncertain, it seems more PVP-focused.

Lethal Abundance and Other Notable Weapons

Lethal Abundance is another weapon I really like for PVE, especially for endgame activities. It can also roll with Hatchlings and Slice. Under the Legacy gear, Dark Sider has always been a good weapon. I’ve always been a fan of the Hero’s Burden, Peace Bond, and Pressurized Precision. All of these can have very good rolls that fit into most of the endgame PVE meta at the moment. Frontier Cry is excellent for PVP, and Forge’s Pledge can be a really good roll for PVE.

Iron Banner Weapon Rolls

I believe it can roll with Incandescent. I’m not sure if it can roll with Heal Clip, as many weapons can do both now, but it’s still worth checking out. There are some great weapons available through Iron Banner, and those are just the ones I suggest looking out for.

Maximizing Iron Banner Rank

We have two weeks of Iron Banner, so it’s worth resetting the rank. It won’t take you long to do, especially if you use the cheese method. This is part of the game but not very intuitive, and most people wouldn’t think to do it unless told.

Increasing Rank Rewards

To rank up, equip pieces of Iron Banner gear to increase the amount of rank you get at the end of either a win or a loss while completing an Iron Banner match. This way, you’ll get more Iron Engrams and can do more focusing.

Iron Pledge Ornaments

If you don’t have a bunch of Iron Banner gear, you can buy Iron Pledge ornaments and put them over any existing armor. Even if you have Artifice Armor, you can put these on and it will count as a piece of Iron Banner gear. The goal is to have five pieces, ideally four pieces of armor and one Iron Banner weapon, so you can also have an exotic equipped.

Doubling Up on Gear

You can double up by acquiring a piece of Iron Banner gear, such as armor, and if you already have the Iron Pledge ornament, you can wear the Iron Banner armor piece and put the ornament on top. This will count as two pieces of Iron Banner gear, giving you more flexibility with weapons and exotics.

Choosing Iron Banner Gear

You might want to pick and choose exactly what pieces of gear you want to use. Whether you want to use just Iron Banner armor, ornaments, or three Iron Banner weapons, you have options. You can also equip an Iron Banner emblem.

Checking Iron Banner Rank Booster

If you go to the character screen in Crucible and click on Iron Banner, you’ll see your Iron Banner rank booster in the bottom left-hand corner. This screen shows the pieces of Iron Banner gear you have equipped, so you can always check how many you have counting towards your rank.

Iron Banner Emblem and Gear

The Iron Banner emblem counts as one piece of gear, along with the four or five pieces of Iron Banner gear you have. Completing Iron Banner matches will help increase your rank quickly and get more rewards. You can also go over five pieces, but it might not have the intended effect.

Understanding Gear Equipping

There used to be a glitch where having ornaments, armor, and weapons equipped could increase your rank faster, but rewards for completing matches weren’t dropping. This might have been fixed, but it’s unclear if going over five pieces has any benefit now. The screen won’t show more than five pieces, even if you equip more.

New GM Nightfall: Warden of Nothing

This week, we have a new GM Nightfall, which is the Warden of Nothing strike. This hasn’t been around for a while. The last time I did this was over a year ago, so I don’t know if this strike exists outside the GM playlist. It’s a bit unique that way.

Strike Location and Guide

I’m trying to remember exactly where this strike takes place. I might be forgetting, but I will have a tutorial and easy guide on how to do the Warden of Nothing as a solo player or in a group doing the GM difficulty, either later today or tomorrow. Be on the lookout for that.

Weapon for the Week

The weapon for this week, if you are running the Nightfall on normal or GM difficulty, is the Shadow Price Auto Rifle. If you complete this on GM difficulty, you will earn the Adept version. All of these are enhanceable now, so it’s worth farming for even though it’s an old weapon.

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