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The Overlooked Powerhouse: Oversoul Edict Pulse Rifle

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The Overlooked Powerhouse: Oversoul Edict Pulse Rifle

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This text highlights the overlooked power of the Oversole Edict pulse rifle in Destiny 2, emphasizing its benefits, optimal perks, and versatile use in PvE activities.
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Hey, what’s going on everybody? It’s Librarian Husky. With a recent increase to the base damage of pulse rifles, we’ve seen weapons like the Red Death, the Graviton Lance, and the BXR Battler become some of the best PVE options here in The Final Shape. But I want to talk about a Pulse Rifle that can be just as powerful of an option. Surprisingly, though, it’s been a weapon that many of you have been grossly overlooking.

The Oversole Edict

The Oversole Edict is a 540 RPM auto rifle. It’s Arc, it’s rapid fire, and it can be obtained through the Croa End Raid, which is a free access activity for all players. Just like all the other weapons from that raid, the Oversole Edict is craftable, giving you the option of enhanced perks. It comes as a shock to me that so few players use this Pulse Rifle because after the recent changes brought on with The Final Shape, this Pulse Rifle has performed better than ever. So much so that it started to remind me of the Grasp of Malik from Destiny 1.

Advantages of Using Oversole Edict

A huge benefit is that it opens you up to be able to use a special or heavy exotic weapon as opposed to a primary. The Oversole Edict has impressive base stats. It has great stability, which minimizes its recoil. It’s really snappy and very responsive, not quite as fast on the trigger as the BXR, but it’s not far off.

Performance and Customization

It has remarkable aim assist, and I love the sight options for a rapid-fire Pulse Rifle. It has decent range, but through our choice of magazine and barrel options, we can give that a significant increase without losing any of the stability. Personally, I love and recommend the combination of Arrowhead Break with Ricochet Rounds.

Crowd Control and Utility

Like all the other Croa End weapons, this comes with the Cursed Thrall origin trait. After defeating an opponent with a melee attack, you’ll create Cursed Thrall explosions whenever defeating an enemy with this weapon. Each explosion will deal over 100 points of base damage to any enemy within 4 meters, which can become an extremely effective form of crowd control.

Perk Combinations and God Roll

Oversole Edict offers a number of impressive combinations between its third and fourth columns. Keep Away or Perpetual Motion along with Headseeker would be very strong in the Crucible. Demolitionist is a great utility perk that would pair up nicely with a damage perk like Adrenaline Junkie. But the best combination that this weapon offers, the one God roll that truly sets this legendary weapon apart from others, is Eddie Current or Volt Shot.

Eddie Current and Its Benefits

I’m just going to call it because it reminds me of Ed, Ed, and Eddie. Well, that trait got some much-needed TLC when Final Shape launched, and it’s become a much more reliable third column trait to use. Now, when you’re amplified or after sprinting, you’ll have increased handling and faster reload speed, with each stat getting a bonus of 20 points.

Performance Enhancements

The animation time it takes to aim down sights and to reload will both be significantly faster. When you are amplified, you’ll receive an even greater increase to the reload speed, getting an extra 60 points. What’s most incredible about this perk is that it stacks alongside the natural benefits you’ll receive when amplified.

Amplified Benefits

When you’re amplified, you’ll have a 50-point increase to your overall mobility, a 33% increase in slide distance, plus a 40% increase to this weapon’s handling. This makes both the aim down sights and reload speed of this weapon just as fast, if not faster, than that of the BXR Battler. With this weapon’s already impressive base stats, Eddie Current and Amplified will turn this into a lightning rod of destruction with pinpoint accuracy.

Build Synergy and Volt Shot

This does greatly influence its use in an arc or prismatic build so that you can consistently provide Ionic Trace and create Amplified. But remember that Eddie Current is not reliant on Amplified; it can also be triggered just by sprinting. The inclusion of Volt Shot in the fourth column is just as impactful as Eddie Current, if not more so. The synergy between these two perks is beautiful because after defeating an enemy and reloading, you’ll maximize your efficiency.

Weapon Perks and Champion Stun

Your weapon’s next couple of shots will trigger Jolt, stunning Overload Champions and sending surging waves of Arc energy through all the other nearby enemies. Enemies will remain jolted for 7 seconds, but with the Adept option, we’ll get it for a second longer. With these two perks combined, we’ll be able to continuously keep Volt Shot active at a much faster rate.

Synergy with Cursed Thrall Explosions

Volt Shot pairs especially well with the Cursed Thrall explosions. When we have that trait active and trigger Volt Shot, the enemies who die from that Volt Shot will trigger those Cursed Thrall explosions, turning this into a really unique version of chain reaction but much more effective. This makes it a perfect weapon to pair with any build that heavily focuses on melee use.

Elemental Siphon Mod and Amplified Bonus

With the use of the new seasonal artifact, we have the addition of the Elemental Siphon mod, giving us the ability to create even more Ionic Traces, helping us maintain that Amplified bonus so that we can keep Eddie Current active. What’s even better about this combination is that Volt Shot will continue to stun Overload Champions even when using the Anti-Barrier Champion mod.

Versatility and Conclusion

Through the use of this one primary weapon, you can easily subdue two different Champion types and still have your exotic slot to use as a special or heavy weapon. This is what brings me back to feeling so shocked that this weapon ranks so low among the most popular currently used PvE weapons. Its performance alone is deserving of much better than that, and when you factor in its ability to handle two different Champions, it becomes an even more versatile weapon. So if you haven’t gotten this God roll of the Oversole Edict or you’re just not using it, then stop being a dummy and go get it because you’re going to thank me later.

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