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The Goat Sidearm is Back (Breachlight Review)

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The Goat Sidearm is Back (Breachlight Review)

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Explore Destiny 2's revamped Breach Light sidearm, now a Strand weapon. Discover optimal perk combinations and mods to maximize its performance in PvE and PvP scenarios.
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Breach Light makes a highly anticipated comeback to Destiny 2, transitioning from its original Kinetic role to an exciting new Strand weapon. We delve into this reissue to evaluate its potential enhancement over its predecessor.

Perks Overview

We’ll review the Perks. In the third column, you’ll find Demolitionist, Pugilist, Perpetual Motion, Threat Detector, Reload Master, and Slice. The fourth column includes Desperation Measure, Adrenaline Junkie, Swashbuckler, Vorpal, Slice, and Collective Action.

Column 3 Perks

Highlighting the third column, it features Demolitionist, a carryover from its earlier iteration. This perk shines in PvE environments, converting kills into grenade energy and automatically reloading the weapon with grenade use. It provides 10% grenade energy per kill, which increases to 11% when upgraded.


Within its effective range, Breach Light excels at rapidly eliminating adversaries, swiftly restoring your grenade capabilities. Moreover, Pugilist complements melee-focused loadouts by offering melee energy on kills and temporarily enhancing weapon handling.


Similar to Demolitionist, Pugilist grants 10% melee energy per kill, enhanced to 11% in its advanced form. It also boosts handling by 35 for 3 seconds after a melee kill, making it a potent perk for those who prefer close-quarters combat strategies.

Column 3 Final Perk

The last perk in this column, Slice, effectively enhances the weapon’s capabilities in conjunction with our origin trait. Activating your class ability with Slice enabled allows the weapon to sever up to a maximum number of targets briefly.

Slice Perk

Activating your class ability with the Slice perk can sever up to five targets in PvE, applying a substantial debuff that makes them more manageable.

Damage Reduction and Class Abilities

In PvP, Breach Light offers a significant 40% reduction in outgoing enemy damage, and while it’s less substantial at 15%, it remains impactful. This reduction could equate to needing an extra shot or two to finish an enemy, effectively extending their time to kill. The enhanced version further increases the sever duration to 9 seconds from 8.

Fourth Column Perks

Let’s move on to the fourth column Perks, starting with Hatchling. Precision final blows or rapidly defeating targets with this weapon generate a Threadling at the target’s location. This creates a Threadling with every precision kill or every three rapid kills. With Breach Light, Threadlings spawn consistently.

Damage Potential of Threadlings

Threadlings deal significant damage, approximately 12,545 against Carl. Their effectiveness increases dramatically with Thread of Evolution, boosting damage by 33%, up to 16,680 against Carl. The enhanced version of Hatchling provides an additional +5 handling.

Direct Damage Perks

For direct damage, consider Adrenaline Junkie and Swashbuckler. These Perks work well with third column Perks: Adrenaline Junkie with Demolitionist and Swashbuckler with Pugilist. They enhance damage per kill, maxing out at 33.5% at five stacks, with a duration of 4.5 seconds.

Enhanced Versions of Perks

Adrenaline Junkie can achieve max stacks following a grenade final blow, while Swashbuckler reaches max stacks instantly with a melee final blow. The enhanced versions prolong the duration of these buffs: Adrenaline Junkie’s timer extends to 5 seconds from 4, and Swashbuckler’s increases to 6.5 seconds. The key takeaway is how these Perks integrate with the third column Perks.

Enhancing Buff Durations

I hope Bungie eventually extends the duration of these buffs. Even the enhanced versions feel too short. Desperate Measures is also an option here. It specifies that weapon final blows provide bonus damage, and melee and grenade final blows offer a larger damage bonus that stacks.

Desperate Measures Damage Bonus

At max stacks, the damage bonus reaches 30% at times three, though it’s easier to maintain. Achieving one stack requires a weapon kill, granting a 10% increase. A grenade or melee final blow results in a 20% increase at times two, and this can be triggered by a basic melee, not just a powered one.

Maintaining Buffs

The advantage of Desperate Measures is its activation even while the weapon is stowed. Achieving times three provides a 30% damage buff, necessitating either a second grenade or a melee kill. Each stack lasts for 7 seconds at base, longer than the enhanced version of Swashbuckler, and can be refreshed at any tier with a weapon kill.

Enhanced Version of Desperate Measures

The enhanced version of Desperate Measures extends the buff duration to 8 seconds. This is a solid perk, and the primary takeaway is that Breach Light offers numerous options. Whether you’re generating Threadlings, concentrating on melee or grenade builds, or blending both with Desperate Measures, the flexibility of this weapon can accommodate various builds.

Preferred Perk Combinations

Even though Prismatic is excellent, I often return to some of my favorite Strand setups. Combining Demolitionist and Hatchling on a sidearm? I’m all for it. The great aspect of these weapons is their ability to feature double Perks in both column 3 and column 4.

Double Perk Drops and Roll Combinations

We’ve got a detailed guide on this, but the Echo’s Activity Enigma Protocol can yield double Perks, typically linked to your first completion each week. When evaluating these various roll combinations, there’s a high probability you might obtain all of them in one drop.

Origin Trait: Cast No Shadow

Now, let’s examine the origin trait on the returning Dawn weapons: Cast No Shadow. This trait enhances weapon handling and loads a small amount of ammo from reserves when dealing melee damage. For Breach Light, this replenishes +6 ammo per kill. Unfortunately, this cannot overflow your magazine.

Ammo Refilling Mechanics

When you melee with a full magazine, no additional ammo is acquired. This process isn’t impacted by magazine Perks; for example, using an Appended Mag still results in only 6 ammo being gained. It refills a fixed amount, not a percentage of your magazine.

Saint’s Inspiration Mod

At its core, the artifact mod called Saint’s Inspiration allows magazine overflow. Each melee hit continues to provide +6 ammo, but now you can exceed up to 100% of your magazine capacity. On a base mag, this yields 48 shots, and I managed to overflow up to 58 shots.

Boosting Breach Light

This mod is fantastic, and I strongly recommend it for those using Dawn weapons. Additionally, Unstoppable SARM for activities with Champions will overcharge the sidearm when the overcharge modifier is active, granting Breach Light and other sidearms a free 25% damage boost.

Elemental Siphon

Another method is Elemental Siphon, which ensures that rapid kills with the weapon matching your equipped super generate an elemental pickup. For this context, that would be a Tangle. With the artifact mods this season, Tangles have returned to being mini nukes, offering substantial power.

Threaded Blast and Explosive Potential

Threaded Blast significantly enhances Breach Light’s explosive potential. When you destroy a Tangle with a Strand weapon, like Breach Light, it triggers a larger and more powerful explosion. Additionally, within our subclass, there are methods to grant Breach Light unraveling rounds. For Prismatic, we have Path to Bravery, where defeating targets with a powered melee final blow bestows unraveling rounds, enhancing synergy with its origin trait.

Synergy with Void Weapons

This setup can also empower your Void weapons with Volatile Rounds, allowing you to pair a Void weapon in your energy slot with Breach Light in the top slot. If you’re using only Strand, Thread of Propagation grants unraveling rounds from powered melee final blows, further boosting your arsenal.

Performance of Breach Light

Using Breach Light has been a highly satisfying experience. As a Strand sidearm with a heavy burst frame, it delivers substantial power. Its DPS among sidearms is lower, at 18,200 against Carl, but its total damage per magazine reaches 75,500 against minor enemies, making it an excellent choice for these targets.

Boosting Damage with Mods

To enhance its damage, you can use the Unstoppable Sidearm mod to overcharge the weapon and Saint’s Inspiration to overflow the magazine. While some might question choosing Breach Light over The Call, both being strong SARMs, The Call excels in its class. However, for a primary weapon, the reprised Breach Light competes well with top-tier choices.

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