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The Best New Weapons in Destiny 2

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The Best New Weapons in Destiny 2

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This guide covers the best new and reprised weapons in Destiny 2's The Final Shape, highlighting top picks for PVP and PVE, and exciting returning favorites.
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With The Final Shape, we got quite a bit of new content and some New weapons. The Campaign is much better than Lightfall; it’s engaging, addictive, and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time you’re playing it. The Cut scenes are incredibly well-made, so much so that they even brought some of my fellow content creators to tears.

Massive props to Bungie for really getting their act together and using that extra long season to make sure they absolutely delivered in The Final Shape. Though what brought me to tears is that there aren’t actually all that many New weapons, and most of what we got are actually reprisals. But luckily, they did add a few new absolute banger options for both PVE and PVP, as well as some awesome new reprisals of old community favorite weapons. Today, we’re going to be covering the best new and reprised weapons in The Final Shape. As a quick note, I’m going to save the raid weapons for a different article and cover them once we have some more time to experiment with all the different options.

Best PVP Weapons

All right, I have to start off the PVP section with the least skill, highest reward weapon type in the entire game: shotguns. You know what I’m talking about. Two keys are all you need to do: draw out with a shotgun, move forward, and shoot. That’s about it. Okay, I’m half kidding. I actually really do enjoy using shotguns quite a bit. But in order to enable this playstyle even further, Bungie gave us the Precision Frame Shotgun called Someday. It has solid stats and is craftable, which already puts it off to a great start. But then it also has the combination of enhanced opening shot and either elemental capacitor if you’re an arc subclass enjoyer, or threat detector to boost handling on any subclass. This instantly became a top shotgun.

Star Wars Hunters Overview

If you play PVP games and you like the Star Wars universe, then I think this new free-to-play game might be right up your alley. The fact that you’re reading a Destiny article right now tells me you probably like having the ability to customize your character, and this is something you can do tons of in Star Wars Hunters. It’s full of unique costumes, tons of cool weapon appearances, and neat animation. The game features some intense third-person combat set in all the different iconic Star Wars locations. It’s 4v4 in format and has tons of playable characters, including bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion, Imperial stormtroopers, and basically everything in between.

Returning Pulse Rifle: Red Death

Bungie finally did it—they brought back one of my favorite pulse rifles in the history of the franchise: Red Death. I’m honestly kind of amazed that it took them so long to bring it back, considering how many other exotics returned years ago. But hey, I’m happy to be here shooting it again. This thing is beastly in both PVP, as you’d expect.

Pulse Rifle: Final Blows and Buffs

If you play D1 at all but also in PVE, especially after the recent buffs to pulse rifles, final blows automatically heal you, which makes it a great choice whether you’re facing other Guardians or PVE enemies. Those kills also buff your reload speed and cure your allies once you reload. Plus, it gains a handling buff, less incoming flinch, and better movement speed just for dealing damage. Then, when you’re at low health, it deals bonus damage. There’s a lot to like here, and it feels like a great pick for pretty much any activity that you might want to try.

PVP Potential: The Call of the Strand

You can also go for Zen Moment and Headseeker, which is yet another extremely powerful combo, this time geared a little bit more towards consistency. I’m confident that this gun will be very popular in The Crucible for those who have the stomach for grinding Iron Banner. So make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

PVE Highlights: The Call of the Strand

I guess I’m just one of the unlucky ones who never got my hands on an Indebted Kindness God roll, so I was pretty excited to see Bungie introduce another one of these rocket sidearms into the game. The Call of the Strand variety is craftable, so given enough time, anyone can eventually get their perfect roll. It’s packed with great perks, so you have a lot of interesting options to pick from. Probably the combo of Lead from Gold and One For All is the most meta pick for endgame PVE activities. But there’s also some Strand synergy on the table with Slide and Hatchling. This one is high on my list for weapons to craft during The Final Shape.

Personal Favorite: Still Hunt

Without a doubt, my own personal favorite new PVE weapon this expansion is definitely Still Hunt. It sounds amazing, it looks amazing, and it deals amazing burst damage. When you land precision hits or pick up orbs, you charge up the weapon and then can convert it into a Golden Gun just like the Hunter super. Plus, if you pair it with the Celestial Nighthawk helmet, it will convert your normal Golden Gunshots into one super bullet that does insane damage. So if you’re a Hunter, you can effectively deal out back-to-back Celestial Nighthawk shots, which is just insane. And then even on other classes, you still have some amazing damage potential from a special weapon. In PVP, if you’re able to land enough hits to power up the bullets, you can actually land one-shot body shots, which is pretty fun.

Support Frame Auto Rifle: No Hesitation

If you’ve ever wanted to role play as Mercy from Overwatch but in Destiny, well, this next auto rifle is for you. No Hesitation is our very first-ever support frame. When you deal damage, you build up a charge of healing energy that you can then spend on your teammates by hip-firing at them. This, in turn, gives you a damage buff just for being a good teammate. You can also give the restoration buff to your allies just to help them stay alive. It has a few perks to really lean into this healer role like Physic and Circle of Life, but it also has some classics like Incandescent for efficient ad clear as a damage dealer.

PVP Gem: Better Devils

Let’s go back to a few PVP gems. Next up is a gun that feels so wrong to recommend in 2024. It’s the old Year One hand cannon, Better Devils. It has that famously overused weapon model, and long ago, it was one of the only hand cannons that had explosive payload. Now, though, it’s been brought back to us as a Crucible reward, and its element has been changed to Strand. It still has explosive payload, and you can still go for that one if you want to.

But there are some other options. It’s our second-ever Strand 140 RPM hand cannon, but the other one doesn’t get Slide nor Hatchling. In a duel, Slide would likely make your opponent need to land an extra shot on you, and it would also create a tangle on their death. This makes it incredibly powerful for guaranteeing a free win in a duel after you pop your class ability. Also, that threadling that you spawn from Hatchling can effectively stop resurrections and help you get an easier follow-up kill after you win that initial duel. Of course, there are also some consistency perks there too, most notably the combo of Rapid Hit and Zen Moment. But I think the Strand flavor and the Strand perks are what make it really one of the more interesting reworked options.

Bromance of Hush and Pre-SNX

I have a two-in-one entry, and that’s the bromance of Hush and Pre-SNX. Hush was a former Pinnacle drop with the unique perk Archer’s Gambit, and Pre-SNX isn’t new in any way, but it did get a perk refresh. The point of me bringing up these precision bows, even though bows got nerfed, is because both of them have the same perk: Archer’s Gambit in the right column and Archer’s Tempo in the left. They’re pretty easy to farm.

This means you can get some ridiculously fast draw time provided that you can aim in hip-fire mode. You can get both of these bows from the ritual playlist, and if you’re a bit more experienced in the game, you might even be able to get your hands on an adept roll. Whichever way you go, I think this is a combo you should definitely try. It’s a high skill, high reward proposal, and I’m really happy to see more of these in Destiny 2.

Community Favorite: Breachlight

Next up is yet another community favorite, and it wasn’t really my personal favorite, but a lot of people really liked it back when it got introduced. The Breachlight aggressive sidearm was one of the most unfortunate casualties of the sunsetting system. It came out immediately after sunsetting was introduced but before Bungie decided that after a certain point they wouldn’t sunset anything anymore. So, we got to enjoy this gun for one year, and then it was forgotten.

It was one of the best sidearms in the game for both PVP and PVE, and I think the way they brought it back, it’s still going to be a top contender. The aggressive frames don’t have the most lethal TTK for PVP, but they’re pretty relaxed, and this one has a very nice and open sight. So, I think the Breachlight is a pretty good option, not to mention it’s now stranded, so you get to profit off of all those strand synergies that you could dream of.

New Competitive Reward: The Repost

We have a new reward from the competitive ranked playlist in PvP, and this time it’s an auto rifle. The Repost is actually a lightweight frame auto and it fires at 720 RPM. It has some great consistency perks like Zen Moment, Tap the Trigger, and Dynamic Sway Reduction. It also has some lethality perks like Kill Clip and Target Lock. I absolutely love the clean sights on this thing. I will definitely be on the hunt for a high-range version of this auto all season long in comp, especially since Bungie refuses to give me the perfect Rose, so I pretty much need to play it each week anyway until they finally give it up.

New Trials Pulse Rifle: Revision Zero

The new pulse rifle from Trials in this expansion is looking really spicy. It’s a heavy burst frame, which means it fires in bursts of two, and it has some really nice-looking perks for consistency. You can go with Zen Moment or Keep Away and Headseeker or Moving Target. But it also has Kill Clip or Desperado on the table for some more lethality. It’s really nice to see Bungie making this frame available in a non-exotic form. I’ve loved Revision Zero ever since it was first introduced, and I’m excited to farm for some great rolls on this one when it’s available in Trials.

Returning Classic: Kvostov

Well, well, well, it’s 2024, and we have Kvostov back in our hands yet again. If you’re newer to the game, this was the very first-ever weapon you received as a Guardian back in Destiny 1, and now we have it back in Destiny 2.

Exotic Fun: Eny’s Vow

It comes in both a legendary and exotic version in Destiny 2, let’s focus on the Exotic one, which is definitely more interesting. Every seventh bullet deals extra damage and ricochets to hit nearby targets. Then, collecting orbs also strengthens this effect. I’ve already seen some hilarious clips of this in action in PvP matches, and I think we’ll enjoy many funny moments when more people get their hands on this thing. It also has Shoot to Loot, which has become a really popular pick for harder PVE content where you need to collect ammo or orbs but don’t want to venture out into danger too far.

Legendary Witherhoard Alternative: Law Signal

If you’re a big Witherhoard enjoyer but have never liked giving up your exotic slot, well, first, welcome to the club, but I have good news for you. Law Signal is basically a legendary version with some interesting perks. Autoloading holster is a pretty obvious choice over on the left because who really likes to reload a grenade launcher? But on the right, there’s the new perk Reverb Operation, which increases the size of the detonation. Honestly, I haven’t had time yet to see if this one’s worth using, but the idea is certainly very interesting, and even if that perk is bad, you still have some other good options to choose from.

Endgame Arc Linear Fusion: Line in the Sand

This next one isn’t the most exciting thing on the planet, but it’s really nice to have all the various Elemental damage options covered for endgame PVE, and Line in the Sand is arguably the new best Arc linear Fusion rifle you can get. Clown Cartridge or Demolitionist with Firing Line or Bait and Switch for some really solid damage and a lot less time reloading.

Aggressive Frame Machine Gun: Pro Memoria

If you’re a machine gun fan, then you should really be on the hunt to craft the new Pro Memoria this season. It’s the first-ever aggressive frame machine gun, meaning it fires at 600 RPM, and it has some amazing perks like Reconstruction on the left paired with Frenzy or Desperate Measures on the right. Since it’s craftable, you can pick any perk combo that you want, and I think there’s a good reason for that.

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