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Nullify is a Must Have (Review)

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Nullify is a Must Have (Review)

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This guide explores Destiny 2's Nullify pulse rifle, covering its perks, performance in PVE and PVP, and tips for maximizing its potential in both game modes.
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I actually found it to be pretty good inside of PVP. However, I said that there was a better option when it came to PVE, which takes us to the raid pulse rifle, Nullify. This is a solar Heavy Burst pulse rifle, which can be acquired from the Salvation’s Edge raid. It is craftable, has great perk options, and belongs to the brand-new subfamily for pulse rifles called the Heavy Burst.

Understanding the Archetype

If you’re unfamiliar with this archetype, no worries. The only weapon up until now that really fit this archetype would be, of course, the Heavy Burst mode from Revision Zero. Graviton Lance also falls within this category as it technically is a two-round burst pulse rifle, but this archetype is really brand new. It’s not just a hard-hitting two-round burst. You also gain slightly reduced flinching from incoming fire while aiming, which is why I really liked Aisha’s Care inside of PVP.

DPS Performance in PVE

I get it though, a lot of people don’t like it, but we ran the numbers. Inside of PVE, the DPS numbers are very high for this archetype, and Nullify on its own is a monster. Now, let’s go over these Perks. In our third column, we have Firefly, Under-Over, Demolitionist, Subsistence, Four Times the Charm, Kill Clip, and Rapid Hit.

Perk Breakdown

Then in our fourth column, we have Desperado, Vorpal Weapon, Adrenaline Junkie, Multikill Clip, Nutrition Orbs, Chaos Reworked, and Incandescent. This weapon is absolutely stacked with Perks, and every single one of them can be enhanced. Yes, there will eventually be an Adept version of this weapon that you’ll also be able to roll with enhanced Perks as well.

Highlighting Incandescent

But I want to start in column four. Incandescent is the one that stood out to us the most—a phenomenal perk on so many solar weapons. It reads, “Defeating a target spreads Scorch to those nearby. More powerful enemies and opposing Guardians cause Scorch in a larger radius.” Now, this produces a solar explosion with every single kill, dealing 1,448 damage to red bars and around the same against elites.

Effect of Scorch Stacks

The explosion spreads 30 Scorch stacks to enemies within a 4-meter radius. You can actually increase this to 40 stacks with Ember of Ashes. Killing more powerful enemies will increase that radius even more, up to 8 meters. As for the enhanced version of Incandescent, this is even better as it spreads Scorch stacks to 45 when using Ember of Ashes.

Synergy with Third Column Traits

For me, almost every solar weapon that can roll with Incandescent has pretty much always been my go-to choice. The beautiful thing is the synergy that it has with our third column traits.

Introduction to Chaos Reshape

I believe it’s worth mentioning the new perk, Chaos Reshape. This is the raid-exclusive perk for this weapon set. Chaos Reshape reads: “This weapon gains bonus damage while in combat for an extended time. Remaining in combat for even longer rewards a larger damage bonus and periodically heals the wielder.”

Functionality of Chaos Reshape

This perk works very similarly to Frenzy. After being in combat for 12 seconds, you’ll activate Times 1, giving you a 20% increase in damage for 7 seconds, which is already higher than Frenzy. However, you do not get the increase in handling and reload speed that Frenzy grants.

Advanced Damage and Healing

If you’re in combat for 24 seconds, you’ll activate Times 2, which provides a 35% increase in damage, and its healing effect will activate roughly every 7 seconds, healing for 40 HP. The enhanced version, based on our timing, takes 11.5 seconds to reach Times 1 and 23 seconds to reach Times 2.

Comparing Chaos Reshape and Frenzy

Overall, this is an excellent perk. It’s essentially a souped-up Frenzy with no kills required—just being in combat, whether dealing or receiving damage. You can imagine how effective this can be in Grandmaster settings where combat sequences seamlessly run from one to another.

Other Damage Perks

There are other damage Perks if you don’t want to use this. You’ve got Multikill Clip, where reloading grants increased damage based on the number of rapid final blows made beforehand. This can get all the way up to 50% and lasts for 5 seconds after killing three enemies within 3.5 seconds of each other.

Evaluating Perk Effectiveness

You’re not always going to reach Times 3. The maximum, guys, is not that good here. Adrenaline Junkie is also present, which is all right, but the two Perks that really stand out to me are Chaos Reshape or Incandescent. I know some of you might be thinking, “What about Desperate Measures?” In my opinion, Chaos Reshape outshines Desperate Measures.

Column 3 Perk Analysis

Now, onto Column 3, we have a lot of great options and a couple of Perks that pair nicely with Incandescent. First up, we have Firefly. This is a pretty rare perk to find on an energy weapon, although we’ve seen it on things like Zo’s Bane, Doom of Chelchis, and Vision of Confluence.

Firefly and Incandescent Combo

The reason why this is so rare is that this is the only weapon in the game that can roll with both Firefly and Incandescent. You might be prompted to bring up Tyranny of Heaven, which has Dragonfly, not Firefly. The perk reads that precision kills with this weapon increase reload speed and cause the target to explode, dealing solar damage to nearby enemies.

Performance of Firefly

Each precision kill triggers a solar explosion within a 4-meter radius and grants you +50 reload speed for 6 seconds. This is really nice, considering Nullify sits at a base reload of 45. We can also get the enhanced version of this perk, which grants an additional +5 to reload speed.

Damage Metrics

This explosion deals considerable damage. We were getting around 14,000 damage against red bars and around 6,000 damage against elites. This explosion also stacks with Incandescent. For instance, against a red bar, you can see the explosion going off, dealing 14,700 damage plus 1,448, and when breaking down and looking at our footage.

Chaining Firefly and Incandescent

If the Firefly explosion gets a kill, this will continue to re-proc Incandescent, similar to what Dragonfly would do with Tyranny of Heaven. Yes, you can get that Dragonfly-Incandescent roll on Tyranny and achieve that same chaining capability. However, the combination of Firefly and Incandescent on Nullify is great together, and the add-clear potential is pretty insane.

Pairing with Heal Clip

Another great perk to pair with Nullify is, of course, Heal Clip. Reloading shortly after dealing a final blow grants Cure to you and your nearby allies. This gives you Cure x2, which is 120 HP back to yourself, and Cure x1 to nearby allies, which is 60 HP. One of my most-used weapons is Helios Centric, and it can also roll with this exact same combination of Heal Clip and Incandescent.

Benefits of Healing and Scorch

Not only are healing and Scorch great, but when you utilize the Solar subclass, most notably things like Ember of Benevolence, Ember of Searing, and Ember of Singeing, these all get massive boosts from those Perks. The enhanced version of Heal Clip doesn’t add much, just increases the allowed time before reloading after a kill.

Additional Perks

Aside from these two Perks, you’ve got Demolitionist, which is solid. You get 10% grenade ability energy back on every kill, 11% for the enhanced version. Or, if you find the lower mag size a problem, you can always use Perks like Subsistence and Four Times the Charm.

Origin Traits

As for the origin traits found on these raid weapons, this is called Collective Purpose. It reads: “Gain bonus range and handling when near allies. Bows receive faster draw time, and swords receive faster charge rates.” The effect scales with the number of nearby allies. Unfortunately, I don’t have a concrete number on this perk. We experimented a bit with the raid sword and saw an effect, but for Nullify, at least inside of PVE, it doesn’t really matter. You don’t need more range, in my opinion. You’re already sitting at 79 base.

Noticeable Handling Benefits

I will say, though, the extra handling is something you’re going to notice, especially when you have two allies or more next to you. This is definitely something we’re going to break down, number by number, to give you an accurate value on handling and range per ally that is close to you.

God Roll Recommendations

As far as my God Roll recommendation, this is one of those weapons where I wish I had a shiny version. In some ways, the Adept roll can serve as that. There are multiple triumphs in the raid that you can earn, giving you the possibility of getting those Adept rolls in the master version of the raid with double traits in both Columns 3 and 4.

Crafting and Roll Options

In the short term, I wouldn’t blame you for crafting two rolls of this weapon. I’m talking about a Heal Clip-Incandescent roll and a Firefly-Incandescent roll. Maybe Chaos Reshape as another option if you’re looking for that 35% increase in damage. But the massive combos you can pull off with Firefly and Incandescent, and the healing capabilities with Heal Clip and Incandescent, are just too good.

Synergy and Performance

There’s so much synergy happening here. Personally, I actually prefer the Firefly combos. I want to see more explosions, more chaining, and be able to wipe an entire room with just a few shots of my pulse rifle. Considering the huge buffs that pulse rifles received this season, you’re going to be able to do that easily with Nullify.

Comparing DPS

When we compare this to the DPS of our other pulse rifle archetypes, this one clocks in at 16,547. Look how much higher it is than all of our other pulse rifle archetypes at base.

Base Performance and Ad Clearing

You really don’t need a perk buffing your damage. You’re already starting at such a good level at base that you can get away with a FireflyIncandescent roll and completely commit to having the ultimate ad-clearing pulse rifle. In my opinion, this archetype feels way better than Revision Zero.

Comparison with Revision Zero

Revision Zero is the original, with the ability to switch between a four-round burst and a two-round burst. While the two-round burst is okay, Nullify surpasses it in terms of outright feel. This weapon feels good to use, and in my opinion, Nullify is one of the best weapons in PVE this season.

Performance in PVP

Now, what about for PVP? When we talked about Aisha’s Care just the other day, I liked it. Initially, I thought Nullify would be more of a PVE weapon and not really a PVP weapon, but it shreds in PVP. Many people do not like this archetype in PVP, but I love it.

Target Acquisition and Duels

It may be my favorite pulse rifle archetype, at least for the time being. It has incredible target acquisition and duels well; you just have to maintain range. Even on close-range maps, you can still come out on top. I’m curious to know what the flinch is like on the opposing side because it seems like many people have a hard time combating fire from this archetype.

Current Trait Combinations

Maybe it’s due to the Heavy Burst frame itself, but regardless, Nullify in PVP performs really well. Unfortunately, we don’t have all the trait combinations that Aisha’s Care has, but we’ve got a couple of good ones. I’ve got Rapid Hit and Multikill Clip, and that’s essentially the combination.

Effectiveness of Multi-Kill Clip in PVP

I utilize Multi-Kill Clip in PVP. While I would have loved Headseeker, Multi-Kill Clip adds some forgiveness and reduces the time to kill down to 0.8 seconds, which is pretty good. The base time to kill is 0.87 seconds. The main takeaway is the added forgiveness: at tier six resilience and below, it requires only four crits and one body shot; at tiers seven to ten, it’s five crits and zero body shots. These small factors ensure you can secure a kill in three bursts.

Ease of Landing Crits

This weapon is so easy to land back-to-back crits on. For my PVP enthusiasts, please give this archetype a go. I feel like many people are dismissing it, and I really don’t know why. My only assumption is that maybe you’re engaging in duels you shouldn’t be with this pulse rifle. This pulse rifle allows me to roam around the map with my nearly max range roll, boasting almost 40 meters of range, and just wait for something to hop into my scope.

Scope and Target Acquisition

Speaking of scopes, we don’t normally talk about this inside of PVE because sight doesn’t really matter. However, the sights on these raid weapons are so nice—the single crosshair is simple but perfect for lining up shots. I love all the sights on the raid weapons.

Performance Beyond Damage Fall-Off

One last thing I’ll mention about this archetype in PVP is you might notice many of my duels go beyond the damage fall-off territory. You’ll see me doing 42 damage per crit, sometimes dipping to 39 or 38, but the target acquisition still remains strong. This is something I noticed even on the Trials pulse rifles. Despite running into damage fall-off territory, these weapons can still hit back-to-back crits consistently.

Overall Performance

In my opinion, Nullify is a monster in both PVE and PVP. This archetype in general is good inside PVP. Don’t write it off; give it a go for yourself, and I promise it will treat you right.

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