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New Tessellation Catalyst – Destiny 2 Final Shape

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New Tessellation Catalyst – Destiny 2 Final Shape

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This overview explores the Tessellation, a fusion rifle in Destiny 2 with a catalyst enhancing its power. It details weapon effects, catalyst functionality, and combat impacts across subclasses.
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l want to take a look at the tessellation, an absolutely insane Fusion Rifle. It has a catalyst that significantly enhances its capabilities. The tessellation catalyst will be explored in terms of what it does and how to get it. This weapon is truly amazing; with tessellation, you can charge up your grenade, consume it to deal massive damage, and the catalyst is compatible with all subclasses. For instance, with stasis, it applies a slow effect. The state of this weapon is, frankly, outstanding, so stay tuned.

Weapon Properties and Effects

The tessellation packs an inducible property; this weapon’s topology adapts its damage type to match your equipped grenade. Equipped grenade final blows grant you grenade energy, which is essentially a built-in Demolitionist Feature. Additionally, when you consume your grenade, it loads large projectiles that create an Elemental Explosion on impact. If you’re using a void subclass, it remains a void-type detonation.

Detailed Catalyst Functionality

The tessellation catalyst is crucial for enhancing the weapon’s power. Targeting is enhanced near the blast due to the property irreducible, which requires you to consume your grenade to activate. This consumption results in a significant Damage Boost and applies an elemental effect that matches your equipped grenade.

Acquiring the Catalyst

Acquiring the tessellation catalyst is straightforward. All I did was go to the tower, check the special deliveries, and pick up the tessellation catalyst. Then, I managed to farm a few adversaries in Shurui until I obtained the masterwork. It’s pretty simple, but let’s dive deeper into the specifics of this catalyst.

Impact of the Catalyst in Combat

Targets near the blast of the property irreducible need you to consume a grenade to activate the massive damage blast. This catalyst affects the targets nearby with the effect matching your equipped grenade. In this initial clip, we tested it on my void hunter, safely assuming it would apply a volatile effect with the blast once the grenade is consumed, which it does. The volatile effect with the void subclass clears things up significantly, adding to the volatile explosions everywhere. I then switched to stasis because.

Testing Elemental Effects

I wanted to test all of them out to see what it does. The stasis, I show straight away, was going to have a slow effect. It is like a slow effect, but it also does some massive damage as well. I just want to say, this is Shirui, but this is 1945 enemies now; it’s not, it’s 45 levels above me at the moment. So, you’ll see there that stasis is slow-affected; it’s also shattering and creating Stasis shards everywhere as well. It’s got slowing on there but also some shattering damage as well. It’s really good and just clears rooms out like absolute craziness, honestly. So, consume your grenade, whatever grenade you’re using, and then just do that, and it’ll just chain slow effects everywhere.

Strand Subclass Testing

Then I wanted to check my strand. So again, with strand, I just assumed it was going to be unraveling or severing or something like that. I can’t actually make my mind up; I think it’s unraveling rounds. You’ll tell me, I think it’s unraveling rounds, you’ll see all that unraveling going to other targets as well. Consume your grenade, and you’ll see the enemies seem to get affected by unraveling rounds and it also does like a chained explosion as well.

I’ve got a few better clips of the Strand to show you against some of the harder knights in here, but you’ll see that target there, it seems to be severed. So I’m not 100% sure if he’s severed or he’s got the unraveling rounds put on him. It’s absolutely disgusting, it’s really cool, and you will know that the sort of demolitionist part of this as well is actually working with the explosions. The Elemental Explosions as well, so he seems to get more grenade energy back with it as well. It’s really good.

Assessment of Jolting and Scorching Effects

I was pretty confident it was going to be jolting, and that’s exactly what it does. Jolting causes an absolutely huge chaining effect. Up to now, Stasis and AR seem to be the best in my opinion. Let me know what you think. Okay, that AR one—absolute craziness! Look at all that jolting, the explosions everywhere; it’s absolutely crazy, crazy! And again, I just want to sort of say, you’ll see in that clip there, if you rewind it, that grenade energy comes back super quick. The effects from the jolting from the catalyst are actually recharging the grenade part of the catalyst, part of the gun as well, the demolitionist part that would be mentioned earlier on. Absolutely crazy, really, really strong.

Exploring Sol’s Capabilities

The final one is going to be Sol. Again, obviously, I’m pretty sure it was going to be ignitions and scorch. The ignitions part of it didn’t come quite as I thought, but the scorching, it definitely scorches. But again, I don’t know what it is, same as a stasis; it does seem to do like an explosion as well. Look at that, absolutely crazy! So, scorch and ignite enemies with this catalyst as well. Scotch, unravel, sever, slow, freeze, shatter, jolting all together, and also volatile—this catalyst is absolutely worth getting. And I’m wondering if it’s going to work very nicely with prismatic subclasses, which I’ll test as soon as I get them unlocked. Thanks for watching, have a great day.

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