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My Favorite Primary is Back!

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My Favorite Primary is Back!

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Explore the best perk combinations for Breach Light in Destiny 2, including Demolitionist, Pugilist, and Desperate Measures, to maximize your sidearm's effectiveness.
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Looking at the old roll, as I mentioned, it still absolutely slaps. For those unfamiliar, Breach Light is a two-round burst sidearm that delivers significant damage within its effective range. Starting with the perks in the left column, we typically begin with Demolitionist, my favorite primary perk when it’s available. With this being a Strand weapon now, coupled with Prismatic strand weapons, the balance feels just right. Achieving rapid final blows with this weapon grants a substantial portion of our grenade energy back.

Enhanced Combat Perks

In addition to Demolitionist, I also appreciate Pugilist for use on Titans, serving as a viable alternative to the Monte Carlo. While it may not restore as many melee charges as Monte Carlo, it compensates by allowing you to replenish rounds. Furthermore, the origin trait on this weapon synergizes well with melee builds, where you regain approximately 25% of your magazine following a melee final blow, akin to having a built-in Grave Robber. Overall, these are the two perks I would recommend on the left side of this weapon.

Optimal Perk Choices for Different Classes

I would say Demolitionist is better for Warlock and Hunter for Prismatic builds. Pugilist would be better for Titan builds. If you look at the R4 perks on the left, all four of them are usable. If you like Slice, you can go the route of Slice, and the other three perks will then be the more traditional reload perks.

Obviously, like I always say, Demolitionist is a reload perk by throwing your grenade, but if you just want something that’s always there, you have Compulsive Loader for the top half of the magazine. Perpetual and Threat Detector both will do more or less the same thing. I think Threat Detector gives a little bit more stats, but if you’re on controller, I would recommend maybe going for one of these two instead. If the weapon didn’t feel that great, it would give you some more handling, some more stability, and things like that.

Exploring Desperate Measure

Then, moving on to the right column, starting off, I want to talk about Desperate Measure. I didn’t play last season much at all; it was probably my least played season of all time, so I really never messed around with this perk. So far in The Final Shape, I’ve been just skipping over it and not really talking about it, but that definitely ends today. I think this is probably the best perk in the right on this weapon.

If you don’t know, if you’re like me, what Desperate Measure does: when you get a final blow with the weapon itself, you’ll get one stack of the buff which will be 10%, and this will last for 7 seconds. Getting final blows will refresh the timer, but at any point, if you get an ability final blow, it’ll go up to times two. This can happen while stowed, if you already have time one in the perk or not, it’ll just jump straight to time two and this will now be a 20% buff to the weapon. Finally, if you get another ability final blow, grenade, melee doesn’t matter, it’ll go up to time three and this will be a 30% buff for 7 seconds, and kills with the weapon or any ability kill will refresh the timer. It’s going to be a very easy perk to get to times three with Prismatic builds, and you’ll just always have that 30% buff.

Extended Effectiveness of Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures lasts 7 seconds, whereas the other two damage perks on this weapon, Drunk Junky and Swat Bucker, only last for 4.5 seconds. I think this is the biggest plus of the perk; 2.5 more seconds is quite a long time. You could make the case to just go with Drunk Junky, where one singular grenade kill will give you a full buff, or with Swat Bucker, where one singular melee kill would give you the full buff compared to needing two with Desperate Measures.

However, I think the extra 2.5 seconds, up to 7 seconds, of the perk kind of makes up for that fact because once you get two ability kills, you will find yourself just constantly chaining the perk and it will just never fall off. Whereas with Drunk Junky or Swat Bucker, if there’s a little piece of downtime, you’ll probably lose the perk and have to rebuild it.

Choosing Desperate Measures Over Other Perks

So, overall, after finally diving into Desperate Measures as a perk, I’m definitely on board with the hype train. It’s just a really good perk and definitely the damage perk I’d be pairing with Demolitionist and Pugilist in the left on this weapon. You could make the case to just go with Demolitionist, Adrenaline, and Pugilist Swashbuckler because obviously, the synergy makes sense. But at that point, you’re making the rule of the weapon maybe too precise to exact builds, whereas with Desperate Measures, it can be flexible into almost any build in the game.

Underappreciated Value of Hatchling

The final perk I want to talk about on the right is Hatchling. I think Hatchling is overlooked a lot. I have it on my Roofus and I keep it over any damage perk because if you can proc Hatchling on most of your final blows, it’s going to be effectively an even higher damage buff than most perks in the game because of just how much damage the thread lanes do. Just think of it as a way higher damage Firefly that can also track if the targets aren’t nearby.

Effectiveness of Breach Light with Hatchling

Breach Light is now really effective, but is it the best way to proc Hatchling? Maybe not. I think if you’re in close range, it’s going to be very easy. Breach Light is a peculiar weapon in that its effective range is actually very far for a sidearm. You’re going to still be able to one-hit most red bars from a pretty good distance away. However, its ability to guarantee Precision final blows from range drops off very aggressively. Although the body shot damage remains high, this means you will still be securing kills, but you can’t guarantee it being a Precision kill, which is where Hatchling might not be the best perk. I think there are definitely better primaries for Hatchling in the top slot.

Optimal Perk Combinations for Breach Light

Overall, the two perks I am aiming for on this weapon, and which I luckily already have, are going to be Demolitionist with Desperate Measure and also Pugilist with Desperate Measure. I think both are great for Prismatic builds right now. Drain weapons just work so well with the Prismatic subclass, mostly with balance to help get your grenade back and bravery to get the unraveling rounds.

Breach Light’s Impressive Damage Output

Breach Light hits exceptionally hard. When looking at the DPS, with Desperate Measure at times three, it reaches close to 50,000. This is notable for a primary weapon, as 50,000 DPS is higher than that of rocket sidearms and not far behind most specials in the game. Comparing it to some other primaries, such as a 900 RPM SMG with Desperate Measures times three, and then a rampage 140 RPM hand cannon, we see a significant difference.

Looking at 10 shots from the hand cannon, it takes almost 4 seconds, but the DPS of Breach Light is about 25-30% higher in comparison. Breach Light truly hits like a truck, as long as you are within range. As I mentioned earlier, the range of Breach Light is a lot higher than you might expect for a sidearm. I found myself just mapping things with this weapon back in the Season of Dawn and still now. It truly is one of the best-feeling primaries I have ever used. I can definitely say that Breach Light was one of my favorite primaries of all time, and I think it still holds that position. It is just that good and definitely worth acquiring.

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