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How to Get The Still Hunt Exotic Sniper! – Final Shape

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How to Get The Still Hunt Exotic Sniper! – Final Shape

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This guide details obtaining the Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2's Final Shape expansion, including quest steps, boss encounters, and final rewards.
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What is up, guys? It’s Librarian Husky, and today we are going to be showcasing how to get the brand new Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle just added into Destiny 2 within the Final Shape Expansion. Let’s get started now! This is an extremely interesting new exotic—a sniper rifle that turns into a Golden Gun after getting precision hits. This could be one of the best DPS Exotics in the entire game.

How to Acquire the Still Hunt

But how do you get it? Well, the first thing you will need to do is beat the campaign of The Final Shape, either on normal or Legend difficulty. Once you do, you’re going to get a brand new exotic quest called Destined Heroes. This actually turns into its own thing—this is the Exotic quest to get the Ergo Sum, an exotic special ammo sword, an insane weapon in its own right. If you guys want to get that, I’ve done a complete guide on the Destined Heroes quest.

Starting the Quest

Whether you’re going for the Ergo Sum or the Still Hunt, you have to do the first part of Destined Heroes, which is completing the Queen’s Part One Adventure or Mission, or whatever you want to call it. Once you’re done with that, you’re then going to be instructed to talk to Cade 6, and then he is going to outright give you another separate exotic quest called Wild Card.

Engaging with Wild Card Quest

Now, Bungie actually recommends you complete Wild Card to get ready for the day-one Final Shape raid to have the best story experience, so keep that in mind. But once you grab this from Cade 6, here’s what you do: from this social space area, as you can see, you actually drop all the way down here and then interact with this Wild Card exotic mission. Once you load in, you’re instructed to inspect the area, and you see a bunch of Shanks kind of glowing in a funny way, moving up above you.

Exploration and Camp Setup

Now, after taking a look and probably shooting a few, you’re going to inspect the ground in a few different places. Keep in mind you can use your Sparrow for this exotic mission, so make sure to whip that out and get around the map a lot quicker. But eventually, on the third spot you investigate, you’re actually going to make camp on that spot. So, you’re going to interact with the ground, put down a tent, and so on. After that, you’re sent to this section of the map here where you have to kill a bunch of different SCS, like a lot of them, so just be prepared for that. Then you’re going to be sent to even more areas to kill even more scbs and also investigate some stuff with your ghost. Eventually, however,

Boss Encounter with the War Beast

You’re actually going to have a rally banner, and once you rally up, get your ammo, and scan a few things, you actually have a bit of a boss fight on your hands with this yellow bar boss, War Beast. As you damage this guy, he’s going to go immune and then run into one of these protected Cabal Shields. You’re going to have to go inside, kill the rest of the Cabal, and once you do, then that immunity shield is going to go down and you can damage him a little bit more. And then, guess what? He’s going to do the same thing again.

Returning to Campsite and Handling Blights

Now, once you do eventually kill this guy, you’re going to have to go all the way back to your campsite and then interact with some ether. After some dialogue, you’re actually going to sleep in your tent, and then after that, you’re going to have to kill a bunch of these blights. Importantly, you don’t actually have to damage the blights; you simply kill all of the enemies around each of these individual blights, and then as you can see, they will simply disappear.

Investigating the Cave and Dealing with Shanks

Once you’ve handled all of these different blights, you’re going to go back to the campsite, sleep again, and now in the morning, you have to do something else. This time, make your way all the way down to this cave opening and head inside. Now, once inside and past the load screen, you’re going to investigate this Fallen body, and then from inside this area, you need to be shooting these Shanks off in the distance. So, you actually can’t jump out; it’ll turn you back pretty much immediately. You have to again stay within the confines of this area, and then as you can see, shoot these Shanks in the distance, which will cause more and more Shanks to spawn.

Final Showdown and Energy Tracking

Then, eventually, you’re going to be able to progress this quest. So once you’ve killed enough Shanks, the big bad boss Shank is going to make his way over. You kill that guy as well, and then you’re going to interact with the back of the cave right here and enter another loading screen back to the campsite. So, you’re going to interact with the fire, get some dialogue, and then track this energy signature to start up a whole different section of this mission. You’re going to be teleported to this area here.

Confronting the Cave’s Challenges

Where you make your way through, and eventually into this cave, there’s going to be quite a few screeps and also a rally flag. Make sure to hit that up, and then you have this one object you need to interact with, investigate, and the big bad boss is going to spawn. However, after damaging one-third of this boss’s health, he is going to go completely immune and then just run away.

Collecting Tainted Dark Ether

When the boss does run away, you’re going to see a bunch of different scbs spawn. Now, as you’re killing these scbs, some of them will drop the Tainted Dark Ether objects, and they are going to be represented as little Moes on the ground. So, you pick up these Moes, and then you actually need to go and interact with the object that you investigated earlier.

Recalling the Boss

You need to keep killing these scbs, and then once you collect 10 total of these Tainted Dark Ethers and deposit them, then the boss is going to come back out again, and his immune shell is going to go down, allowing you to damage him once more. Once you do, he’s going to go immune again, so you do the same procedure again: he’s going to run away, you kill the scbs, deposit these Moes into this object to call him back out again.

Final Encounter and Reward

However, this third time, once you eventually do take him down, you are actually gifted with a pretty sweet cutscene. After that cutscene, you get another good dose of dialogue, and then once that is finally done, you are prompted to go and head back to the social space within the Pale Heart, the lost city. Once you do, you’re going to interact with this object right here, the radio, then you talk to Kade 6 one last time, and boom, there you get the Still Hunt exotic sniper rifle.

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