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Exploiting XP Glitches and Strategies for Destiny 2’s Latest Challenges

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Exploiting XP Glitches and Strategies for Destiny 2’s Latest Challenges

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This guide covers Destiny 2's weekly reset, new activities, XP farming glitches, and strategies for optimizing weapon leveling and exotic item collection in The Final Shape.
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Hey, what’s going on, everybody? It’s Librarian Husky, and welcome back to another day in Destiny 2 for some more news about Destiny 2 and The Final Shape. Today is the Weekly Reset, so we see a whole bunch of new activities added to the game as well as a refresh on all the ones that you might have been doing in the previous couple of weeks of The Final Shape or the previous week of Echo.

New Additions and Grandmaster Raids

This week marks the introduction of the Grandmaster version of our 12-man raid activity, and I’m thrilled to dive into it. The rewards for this raid are expected to be outstanding. Additionally, we will see the debut of Grandmaster Nightfalls in The Final Shape. The featured weapon this week is the Undercurrent Grenade Launcher. If you haven’t acquired it in previous seasons or years, now is a great time to do so. It rivals Forbearance among grenade launchers with its wave frame Arc.

XP Farm Glitch

I’m eager to see how this mechanic performs in The Final Shape. However, today’s focus is on a new XP or weapon XP Farm Glitch. This glitch is straightforward and can be done solo, with a group, or even AFK if you have a team.

Double Class Item Exotic Glitch

I also want to highlight that the double class item exotic glitch is still active. If you haven’t taken advantage of this in the Dual Destiny mission, there’s a way to earn two Exotic Class Items per run. This method remains viable, so I wanted to inform everyone before we proceed with the new XP or weapon XP Farm Glitch.

Steps for the New XP Farm Glitch

This glitch is quite simple. You’ll need to be in the Pale Heart area. First, perform an overthrow and aim for a thousand kills in the initial wave. Once you reach a thousand kills or complete the first wave, a prompt will indicate that another wave is about to start.

Executing the Glitch

Before that happens, you want to change zones in the Pale Heart and go to another zone and do another overthrow up to 1,000 kills there. Once you’ve done that, and again, before the actual second wave starts for either one of these locations, you’re going to want to go back to the original location and load in when you do this.

How to Exploit the XP Glitch

To effectively use this glitch, you’ll be gaining XP from the initial completion. If you exit swiftly after receiving XP from that completion and transition to another zone, you will also acquire XP from that zone’s first completion. By switching zones, you maintain the checkpoint at the first wave, allowing you to gain completion XP for that wave repeatedly, thus boosting your Weapon XP.

Equipping and Weapon Leveling Tips

Ensure that the weapons you wish to level are equipped, not just in your inventory. Switching back and forth between zones will consistently enhance your weapons’ levels. While the exact amount of XP gained per swap isn’t specified, you can expect to level up your weapons by at least one level each time you move between the load zones.

Benefits of Group Play

This glitch is also advantageous in group play. If you’re in a group where someone else is performing the Zone Swap, you don’t need to move between zones each time yourself. You’ll receive the XP credit as long as one group member performs the zone transition. This makes it an excellent method for AFK weapons farming with minimal effort.

Alternative XP Farming Methods

While this is the latest method for farming weapons XP, it’s not the only one. There are other AFK farming techniques available, some of which have been around for a while and reappear on a three-week rotation. I’ll be sure to highlight them when they become available again. This approach should expedite your Weapon Leveling significantly.

Using Specific Weapons

There are several impressive new weapons in the game that many players are keen to acquire. You can also apply this method using Outbreak Perfected if you possess it. That covers all the details regarding the XP glitch for weapon enhancement. Additionally, the double Exotic Class Item glitch remains operational.

Synchronizing Exotic Class Item Collection

To utilize this method, if you have two players of the same class—such as two Warlocks, Hunters, or Titans—and you engage in the Dual Destiny Mission, proceed to its completion. After defeating the boss and reaching the totem that grants you your Exotic Class Item, ensure you and your teammate loot the totem simultaneously.

Steps for Synchronization

After looting the totem, move together to an area just beyond the boss platform where you can trigger a “joining allies” prompt. Arrive at the “joining allies” prompt simultaneously to ensure that both of you get the “joining allies.” If only one person reaches it, only one will receive the second Exotic Class Item.

Completing the Glitch

Synchronize your movements to loot the totem, exit the zone, and get the “joining allies” prompt. Re-enter the area to loot the other totem. Choose “Peace” in the Dual Destiny Mission to avoid combat, which is essential for this glitch to work. This coordination is necessary to exploit the glitch effectively.

Additional Tips

For more details on where to find the “joining allies” prompt, please refer to my guide on this. It provides step-by-step instructions. Enjoy the 12-man raid activity; it’s one of Bungie’s finest additions, in my opinion.

Challenges of Grandmaster Activities

The Grandmaster version might be challenging for some because it doesn’t support matchmaking. I’m exploring ways to complete it, and although it’s very demanding, it might allow more players who can’t gather 12 Guardians to finish the activity.

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