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Essential Xur Exotic Farm: Don’t Miss Out!

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Essential Xur Exotic Farm: Don’t Miss Out!

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Explore the latest in Destiny 2 with Librarian Husky's comprehensive guide, featuring updates on Xur's offerings, Artifice Armor, and strategies for farming the Undercurrent grenade launcher.
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Hey, what’s going on everybody? It’s Librarian Husky, and welcome back to another day in Destiny 2 for some more Destiny 2 news and The Final Shape SLOS Intel. I’ll give you a brief rundown on those two things, as well as all the other farms, glitches, and cheeses that you can use heading into the weekend. If you haven’t had a chance to play much this week, there are a plethora of things that you’re probably going to want to take advantage of, including some good glitches.

Xur’s New Spot and Artifice Armor

First off, today Xur can be found in his new spot in the tower, where he always is from this point forward. He has something very, very interesting that I think everybody’s going to want to use and take advantage of. This is the first time Xur has ever sold Artifice Armor. That’s a big deal! If you didn’t know what Artifice Armor was before, you’re going to want to know now. Essentially, this is a piece of armor that normally was only available from things like Dungeons. It has another mod spot—an extra mod spot. So, this is the best armor that you can actually acquire. Though this isn’t the best roll, even at 65, because you have that extra mod slot, you can actually build into this very well.

Availability and Importance of Artifice Armor

This is normally only available from things like the newer dungeons: Spire of the Watcher, Duality, and Warlord’s Ruin. Those are the places where you would normally acquire Artifice Armor, but now you can just buy it from Xur if he happens to bring it. I hope he brings it every single weekend from this point forward. But if you’re looking for an excellent helmet, now’s the time to go and pick one up from Xur on all three classes. I’m not sure what the roll will be on all three. As I said, 65 is certainly not the highest you can expect, but even with a subpar roll like this, and only at 65, because you can build into it with that extra mod slot.

Significance of Legendary Armor

It’s still going to be better than a lot of legendary armor you’re probably going to be able to acquire, so this is a really big deal. He has not done this previously, even in the past two weeks since The Final Shape launched. I think this is probably one of the best pieces of news that I’ve gotten in quite some time and one of the most interesting things Xur has done, or at least updated for Xur, in years—maybe since Xur ever first appeared in D1.

Other Loot and Rank Rewards

Now let’s get on to the other loot for rank rewards. We have the usual stuff for various strange offerings: the Acurus Catalyst, the M Multitool Catalyst, and Shards of Galanor with a 66 roll. Actually, not a terrible stat distribution for the hunters, though I’m sure people would love to see a little bit more in recovery and discipline. Still, mobility and resilience aren’t bad. I’ve heard that mobility isn’t really that big a deal for hunters now either, so maybe skip this one.

Titan and Warlock Rewards

We have the Armarium with a 67 roll and a great stat distribution, in my opinion, with excellent recovery and discipline for the Titans. I think Armamentarium isn’t too bad playing into the PVE meta at the moment, so maybe pick these up if you don’t have a good roll on them already. Remember that you can now upgrade this armor to have an extra mod slot, making it essentially what the armor piece that Xur brought today does, but on an exotic piece.

Warlock Exotics and Vanguard Engrams

Then we have the Karnstein Armlets, which are a great exotic with a 69 roll. Unfortunately, a terrible stat distribution where mobility is completely wasted. Intellect is also not a terrible stat but not something you’re looking for—26 out of at least, not with so little resilience and recovery. At least it’s good to see that the exotics are rolling on the higher range, meaning everything is above a 65. We have a Vanguard Engram with three engrams for sale for 31 strange coins.

Xur’s Red Borders and Vendor Status

You can also get red borders from strange engrams now, so Xur is probably the best vendor in the game at this point. He was always kind of the best vendor on a given day, meaning if Xur decided to be a good vendor, he brought something good. His capability was always something positive, but very rarely did we ever actually see the culmination of how good his loot could be. I’m glad that we’re seeing it a lot more now.

Strange Coin Offerings and Loyalty Buff

Every week, it seems like there’s something good over on the strange coin offerings. Remember, we have the Loyalty favor of the nine buff. This is actually very worth getting as it lasts for 11 days. I think on average most people are going to be able to have two of these buffs running. It’s going to award an extra strange coin for everyone you receive. So, if you receive two at the end of a strike, you would receive four if you had this buff stacked twice.

Stacking Buffs and Strategic Purchases

It can actually stack three times, though I think that’s probably going to be a little bit difficult to organize. You might need to do it on the last day, meaning buy this on a Tuesday morning before Xur actually resets so that you could have it for the next two weeks, or at least in time to maybe activate a third on that first Friday of the third week. But for the most part, people are going to be able to have this buff stacked at least twice, which is of great benefit when it comes to strange coins.

Additional Rewards

We have Ascendant Alloy available for 41 strange coins. We have Enhancement Cores available, at least a three stack for five strange coins, more Enhancement Cores—11 for 34 strange coins, or excuse me, for 11 strange coins. We have 30,000 Glimmer available for five strange coins and 41,000 Glimmer available for 11 strange coins.

Odd Numbers and Prime Associations

I was curious last week why there were such odd numbers, but somebody pointed out to me that these are all primes. Of course, three and 11 are easy to tell as primes, but I wouldn’t have known necessarily just by looking at them. I didn’t think about it that 37 is a prime number, though it ends in seven, so it’s a good guess. I think I should have probably made that association. Odd, you know? Who knows? Maybe that could lead to something in the future regarding Xur and secret quests, or maybe they just thought it was funny.

Strange Grift and Gear Offerings

We also have the strange grift for one strange coin. Over on our strange gear offerings page, we have the Hawkmoon, of course, with Quick Draw and Smooth Grip. We have the Crimson, which I believe is still a very good PVP-focused exotic, though people disagreed with me last week. I don’t know. I still think this is really good. I actually think it’s decent for PVE as well. Maybe not the highest DPS, but still a decent one all around. Maybe now that Red Death is back in the game and this was sort of just a copy of that, it’s really not worth it as much, but I still find it does some good work in PVP and it’s very easy to use.

Merciless and Queen’s Breaker

We have Merciless, which I’ve never—well, I can’t remember the last time this was sold—but not a halfway decent fusion rifle. Then we have the Queen’s Breaker. I think this is sort of out of the meta at the moment. I haven’t found myself wanting to use it or people telling me to use it in quite some time.

Legendary Weapons

For Legendary weapons, we have a Night Watch with Snapshot Sight and Multi-Kill Clip. We have the Chroma Rush, which is a very good PVP-focused legendary auto rifle and is available normally only through Dares of Eternity, so it’s a good place to pick this up. It’s with Feeding Frenzy, which is, as I said, a good PVP-focused role. Very user-friendly, this particular auto rifle. We have a Truth Teller with Pulse Monitor and Swashbuckler. Not a bad wave frame. I believe this was a wave frame grenade launcher. If you’re looking for a legendary one, is this wave frame? I think it’s wave frame.

Legendary Weapon Recommendations

I can’t remember if we have a Tarnish Mantle with Shoot to Loot, Dragonfly, and Right Hook deep site activation weapon. I would definitely pick this up. This is a really good scout rifle for PVE, especially endgame stuff. Dragonfly can’t go wrong with it. I actually think it might be better than Volot. Of course, you can craft this one if you have five deep site harmonizers.

Other Notable Legendary Weapons

We have Outrageous Fortune with Snapshot and Rampage. We have the Codeo with Surplus and Unrelenting. We also have an Eternity’s Edge with Infinite Guard, Energy Transfer, and Flash Counter. Out of the Legendary weapons, remember, I can get some red borders from these. I would definitely pick up the Tarnish Mantle. It would be my pick for the week, and maybe the Chroma Rush for PVP and PVE-focused activities.

Legendary Armor Evaluation

For legendary armor, nothing’s going to really compare to that piece of Artifice Armor, but not terrible rolls across the board. Everything looks like it’s in the mid-60s for the Warlock—halfway decent helmet, semi-decent chest piece. Again, every single time I see stats in Mobility, I’m like, can we just get that out of there or at least make it do something? It doesn’t seem to do anything at this point, just kind of a wasted stat. But you know, some halfway decent stuff.

Stat Updates and Exotic Cipher

At least it looks like the armor has been updated because I believe this is one of the sets that was actually glitched and was rolling in the mid-40s, so it hadn’t been updated. Definitely pick up this piece of Artifice Armor if you don’t have a piece of Artifice Armor. It’s probably going to be better than anything you have as far as legendary gear, even though the stat distribution is not that great. I believe the Titans actually had a slightly better piece of gear. Oh, and of course, over on our second page, we have the Exotic Cipher you can also get from your rank-up, and that is going to be.

Power Dynamics of the Endless Veil Map

I think people are going to get caught out a lot on this map. The power dynamic of that map is fairly user-friendly, especially for people who don’t play Trials that often. Remember, when you get to rank 10, you can get the Asures Care, which is a very good pulse rifle for PVE as well as PVP-focused activities.

Encouragement for Non-Trials Players

I always encourage people who don’t play Trials or Crucible that often to try to get to rank 10. A lot of these Trials weapons, even if you don’t plan on using them in PVP, are incredible for PVE endgame activities. This is one of those, as this can roll with both Slice and Hatchling on it.

This Week’s Adept Reward

For this week’s Adept reward, it is also the Asures Care Adept. For those of you who do play Trials every weekend, my best of luck to you in getting what I’m sure is a god roll pulse rifle. Especially right now since pulse rifles are very much in the endgame and have been buffed since The Final Shape launched.

Weekend and Weekly Activities

That’s going to be it for all the weekend activity stuff. Now, things that pertain more to weekly refresh kind of things, stuff that you might have not had a chance to do very much this week. Over on the Pale Heart, we have the Dual Destiny Mission, which is still glitched. If you’re looking to get double exotic class items, you can still do the joining allies glitch to get two every single run. If you didn’t know about that glitch, you can check out one of my previous posts covering it, but it was not fixed in this week’s patch update on Tuesday.

Today’s Legendary Lost Sector

Today’s legendary lost sector is in the Cosmodrome over in the Forgotten Shore and Veil’s Labyrinth. I haven’t really run this legendary lost sector that much myself, but it’s probably an easy one as it’s in the Cosmodrome. If you’re somebody who’s very much underleveled and you look at the 2020 active power cap, don’t be too afraid by it.

Prismatic Subs and Farming Exotic Loot

As you’re adding Prismatic, if you’re playing Prismatic Subs, this is going to be very easy. You might not be able to bully your way through it, but you should be able to get through any of these Cosmodrome or EDZ legendary lost sectors in under eight minutes. It’s a great place to farm Exotic loot. Remember that decrypting Exotic loot at Master Rahool gives you a big rank up. Focus the Exotic loot—don’t just cash in a random exotic engram. Focus on a piece of exotic armor and it’ll upgrade you at least four ranks every single time you do it.

Reaching Rank 16 and New Exotics

If you get to rank 16, you can get the new exotics. If you haven’t gotten the new exotics yet, they will be available once you reach rank 16 on the tier three focusing page. We also had the launch of the 12-man GM activity this week. The 12-man Grandmaster level activity is quite challenging, and there is a major cheese for the final boss that I’ll probably cover later this week once I can confirm it. It’s certainly a fun activity, even when it wasn’t Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Nightfalls and The Disgraced Strike

At Grandmaster level, remember it is not matchmade, so you’re going to have to find a group. I’m excited to get into this over the weekend. I’m sure it’s absolutely chaotic once you get in there. Over on our Nightfall, remember GM Nightfalls launch next week. I thought they launched this week, but apparently it’s next week. We have The Disgraced strike for the Nightfall, and it is awarding the Undercurrent grenade launcher.

Undercurrent Grenade Launcher

The Undercurrent grenade launcher is like the little brother to the one you would get from Vow of the Disciple. Wave frame grenade launcher Arc can’t go wrong with it—it’s super meta at the moment, and there is a perk that you can get on this which is actually very, very broken.

Damage Testing and Updates

I want to do a little bit more damage testing, or like I said, with the Incision. I want to do a little bit more damage testing before I make a post on it. Look for that over the weekend as it’s pretty broken at the moment. It’s a chance to get your hands on an Undercurrent with a broken perk, as it’s been updated a bit even since it launched.

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