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Destiny 2: Warden of Nothing GM Nightfall Guide

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Destiny 2: Warden of Nothing GM Nightfall Guide

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This guide covers strategies for completing the Warden of Nothing strike in Destiny 2, including tips for tackling GM difficulty, recommended loadouts, and effective boss fight techniques.
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Good day! It’s Librarian Husky, in today’s update, I’m going to run you through this week’s Nightfall and GM Nightfall, which is the Warden of Nothing strike. An old-school strike, we haven’t seen this one in quite some time.

Changes in Strike Location

In fact, this strike is so old that its initial location, the Tangled Shore, no longer exists. This strike is now located in the Dreaming City if you want to run it normally.

Special Thanks and Clarifications

Thank you to everyone who let me know on my last update, as I was a bit confused about where you could actually find it nowadays.

GM Difficulty and Strategies

Like I said, we’re going to be running you through this on the GM difficulty. All the strategies, tips, tricks, cheeses, and glitches that we will be using will work if you are a solo player or running this on the lower-level difficulties or even on the GM difficulty.

Essential Boss Strategies

We’re going to be sharing with you strategies for the boss that I think will be essential, especially if you are trying to do this as a solo player on GM and you’re not that God-tier esoteric level player. Shout out to Esoteric!

Acknowledgments and Perspectives

Also, a big shout out to my buddies DJ and Sinister for helping me out with this gameplay. You’re actually seeing the gameplay from Sinister’s perspective, so if you’re used to seeing my articles on a Warlock, you’re up for a little bit of a change today.

Train Section Tip

Most notably for the train section, definitely stay on the top of the rails. This is a straightforward little trick that may go unknown by people who haven’t run this strike a million times in the past, like all us veteran players have been.

Strike Difficulty Level

I would say that this is maybe a B+ level strike as far as difficulty. It’s certainly not going to be one of the more difficult ones that you’re going to do. The boss can be a bit annoying and is probably the place where, if you have the right strategy, it’s very easy. If you have the wrong strategy, it’s very difficult.

The Most Difficult Part

The most difficult part of this particular strike is going to be the prison section, where you actually have to disable the bombs. That is going to require a very specific strategy to get through it with as little damage as possible. If you are in a group running this in a GM difficulty, expect to take at least a couple of deaths there.

Handling the Prison Section

If you can get through that section with only a couple of deaths, you’re doing very well. For the first little Mini boss area, I would suggest staying on this side of the stairs until you take out the Barrier Champions as well as the Mini boss.

Strategy for the Mini Boss Area

The Hydra, although it doesn’t do that much damage, can be annoying when you’re trying to take out the Barrier Champions. The Barrier Champions still shoot you, and you’re going to have two of them shooting you at the same time. If you take one shot from the Barrier Champions and then get knocked by a bit of splash damage from the Hydra, you’re going to die.

Recommended Loadouts and Strategies

I would recommend using Anti-barrier weapons and those with good range for this strike, as you can shoot right through the Hydra’s shields. Rockets also have a damage bonus for this week’s GM. I used Apex Predator with bipod for one run and Dragon’s Breath for another, and Dragon’s Breath actually seemed to do really well.

Additional Weapon Choices

Bring a PE Bond if you like a sidearm, as it works against all three champion types in this strike. The Unstoppable champions were a little more difficult to take out than the Overload ones. We had one Overload at the end that we had to stun lock to do the glitch we wanted for the boss, but I’ll cover that more later.

Clearing the Barrier Champions and Hydra

Once you clear out the two Barrier Champions and the Hydra, this area becomes fairly straightforward. You’ll encounter the Mini boss here, and if you’ve been saving a super, this is a good time to use it to clear the section quickly.

Managing the Train Tracks and Mini Boss

If you’re tentative about the trains, you can always jump over the top of the train tracks. The spot to stay in to damage the Mini boss offers good shielding to your left. The Mini boss will come through the door, warp to the middle, then warp back to the left, giving you the best vantage point and cover from the ads and the boss.

Dealing Damage Efficiently

Overall, the damage this Mini boss takes is minimal compared to the main boss. You can clear this section quickly. Although I died on this run, I would usually use my super to expedite the process.

Challenging Areas and Team Coordination

I said you could clear this room fairly quickly, but now on to the area which I think is going to give people the most trouble and is definitely where you need the most coordination with your teammates. Once you enter the area where you’ll be diffusing the bombs, the real prison section, you’ll encounter a bunch of Champions.

Initial Strategy for Champions

Stay on this side to take out the first wave of them. You’re going to have three barriers, an Unstoppable, and an Overload. Make sure you don’t get rushed by the Overload, as they can warp close to you on this side. The barriers will stay on the opposite side and are easier to take out.

Tackling the Overload and Barriers

Usually, we start by taking out the Overload or the two barriers, then take out the Unstoppable and the last barrier. Once you start the section where the bombs warp in, you want to take out the barrier that spawns on the right first. Do this as quickly as possible.

Effective Bomb Diffusing Tactics

Have one of your teammates stay on plate A and have at least one teammate supering to take out the barrier on the right first. As soon as you do that, there’s going to be another set of challenges to handle effectively.

Dealing with Initial Champions

I believe it’s an Unstoppable that warps in directly to your right. You can see us fighting it in the tunnel to your left from the vantage point of Sin. It’s okay if you die to take out both of these Champions because once they’re gone, you can make a lot of progress.

Clearing the Barrier and Overload Champions

Once the Barrier Champion is gone and then the Overload or Unstoppable is gone, you can really take the B bomb at your leisure. A will already be done as they’ll be locked in that corner while your teammates are taking out the A bomb. Then everyone can rush to C.

Strategies for Diffusing Bombs

You can sacrifice your lives here if needed, and throw supers if necessary. Once the bomb is diffused, all the enemies should disappear. You’ll then have the last phase where you take out the Mini boss in this section.

Final Phase and Mini Boss

This Mini boss can be handled from range and is not the most difficult part of this area. The crucial moment is in that first right corner when the Barrier Champion spawns in. It should be a Hobgoblin, and another one will spawn in right down the tunnel that charges you. Once those are dead, you should be good to go. Don’t be afraid to use Prismatic as needed.

Handling the Right Corner Champions

I was using or burn and a super in that right corner to take out those Champions, and it should be all good for this section. For the boss, you can hang out over here on the left side. You can even use a Scorch Cannon, but it shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

Elevator Strategy

Another thing to note is for the area where you have to go down the elevator. Make sure to send one person down first, and then send one person down at a time. This is a spot where you can accidentally die if you send too many people down at once.

Avoiding Accidental Deaths

Also, don’t emote, even though DJ was emoting here. He got lucky, but occasionally, if you’re in too tight a group, emoting will kill you. You don’t want to waste any lives, and someone might end up a ghost up top. It’s good to have one person remain up top until two people are down.

Dealing with Initial Champions

Once you’re down, stay on the platform and take out the initial set of Champions. Leave one enemy alive, sometimes a normal Red Bar Vex, so that you can get to the spot for the boss. In a group of three, even at GM, you can still do a lot of damage to the boss in one wave.

Boss Damage Strategy

Some people might prefer to stay at the bottom and nuke the boss as it comes in. This is a viable strategy, especially if you can coordinate well and maximize your damage output.

Boss Nuke Strategy

If you don’t nuke the boss and you don’t all get to cover, you’re going to have another group of ads spawn in, and then you’re in trouble. Unless you’re confident that you can nuke the boss as soon as they spawn in, this strategy will be the safest and best method, especially if you’re a solo player on any level of difficulty.

Initial Setup and Champion Management

Keep in mind that if you’re not confident in a boss nuke, this will make the whole area much simpler. We’re still not in the glitch spot; we’re just taking out the Champions first. Save one of the Champions, and then once we get down to the bottom, we’re going to stun lock this Champion.

Climbing to the Glitch Spot

Jump up to this point, which you can clamor on, and then out of the map onto this tank. There are several of these tanks that surround the outside perimeter of the map. Once you’re here, take out the last Champion. The boss will spawn in, and you’ll be able to take out the boss at your leisure from this vantage point.

Important Considerations

There are a couple of things to note. If you jump too high or get to the wrong place, you’ll see a “joining allies” message, but this can usually be avoided or nullified by moving forward slightly or crouching. The boss can hit you up here if you’re in the direct line of sight, but usually, you can avoid this by positioning yourself carefully.

Positioning and Line of Sight

If you just crouch or move to the back of one of these tanks a little bit, you should be out of the line of sight. You can also jump to the roof directly across from where you see us standing and hang out there if you need another vantage point.

Weapon Choice and Strategy

This is where Rockets really came in handy. When I was using Dragon’s Breath versus the Apex Predator, Dragon’s Breath worked better due to the constant debuff and bleed effect it gives. When you couple that with any weapon that has Vorpal on it, the bleed lasts even longer.

Dealing Continuous Damage

Say you shot the boss with Dragon’s Breath and then switched to a weapon with Vorpal. The bleed effect continues longer. The only issue you might encounter is the boss warping around the arena. Occasionally, ads will spawn in, and you’ll need to take them out before the boss comes back to the corner.

Efficient Boss Fight

If you can beat the ads in the first two waves, you can get through this area in just a few minutes. Bring something that can do significant damage to the boss in a big spurt and also cause damage over time. This strategy is effective as the boss warps around the arena, allowing you to deal more damage when they are not directly underneath you.

Continuous Damage Strategy

They’ll come back to this side, so I would shoot with Dragon’s Breath and swap to the weapon with Vorpal. Even if the boss warped, it would eventually warp back quicker because I was continually doing damage to them even when they weren’t in my line of sight.

Handling Ads and Maintaining Line of Sight

There might be a few waves of ads to take out, but overall, you won’t have any trouble with them. You’ll be completely out of sight of all the ads and any major Boss damage. You can still get hit, but if you’re careful and have teammates, your orbs will always respawn up here and won’t go down to the boss arena again.

Final Tips for Boss Fight

You can keep taking shots at the boss as you see us doing. That’s it for all the information today. Hopefully, you found something helpful. Remember, this week’s weapon from the GM Nightfall is the Adept version of The Shadow Price, a good auto rifle with some new perks in its perk pool.

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