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Destiny 2 The Hothead Rocket Boost

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Futuristic-looking gun and tons of other rewards.


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Destiny 2 The Hothead Rocket BoostWelcome! We were looking forward to see you here. Librarian Husky is always here for your needs!

Why should I buy the Destiny 2 The Hothead Rocket Boost?

Make yourself a game dominator by combining your skills together with the best PvE weapon wich awards you with significant improvements comming from The Hothead Rocket Launcher. It won’t take long it will be eliminated, leaving the Nightfall loot pool empty of opportunities. So, our best advice is to don’t hesitate, because giving a try to this breathtaking weapon which alows you to choose up to 4 perks from a variety is the chance to define your own style to defeat every single boss during PvE activity.

Unfortunately this amazing weapon was moved out of the loot pool when the Season number eighteen started, but no worries because you can always check and choose one from many other powerfull Grandmaster Nightfalls weapons! HuskyBoost is ready to offer you one of the best services on the market so you can put your hands on that Hothead D2 boost making your wishes come true. This brand new Hothead has an Adaptive Frame, 140 RPM, and Arc damage allowing you to generate mayhem among countless waves of strong monsters.

What do Customers receive?

  • You can choose the desired quantity of the powerful Rocket Launcher — Hothead or even the God Roll with the best perks you want;
  • A big chance to upgrade your gear by obtaining some Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards;
  • Getting some of the Exotic gear for you will make your enemies shake;
  • Every single item and resource that will drop during this farm is yours, regardless of the quality or cost;
  • You can get a lot of experience for your Season Pass and Artifact, meaning more progress towards the league of best players.

How does Destiny 2 The Hothead Rocket Boost work?

Execution Speed

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Streaming — we are going to stream all the farming processes for as long as you want it, just grab some snacks and take your time enjoying our services.
  • Random Roll — you’ll get a new weapon with random perk combos which might be helpful in some situations during gameplay;
  • Desired perks — we will do our best to get you the weapon you desired, it will have up to four perks that makes you way stronger! If you want it to be a crafted weapon, it will be done;
  • God roll version — we asked our trained Professional players about the best weapon perks and offered you to get their main presets to become the best in PvP \ PvE, depending on what’s your goal. Community definitely chose Hothead God roll boost, because we know your time is precious and your expectations will be fulfilled ;


  • Destiny 2 game account including all DLC’s is mandatory for the process to happen.
  • A strong Guardian with a Power Level of 1560 for normal version and at least 1585 Power Level for Adept.

Buy Destiny 2 The Hothead Rocket Boost now!