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Destiny 2: New Nightmare Power! New Subclass and Nezarec’s Return

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Destiny 2: New Nightmare Power! New Subclass and Nezarec’s Return

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This guide explores the power of Nightmares in Destiny 2, their origins, and implications. Discover their connection to Nezar and potential future storylines.
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Hello, Librarian Husky here! The final shape mentions this and today we break down everything you need to know. Is another Darkness power on the way, and will Nezar return and lead a new army? He is alive, so let’s discuss nightmares. We learned about them in Shadowkeep on the moon and how they torment their subjects. They were defense mechanisms and Darkness abominations created to feed on fear and pain.

Exploration of Nightmares

This was further explored aboard the derelict Leviathan in the season of The Haunted. In the final shape, we get an update on Nightmare Power and the leader who is most notorious for using it. Micen has a bunch of missions where you go out and retrieve ghosts around the system, bringing them back to the traveler so they can help heal.

Mission on the Moon

In one of her missions, we search for a ghost named Link. As we go through the moon and the Hellmouth, we get more info on nightmares. The ghost tells Cade what we learned about them since Shadowkeep and beyond, and they’re not really a threat anymore. But other dialogue is interesting.

Interesting Dialogue

Listen to this: “Oh man, this guy. Come on Guardian, put one in his belly for me.” Signs that L was here. It looks like he was examining the nightmares, scanning them. Maybe he was trying to figure out where they come from. “Oh, we already know that, Cade. We figured that out years ago. They’re not much of a threat anymore.” “Oh yeah, right. No, that makes sense. That’s, uh, good work everybody.”

Discovery of Scholar Ghost

We then find a scholar ghost named Bazar, who goes lost on the moon as well, who had some data that Micah found strange. Bazar went to Nezar’s Pyramid. “Guardian, I have telemetric data for the ghost Bazar. He’s an old friend of Peach, the first ghost you recruited. Bazar is a scholar ghost like Anoir, but usually not as daring in fieldwork, which makes my discovery of his telemetric data on the moon all the more concerning. I was afraid of this. The reason I was unable to pinpoint Bazar’s location is because it is smothered in Darkness.” “He’s in the Pyramid, isn’t he?” “Unfortunately, yes.”

Fight Through the Hive

You’ll need to fight through the Hive to get to the Pyramid, then brave its security system. Nightmares, I thought after we killed Nezar, would go away, but they haven’t. The Pyramid must be partially responsible for them too. Harris wrote extensive documentation on nightmares after her last encounter with them.

Untapped Power of Darkness

She and I believe that they are a yet untapped power of the Darkness, one that Nezar coopted for himself, weaving it into the fabric of his Pyramid. So even after his death, they persist. This raises a larger question: is Nezar truly dead? Can something that exists as an idea ever be destroyed?

Strange Experiences in the Pyramid

One nightmare at a time, Micah, please. The last time we entered the Pyramid like this, the witness spoke through me. Now, I don’t feel it at all. It’s strange. I once felt the witness’s presence so overwhelming here, but now it’s hardly a whisper. The place feels different, abandoned, hungry, yearning like it has a mind of its own and misses having a master.

The Pyramid’s Vulnerability

The witness’s presence in the pale heart has made our actions go unseen. It is vulnerable, and perhaps that is what Balthazar was exploiting. Ghost suggests that nightmares that remain may be connected to the Pyramid here and Darkness itself. This makes sense when you think about it.

Nezar’s Legacy

Nezar had the power of nightmares, but he got it from somewhere else. Somehow, Aris and Micah believe that Nezar was one of the first to discover or acquire this Nightmare Power. They also wonder if Nezar is still alive. The Pyramid is said to have a mind of its own through Darkness and longs for a new leader.

Message from the Witness

We also see a recorded message from long ago from the witness to Nezar, learning about how the final God of pain tormented the Scions in the distant past and how the Veil seemed to be involved. “Their faith is shattered. They will look to you for guidance, for truth.” This is not now; this is some kind of recording, a memory. “Go forth and show.”

The Power of the Veil

The Dark of the deep, the edge of this must be what Balthazar was trying to find information on. The witness recorded in an artifact. I can sense Balthazar’s location. I don’t think he’s far. Let’s get out of here and go get him, and maybe something in this archival sphere will be of use.

The Archival Sphere

There’s also the matter of the archive Alar found. I’ve only just started to examine it, but it feels dense with information. Nothing in the archive is recorded as words, more as experiences and emotions. It’s going to take a long time to investigate.

Nezar’s Legacy

Guardian, Nezar was the main disciple of the witness that led the first collapse on Earth. Sabath betrayed him and cursed his remains in his Pyramid. C flashed on the moon; parts of his essence would still exist, though, through remains scattered across relics in space. The Guardians came close to many of these back in the season of plunder.

Mithrax’s Curse

Mithrax also got cursed by the remains of Nezar. We’ll probably see that explored in a future episode, but just before Lightfall, the witness acquired Nezar’s head. When the traveler blasted that Pyramid in Lightfall, it revived Narak, who instantly began to torture the Neomuna in the digital cloud arcs of Neptune.

Darkness and Fear

Oh, so much pain and fear within the Darkness here. It’s so satisfying. I will consume it once more. Did you both hear that? Was that the voice the citizens have been mentioning? This is far too similar to the nightmares we encountered on the Leviathan.

Future Implications

I know it’s a lot, but in the raid for that expanse, we then fought through to cobble his body back together and defeat him, but it likely wasn’t enough. So Nezar found Nightmare Power and shared it with his lunar Pyramid. We killed him, but he still exists, just not physically.

Nezar’s Haunting Presence

He talked to us after his death, and as long as thoughts of him are in people’s minds, haunting them, he’ll still exist. The big question is what the next form he might emerge in. Will he return with Nightmare Power as a true and all-powerful final God of pain, instead of what we saw in that raid?

Nightmare Dread Leader

His imprint was used to create tormentors and maybe even some other dread. So maybe they go that route: nightmare dread leader. If I had a modicum of my original power.

The Incompetence of New Recruits

I’d have killed one or three of those citizens to expedite your arrival. Instead, I suffer from the incompetence of the new recruits. The power of nightmares seems to exist in multiple places, though, beyond Nezar. In Lightfall collector’s edition lore, we learn that the Europan Pyramid also manifested nightmares.

Nightmares in Different Places

Characters like Zavala, Crow, and Kidle experienced nightmares back in Haunted but also do in the final shape inside the traveler. Those nightmares still pull on the heartstrings of characters like Zavala. “I used to think I’d give anything to bring you back, but when the witness offered me an eternity here with you, with our son, I know you understand why I refused.” So the power is definitely out there.

Power of Nightmares

Nezar is known for using it, but interestingly, it was also on Europa. Ghost described pyramids as having a mind of their own. It was believed the witness’s consciousness seemed to connect to pyramids that weren’t piloted by disciples, allowing for control. But now some of them long for a new leader, like the one on the moon.

Callus and the Lunar Pyramid

In Haunted, Callus tried to connect his Leviathan to the lunar Pyramid. What happened? Nightmares on the Leviathan. Arys called Callus the harbinger of the second collapse back then. He was binding to Darkness, to the witness. If he succeeded there on the moon, he might have taken the role Nezar was supposed to have in the first collapse, even some of his lunar power.

Callus’s Ambitions

It is no mere curiosity that drew him to the lunar Pyramid. He is a consciousness that spreads out like a vascular system and is attempting to become one with the Pyramid so that he may control it, so that he may wield its power. Worse, it appears as though Callus is not doing so of his own volition. He is doing it at the behest of another, our true enemy.

The Voice in the Darkness

The witness in the Darkness sets up interesting plot lines for future stories. Some may be used, some not, but bringing back nightmares and a new untapped power of Darkness will definitely get the community thinking. Especially since we have Prismatic now, would they introduce a Darkness power again after the apparent conclusion of the light and Darkness saga?

Speculation and Development

I thought a Bungie employee posted it themselves. Maybe it was fake as in it wasn’t a new subclass, just testing for early Prismatic builds. Maybe a third Darkness subclass does exist, and that just wasn’t it, or maybe it doesn’t exist at all. Nothing may happen with these nightmares, but speculation is part of the fun.

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