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Destiny 2 Iron Banner and Weekly Reset Guide

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner and Weekly Reset Guide

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This guide provides tips for farming Iron Banner in Destiny 2, highlighting key weapons, perks, and efficient ranking strategies to maximize rewards during The Final Shape expansion.
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Howdy! It’s Librarian Husky and welcome back to another day in Destiny 2 for some more Destiny 2 news and The Final Shape slos Intel. Today is the Weekly reset, bringing with it the return of Iron Banner for the first time since the launch of The Final Shape. Some excellent weapons were added to the Iron Banner loop pool right before The Final Shape launched, and now we have some returning weapons that haven’t been available through Iron Banner in a very long time, all with new enhanced perks.

Iron Banner Farming Tips

I’ll dive into the items you’ll probably want to farm if Iron Banner is your thing. We have two weeks to farm this Iron Banner. I’ll also cover a straightforward cheese that will allow you to get the most bang for your buck in terms of rank rewards, enabling you to get more loot and, consequently, the more specific roles you might be seeking.

Weapon Highlights at Rank Four

At rank four, we have the Claw of the Wolf. This weapon comes with Perpetual Motion, Disruption Break, and the Skulking Wolf origin trait. The perk pool has also been updated, so even though this is the standard roll, you’ll be able to focus this. It’s worth checking out as it has some good new perks on it.

Criminal’s Dagger and Meta Trends

We have the Criminal’s Dagger, which is the first time we’ve seen this weapon in over a year. This one comes with Enlightened Action, Precision Instrument, and again the Skulking Wolf origin trait. It also received a refresh on its loot pool, making it worth checking out. The 120s seem to be very meta at the moment for PVP, but it’s just what I’ve been using a bit.

Hand Cannons and Additional Rewards

The very fast 180 Hand cannons are performing exceptionally well right now, making both the slow and fast ones viable options. The mid-range ones aren’t as frequently used. I tend to use the 180s more for PVE-focused activities compared to PVP, so there might be some variation there. Available at rank seven is the Tusk of the Boar with Slideways, Vorpal Weapon, and the Skulking Wolf origin trait.

Unique Strand Grenade Launcher

This is a wave frame strand grenade launcher, and I believe it’s the only one of its kind. Its uniqueness alone makes it stand out. Although this might not have the best perk roll, the weapon is, in my opinion, quite good. Slideways is not the top perk, but it’s certainly worth having rather than not at all. You can focus this once you’ve obtained it at rank 10, and there are some excellent rolls available for this weapon.

Weapon Perks and Focus

I believe you can get both Slice and Hatchling on it, which is fantastic for PVE. It’s a bit unfortunate when we get these great PVE weapons in PVP-focused activities, but this one is relatively easy to acquire. Once you have it, you’ll be able to focus it and see that it’s definitely worth the grind in PVE, especially if you favor wave frame grenade launchers. It’s one of the best ones to have.

Multimac CCX and Other Highlights

Then we have the Multimac CCX with Moving Target and Tap the Trigger. This weapon also received a refresh on its perk pool right before The Final Shape launched. I don’t really know exactly where it stands in the PVE or PVP meta, but it seems to be more PVP-focused.

Focus Decoding Recommendations

Focus decoding is crucial, and the ones to watch for are the Tusken Boar and the Claws of the Wolf, which might be worth at least a couple of engrams. The Lethal Abundance is one I really like for PVE as well, being very good for endgame activities. You can also get Hatchlings on it, and I believe Slice can also roll on that one under the Legacy gear. Dark Cider was always a reliable weapon.

Top Weapons for Endgame PVE and PVP

I’ve always been a fan of the Hero’s Burden, Peace Bond, and Pressurized Precision. Each of these weapons can have excellent roles that fit well into the current endgame PVE meta. Frontier’s Cry is another strong choice for PVP, and Forge’s Pledge can be an outstanding option for PVE. I believe it can roll with Incandescent, and it might also be able to roll with Heal Clip, making it worth considering.

Iron Banner Weapon Recommendations

There are several fantastic weapons available through Iron Banner, and these are just the ones I recommend keeping an eye out for. We have two weeks of Iron Banner, so it’s worth resetting your rank. It won’t take long, especially if you utilize the cheese method I’ll explain next.

Cheese Method for Ranking Up

To rank up quickly, you can equip pieces of Iron Banner gear to boost the amount of rank you gain at the end of a match, whether you win or lose. This way, you’ll earn more Iron Engrams and can focus them more effectively. If you lack Iron Banner gear, you can purchase the Iron Pledge ornaments and place them over any existing armor you have.

Iron Pledge Ornaments

Iron Pledge ornaments are incredibly useful if you lack a substantial amount of Iron Banner gear, such as Iron Banner armor or weapons. You can purchase these ornaments and apply them over any existing piece of armor to gain the same bonuses as having the actual gear. This can significantly enhance your efficiency in Iron Banner events.

Optimizing Artifice Armor for Iron Banner

If you possess some Artifice Armor, you can equip these onto your Artifice Armor, allowing it to count as a piece of Iron Banner gear. The goal is to have five pieces, so ideally, you might want four pieces of armor and one Iron Banner weapon. This setup allows you to also have an exotic equipped, which is always my preference.

Doubling Up on Iron Banner Gear

You can actually double up on this strategy. When you acquire a piece of Iron Banner gear, such as armor, and you already have the Iron Pledge ornament, you can wear the Iron Banner armor piece and then apply the ornament on top. This counts as two pieces of Iron Banner gear for the price of one, giving you more flexibility in terms of weapons and exotics you might want to use.

Flexibility in Gear Choices

This approach allows you to precisely choose which pieces of gear you want to use. Whether you prefer just Iron Banner armor, the ornaments, or three Iron Banner weapons, you have the flexibility. Additionally, you can equip an Iron Banner emblem, further enhancing your setup.

Tracking Your Iron Banner Rank Booster

When you navigate to the character direct screen in Crucible and click on Iron Banner, you’ll see in the bottom left-hand corner the playlist for this week, which is Control, along with the rules for Control. You can also view your Iron Banner rank booster. This feature shows which pieces of Iron Banner gear you have equipped, so if you’re curious about how many pieces are counting, you can easily check here.

Iron Banner Gear and Emblem Strategy

This is your go-to strategy. The Iron Banner emblem counts as one piece, complemented by the four pieces of Iron Banner gear. Completing Iron Banner matches will also complete the Iron Banner challenges, hopefully boosting your Iron Banner rank much faster and earning you a plethora of rewards.

Exceeding Five Pieces of Gear

It’s possible to equip more than five pieces of Iron Banner gear. The exact effects of this are unclear now. There used to be a glitch where having both ornaments and armor with weapons increased your rank faster. However, the rewards for simply completing a match weren’t dropping.

Checking Current Effects

I’m unsure if this glitch has been fixed. You can still equip more than five pieces, but the screen never showed more than five pieces equipped. It would always just stop at five. The Iron Banner rank points might increase slightly higher, but I don’t believe this works anymore.

New GM Nightfall: Warden of Nothing

This week introduces a new GM Nightfall, the Warden of Nothing strike. It hasn’t been around for a while, making it a good opportunity to check it out and see what rewards you can earn.

Unique GM Nightfall: Warden of Nothing

I last played this strike over a year ago, so I’m not sure if it still exists outside the GM playlist. It’s unique in that way. I’m trying to recall exactly where this strike takes place. However, I will provide a tutorial and an easy guide on how to tackle the Warden of Nothing as a solo player or in a group doing the GM difficulty, either later today or tomorrow. Be on the lookout for that.

Boss Fight Tips and Glitches

There are some very useful glitches you can employ, especially for the boss, as he isn’t as easily nuked as in the normal strike. The strike is in a rotation, but I can’t remember exactly where it’s selectable. If you’re interested, tune in tomorrow or this evening for more details.

Weekly Nightfall Weapon: Shadow Price

The featured weapon for this week’s Nightfall, whether you’re tackling the normal or GM difficulty, is a blast from the past: the Shadow Price Auto Rifle. Completing the Nightfall on GM difficulty will reward you with the Adept form. All Adept versions are now enhanceable, making this a worthwhile farm even though it’s an older weapon.

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