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Best Strange Coins Farm and Glitch for Free Exotics

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Best Strange Coins Farm and Glitch for Free Exotics

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This guide covers farming Strange Coins, glitches for obtaining Exotics, the best farming strategies, and details on the new Tessellation Exotic weapon in Destiny 2.
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Hey, what’s going on everybody? It’s Librarian Husky, and welcome back to another day in Destiny 2 for some more Destiny 2 news and The Final Shape info. Today, we will discuss the best way to farm Strange Coins to get more Exotics and loot from Xur every week, including Artifice Armor. Additionally, we’ll cover a glitch associated with this farm and another glitch that allows you to get a free Exotic otherwise locked behind a paywall.

How to Farm Strange Coins

Every weekend, when Xur arrives, we have the Favor of the Nine buff. This allows you to get more Strange Coins for every activity that awards Strange Coins. If you can get this to a three-stack, you’ll receive at least one Strange Coin for every one that would normally drop. You can farm many Strange Coins every weekend, making the low limit of how many you can carry irrelevant as you’ll burn through them as much as you want.

The Importance of the Buff

You need to spend 47 Strange Coins to get the buff. This buff is worth it, and it will be even more valuable when I share the best way to farm Strange Coins, which is probably not what you’re doing and likely not what you would think to do.

Glitch in Favor of the Nine Buff

I did want to discuss first a glitch associated with the Favor of the Nine buff. It is not supposed to be specific to a character, but it currently is. This is not the way it was meant to be; it’s actually supposed to be account-wide. If you are purchasing this on one character and you’re not seeing the buff on another character, that’s because it was initially supposed to be an account-wide thing.

Temporary Solution

So, it doesn’t matter where you purchase the buff, but currently, it is limited to the character that you buy the buff on. Make sure that the character you buy the buff on is the one you’re farming on until it is fixed. This should be remedied soon, as it doesn’t make sense for this to be a character-focused buff.

Maintaining the Buff

Remember that all you need to do is refresh the buff every weekend. If you buy the buff three weekends in a row, it will give you a three-stack. You don’t have to time it precisely, which is more intuitive. Acquiring the buff three weekends in a row will get you a three-stack, and you can retain that stack by continuing to buy the buff each weekend.

Benefits of the Buff

The buff is great because there are amazing pieces of loot you can buy from Xur every week, including Exotics for armor or weapons. Paragon Greaves is a really good Exotic to buy this weekend. Additionally, Artifice Armor is now available, though it may be rare. Previously, this armor required higher-end Crucible or Vanguard activities.

Source for Artifice Armor

Artifice Armor is now available through the competitive Crucible playlist, though most players might prefer other methods. Aside from Crucible, dungeons are another way to obtain this valuable gear.

Artifice Armor and Strange Coin Farming

Now, let’s get on to actual Strange Coin farming. Once you have the buff active, you’ll want to do the core playlist activities like Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit, which will award you the most in the shortest period.

Efficient Methods

You don’t have to play the actual Vanguard playlist to get Strange Coins. You can select any of the many strikes available through the directory screen, and you will receive the same amount of Strange Coins at the end of each completion as you would from playing the Vanguard playlist or Nightfalls. It’s pretty incredible; I get about six from completing every single Devil’s Lair or Disgraced, which are, in my opinion, the two fastest strikes to farm.

Fastest Strikes to Farm

Devil’s Lair is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, because you can use Dragon’s Breath at the tank section, which essentially nukes the tank in one shot. Once the tank is gone, you only need to take care of the Brigs, which you can also nuke with Dragon’s Breath in one shot, and you can continue through this section. The boss is by far the easiest to nuke, even though it’s a phase boss, and you can push the boss through the phases very quickly.

Group and Solo Strategies

If you’re running with a group of three, Devil’s Lair is definitely the fastest. However, if you’re running solo without a group and you’re just loading into strikes and getting paired with two random teammates, Disgraced can be a bit faster. Every one of these strikes I was able to finish in under 7 minutes. Disgraced, running solo, I was consistently able to finish in under 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Farming Strategies for Solo Players

I think this one might be faster for solo players as there isn’t as much open land in certain areas, so your teammates are always kind of tightly together. In the Devil’s Lair, when you’re fighting the tank, you can get a bit separated, and one person can slow you down. You also have to go through the area where you activate the ghost, and if two teammates aren’t pulling their weight, it can slow you up. Even one player could get through that room fairly fast.

Advantages of Disgraced

In Disgraced, there’s no area like that, and everyone is always bunched up. Overall, it’s just a shorter strike. One might be better for a group because you can nuke things faster as a group, while the other might be better for solo runs. Both are incredibly fast, and even if you don’t have the buff active, you’ll be getting a lot of Strange Coins in under six minutes. With the buff active, you’ll get a ton more, making this a great farm for materials and Strange Coins.

Benefits of Strange Coins

Since Strange Coins can be cashed in at Xur for many different things, this farm is one of the best in the game currently. It sounds simple, but it’s really worth doing.

Tessellation Exotic Weapon

The next thing I want to talk about is the Exotic weapon Tessellation. An interesting thing about this exotic is that I don’t believe it was meant to be available just for the Final Shape DLC. It says, “Destiny 2 Final Shape plus Annual Pass purchase now to unlock the Exotic weapon Tessellation and exclusive bonuses.”

Rumors and Availability

This might mean that it’s not excluding Tessellation from the Final Shape but saying that if you want to get it and the Catalyst as well as ornaments, you might have to purchase the Annual Pass. There is a rumor going around about this, as you can see here.

Obtaining Tessellation Without the Annual Pass

It’s also the same thing if you go to the annual pass page. You can see Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle, ornament, and Catalyst, indicating that you can still get the Tessellation without purchasing the annual pass. Many people didn’t think this was possible, but it apparently is.

Access through the Tower Exotic Kiosk

As you can see, it also says, “Requires the Final Shape plus Annual Pass.” However, this would be available through the Tower Exotic Kiosk. I, unfortunately, have the annual pass, so I can’t test this myself. People on Reddit have been saying that if you bought the base version of Final Shape, you can now collect Tessellation from the Exotic Kiosk.

Availability of Catalyst and Ornament

Only the weapon is available, not the Catalyst or the ornament. This matches what it says on the homepage or the purchase page. It might be that people are misinterpreting what is being said, or maybe Bungie didn’t make it as specific as they usually do. I’m assuming the Catalyst will be available next season.

Community Feedback

Another person on Reddit mentioned that they could claim the Tessellation from the Exotic vendor for free. They purchased the Final Shape DLC on its own, not the annual pass. Flicking through the Exotic vendor at the tower and looking under the Final Shape Exotics, it allowed them to get the Tessellation at no cost, clearly a bug, but not complaining.

Tessellation Availability without Annual Pass

I’m not sure if this is a bug or glitch, but in any case, if you did not pick up your Tessellation because you did not believe you could since you haven’t bought the annual pass, you actually can. Go to the tower right now if you own the Final Shape DLC, and you will be able to purchase the Tessellation for free, just the cost of materials.

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