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A Retrospective On Lightfall And Its Seasons

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A Retrospective On Lightfall And Its Seasons

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This guide explores Destiny 2 expansions, focusing on Lifeall's story and gameplay, characters like Callus and Kitle, and seasons, including Defiance, Deep, and Witch.
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I feel like it’s universally accepted that Lifeall was one of the worst things to have happened to Destiny. Before Lifeall came out, I’d say my wasted expansion was with Shadowkeep. Even though I stopped playing Destiny for a year due to how bad Shadowkeep was, I’d still rank Lifeall below it. I honestly think it’s fully to do with how the story was handled. With a title like Lifeall, you’d expect that the story would get really dark and that the tone would be fully serious, but that just wasn’t the case at all.

Unexpected Tone Shifts

Instead, we got this: I’m full of fury; she’s got an army, and you’ve got magic greens. “Let’s crush this Callus guy.” Why Bungie thought it was a good idea to introduce a comedic character like Nimus this late into the story, I’ll never understand. Fair enough if they wanted to go down the route where the fun-loving character has to step up and become serious after a tragic event, but that just didn’t end up happening. Instead, we got Nimbers flying down to fist-bump Kitle right after she’s just witnessed her dad being killed. “The uglier they are, the harder they fall,” right?

Callus and Kitle’s Storyline

Speaking of Kitle’s dad, my guy was so disappointed in Lifeall, and it’s arguably when he was at his most powerful as a disciple of the Witness. The amount of hype Callus actually had over the years, going back to the start of Destiny 2, and then he just did nothing substantial or even threatening. Like the IM and Kitle story had been going, I was fully expecting them to have a full-on scrap with each other, which could have possibly led to Callus joining Assad and then sacrificing himself for Kitle or something. But no, he just turned into a gladiator, and we killed him pretty easily.

Understanding the Veil

You know what wasn’t pretty easy, though? Finding out what The Veil actually is or even does. The whole purpose of Lifeall was to get to The Veil before the Witness did, and for some reason, no one could tell us what The Veil is or what it even does. To be honest, I’m still not 100% on what The Veil even is, which, in my opinion, just shows how bad the storytelling actually was for Lifeall. Looking back on it now, the only things that

Highlights of Lifeall

One thing I genuinely liked about Lifeall is Strand, mainly just because of how fun it is to use, and then the raids, which are Root and Nightmares. Now, I know that people say that Root is too easy, especially on day one, but I quite like it. The environments are nice to look at, and the encounters are half decent. So, that pretty much sums up Lifeall.

Season of Defiance Overview

Next, we had the Season of Defiance. When it comes to Defiance, I think I can easily say that it was the weakest out of all the Lifeall seasons by far. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad season, and story-wise, it fit in with what Lifeall set up, but compared to the later seasons that we got, it just doesn’t really stand out. The biggest event this season was the death of Amanda Holiday, but if I’m being fully honest, I don’t think the death was as impactful as it could have been. Maybe it’s just me, an old man who’s been around since Destiny 1, but I didn’t really have a connection to the character, so her dying was kind of like, “Well, that’s gone, then I guess.”

Continuation into Season of The Deep

The unserious nature that Lifeall set up also carried over into Defiance, with awkward and dialogue such as, “We thought you were Shadow Legion—easy mistake, I’m just so beefy, man, shut your ass up.” Thankfully, though, after the death of Amanda, the characters actually seemed to become a bit more serious, which was a good setup for the next season, which was Season of The Deep.

Season of The Deep Begins

Now, Season of The Deep is when things actually started getting exciting. I remember seeing that teaser image for the first time and just having so many questions surrounding that big eyeball and Slo being taken. Then we actually got to play the season, and one of the first things we got hit with was, “I am the mountain upon which all this home; your edge against me.”

That’s the first time we got to hear what Seoa sounds like, and it was actually sick. The story only got better, though, with us being introduced to Assa, who would go on to give us a whole origin story for the Witness, which is arguably something that should have been in the campaign for Lifeall. Moving on from that, we also got a new dungeon, which focused around the Haft trying to bring Orx back to life as a Loosen Haft.

Turning Point in Season of The Deep

You just walk around the corner and see Or’s dead body, which was again quite sick. It just seems like the whole tone and mood for the season switched to a much more serious one, and it was a perfect buildup to the final reveal of the season: “The Witch Queen must rise.” This leads us into the next season, Season of The Witch.

Impact of Zun in Destiny

I honestly don’t know what it is with Zun, but every time she’s involved in something, you just know it’s going to be good. Season of Arrivals? Great season, brought me back to Destiny after a year off. Witch Queen? One of the best narrative expansions that Destiny has ever had. And then, Season of the Witch? Another great season, both gameplay and story-wise. I think what makes Zun so interesting is that she always comes with a bit of mystery, and we never fully have the answers, which makes her much more engaging content, at least in my opinion.

Eris Becomes a Half-God

Not only did we have the mystery of Savath this season, but we also had Eris become a half-god, which “Bring me your tithes,” pretty much speaks for itself. I mean, I don’t think anyone can complain about that happening.

Then, we also got the Embar Engine, which is basically just a bunch of different little puzzle room-type things, which were actually quite difficult to solve. I’m not even going to lie; I just ended up Googling the answers for most of the puzzles. But that is not the point—the point is that the Embar Engine was actually kind of and despite being optional, if you solved the last puzzle, it got revealed to you that Savathun had hold of an uncorrupted Aamar egg.

Transition to Season of the Wish

This was then followed up by this: a pattern in Savathun’s wings. She did give us what she promised: The Last Wish, and this is what led us directly into the next season, Season of the Wish. With Season of the Wish, I was half excited for it because I knew it involved the Aard, and then once we found out that Rhythm was coming back, I was even more excited. But for some reason, once I played through the first mission, I just couldn’t be bothered with Destiny anymore, and I ended up dropping it for a few months. Now, I don’t know if this is because I was just burned out from the two previous seasons or because

Extended Season Challenges

I knew this would be the longest season we’ve ever had due to the Final Shape delay, but either way, I just ended up dropping it for a bit. Then, when I came back, I thought it was going to be a proper pain trying to catch up again, but it actually wasn’t that bad. Being able to complete the full story quest in one sitting was actually half interesting because it made following the story a bit easier, rather than having to remember what happened the previous week.

Story and Gameplay Developments

Speaking of the story, it was half alright. Yeah, I wouldn’t say it was as interesting as the two previous seasons, but it did a good job of setting up the Final Shape, so I can’t really complain. I do want to speak about the final mission, though, because, despite it just being a reskin, we did get a really good cutscene from it, which is something that I love to see.

New Dungeon: Warlord’s Ruin

Apart from the story, we got another dungeon, which was Warlord’s Ruin, and yeah, it’s pretty decent. It’s got an interesting story behind it and the whole medieval castle theme it’s got is kind of cool. But yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Unexpected Engagement with Destiny

If you had told me at the end of Lifeall that this year would be the most I’m going to play Destiny, then I would have just laughed at you. But here I am, with every title for every season that dropped this year, which is something I’ve never done before. I don’t know how it happened, but this year went from “Lifeall has officially killed Destiny 2″ to “I genuinely can’t wait for Final Shape.” But yeah, I still wish Lifeall hadn’t happened.

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